Understanding the Times: Part 8- High Places in our Hearts

“I am the LORD; that is my name. I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.” Isa 42:8

My Beloved Family,

I have been preparing my next part on the Deeper Communion Series. Father-God has an all consuming fire within Him to experience deep, open intimacy with His children.

But there is something in the way right now. Something I am convicted is on His loving and longing heart that I desire to convey accurately and purely before we can talk more about steps and tools to “going deeper.”

So… I shall do my best. 

The Lord is calling His Body to Himself. There is a cry sounding from His throne-room to gather to His heart and walk with Him beyond the depth each one of us is currently experiencing. Likewise, each generation is summoned, with great passion, to His heart. Each generation must overcome the particular snares of that hour to answer this call. This is a spiritual reality we must face if we are to move beyond it. Currently, much of the the Body of Christ is presently divided into three camps in this generation. They are: 

  • Those seeking to find self-worth in spiritual experiences.
  • Those seeking to find worth in a sense of unworthiness, where we share our heart with Him and our own sense of unholiness.
  • A third, which is… well… just the pleasant distraction found simply in relating to fellowship as a social club and means to incur a weekly emotional high. “Playing church” is an expression I have heard spoken in regard to this.

Please understand. Chances are we are held captive to a combination of the conditions cited above. We can make any excuse we want to shut God out in any area we choose. It’s so beyond easy… and the Church is excelling in it. We are keeping certain spiritual doors shut within ourselves ( and those doors are different for each person) that lead to greater intimacy because we are unwilling to fully, deeply, and without compromise, look at our hurts, fears and pains.  Instead we are distracting ourselves with “religion” in all its varied and clever garnishings.

In this hour, the Holy Spirit is asking for permission to speak to us about what is on our Heavenly-Dad’s heart. He longs to guide us, comfort us, and give us joy in place of sorrow.

We need to learn to stop being so afraid.  We also need to forgive.

It is not simply the doctrines we need to be wary of… it is the darkened motives of our heart, trying to find a counterfeit self-worth that leads us to be drawn to these substitutes of true intimacy. These crutches are merely the result of us not allowing Him to take our wounds and scars. At some point in our journey, it becomes more about our pain that prevents us from walking by the Mind of Christ within us than anything else.

Many of us were not taught or discipled the way we were meant to be. This is called His “permissive will.” The bible gives us a wonderful blueprint on how true, deep, loving family life is meant to flow. Salvation, growth, healing, maturity, light the way for others… next generation repeat.

However, the reality is, most of us either grew up under a controlling, manipulative “fellowship” or we sat quietly in a dead, dry, “religious” born-again gathering. Or… we grew up in the wilderness, vowing to cling to whatever is the opposite extreme of the area we were abused and wronged under.

Our Church family structure has become impressively dysfunctional. We reject correction, training, sound doctrine and teaching, discipleship, gifts and callings, deep communion, and above all, His unconditional love for each other and the lost.

My dear, dear, cherished family.  It is time to heal. It is time to muster the courage to cry and weep and repent of the areas we began to replace our intimacy with… things: “spiritual” things that either entertain, or offer a temporary rest to our soul instead of deepening our communion. Or, for some perhaps, doctrinal topics that make us feel spiritual in our unworthiness, and worthy in our spirituality. 

“The people, however, continued to sacrifice at the high places, but only to the LORD their God.”

2 Chron 33:17

There were dedicated hills and specially erected altars upon which people would honor and exalt false gods. This is a polite way of saying man worshiped Satan. When Israel repented, they would still use these pagan altars, but instead, now attempted to worship the Lord Himself on them. The problem was the foundation was, from its very cornerstone and inception, corrupt and unclean and opposed to God’s very nature.

Within the Body of Christ, these spiritual  “high places” are all around us in this hour. Among us… within our hearts and thoughts and beliefs. We have been attempting to commune and worship Him from these same darkened foundations.

We can no longer relate to Him this way.  Ways that serve to distract and self-sooth and bolster our sense of worth.  

In parting, let me encourage us all (myself included). It is OK. It is all… OK. This is the power of His love. This is the power of the Living Resurrection and His Spirit that lives within our spirit-man.  It is this:

We are loved. Without conditions.  

We are accepted.. With all our idols. 

He just wants more of me. He wants more of you..

Our Savior did not die in order to divvy up our heart with the pains and hurts and fears we hold. These leviathans are meant to be destroyed, not tamed.  These altars are meant to be uprooted, not re-allocated for a “good cause.”

Give the Spirit of God access to all the areas of our being, and not just some of them. He loves us too much, and is too adoringly jealous for our affection to share our heart with any substitute that has been given place in His stead.

Anyway, this is something that is on our Father’s heart. Please consider it in your time with Him.

In so much love,



Podcast#28: Authority & Power To Heal the Sick

  • Is health & healing a Covenant Right given to the Body Of Christ?
  • What are some common misunderstood scriptures?
  • How are we to approach the sick when we pray (what is our kingdom mindset)?

In this podcast I interview friend and guest, Anthony Tijernia (formerly of JGLM Ministies). This is a wonderful interview with some solid teaching and kingdom insights into the power of the Holy Spirit within us and how we are to approach healing.

I pray this teaching is both a blessing as well as insightful for those who have felt the Holy Spirit’s tug to pray for others.


Prayer for President Elect

Brothers and Sisters,

I am reaching out in what I believe is obedience to a pretty intense time with the our Heavenly-Dad last evening.

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Tim 2

I am asking you all to prayer for the safety of, and His hand of protection over, our president elect. Those of you who know me well (and many of you are getting to know me pretty darn well) know I do not toss things out very lightly, and keep most insights and interactions to myself and pray them through.

President Elect Donald Trump needs the prayers and intercession of the Church for his personal safety and for the official establishment of his elected position. 
Thanks, Fam~

Podcast#27: Kingdom Insights for 2017

  • How did the Church get to where we are here in America?
  • Where does Father want to take us?
  • How do we get there?

If this message bears witness with your spirit, have the courage to share it. If it does not… then just place it aside, and please remember that we are all called to support one another in love.

Father bless you all, my Family,


To Enter In…

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”  

Mark 12:30-21

I was standing on top of a map of the United States. Thick, dark lines criss-crossed the expanse of the nation, and I understood them to be the paths I would one day sojourn. Suddenly, I was inside this map, standing at a four-way crossroads. A wave of sorrow unexpectedly filled my being and I began to cry deep, guttural sobs, until I finally thought to ask the Lord for some relief. Kneeling in the middle of the dirt intersection that was already soaking up my tears, I stood, forcing my eyes to squint and focus in a cloudless midday.

The signs at each of the intersections were the old fashioned wooden sort, each shaped in the form of an arrow, bleached and cracked from a strong southwest sun I somehow knew I was enduring.

I turned east and saw a sign that read “CHURCH” pointing in the direction of the road which could be seen stretching toward an arid, sparse horizon. I slowly looked toward the westward road, and saw its road-sign pointing in the opposite direction.

“LOVE” it read.

And so it was that as I was pondering this dream all day while running errands, that I asked the Lord to give me a greater revelation of His love for me. More than that, I asked to see those that I might meet through my Father’s eyes, and above all… with Father’s heart.

It was a long day.

I was weary. The sun was now fading, and thoughts turned toward both my wife’s comforting smile, and the joyful embrace of my three children who, without exception, would race to beat each other down the hallway to enter into my arms.

Turning to leave the auto-parts store, I saw a mother and her grown daughter sitting in a car next to mine. In the backseat, a baby boy looked deeply into my eyes. His name was Evan… and Evan needed someone to intervene on his behalf.

As often occurs, a faint, soft and gentle song in my spirit could be heard, and I began to feel their hearts. The Lord of the Dance was in motion. He was asking if I would enter in.

Then… I saw. The pain of a 5 year old, lying in a muddy mess on a dirt driveway, staring up at a dad who spat curses down on him with a demonically-inspired and equally contorted face. I saw that same 5 year old, now filling the clothes of a man, himself a father. Still just as muddy, but now with a dirt that can only wash off one way. He was without love. Without reconciliation. I also saw the wounding of a mother. One having never received from her own what was needed. A child… born into all that brokenness. I saw little Evan raising his own family, passing on the one thing he intuitively was able to believe.  An endless circle, and a family that long ago lost track of what generation first began to draw it… and that circle would continue. Around and around…. without end.

So… I entered in.

“I am usually not so direct, so forgive me… but I have a relationship with my Heavenly-Father.  Your baby. Would you be offended if I just prayed and asked for the love of Jesus to guard his heart and minister peace and healing to him. I know that sounds odd. I’d like to pray for his father as well. Actually, may I pray for all of you?”

At that, mother and daughter looked at each other, and began to cry. The daughter buried her head.

They spoke to me about the child’s father, about the abuse. They spoke of fear and pain and of an uncertain future. They spoke. They spoke to a complete stranger. They spoke to a “neighbor.” They didn’t need to though. Dad was already showing me how much He was interested in this family.  

I touched the grandmother’s shoulder as tears streamed down my face. Holding out my index finger, I silently motioned for them to just give me a moment. Then, clearing my throat, I prayed. I introduced them to my Lord, the God of peace, and miracles and restoration.

I find many emotions stir within me as I receive the different feedback from the Body when I choose to rarely share my interactions with Dad’s lost. I will get a varied degree of affirmation and “likes” depending on whether I am talking about loss, brokenness, suffering, healing, dreams, intercession etc…This makes sense, I suppose.  We all have our areas we relate most to our own walk with Father-God.  

But… the common denominator in any and all topics that genuinely touch His heart though, must be love. If we cannot see Love in every facet of what He is doing, we need to press in further to His heart.

“Because of the increase of wickedness,

the love of most will grow cold,” 

Mat 4:12

The Church no longer talks much about how to grow in our intimacy with Him. Oh, we do talk about many things these days that have a form of intimacy, but true union is reflected in our life emanating with the abiding nature of Jesus Christ flowing through us. Is this really the motive behind so many of our discussions…?

We live in a generation where the wickedness of the lost (who need the Church) has infiltrated the body of Christ to such a degree we have become overrun by their own demonic and dead mindsets. We have allowed ourselves to be wounded by other Christians. We slander and are slandered. We talk only of what is wrong. We seek to be entertained. We seek to find worth in signs and wonders and power… or in our own pain.

The Lord is calling His church to enter into an intimacy that heals all wounds, forgives all offenses, thinks the best, motivates to holiness, and reaches down to snatch those from the fire. We can only do this as an outflow of His love flowing from within us.  If we are more in touch with our own grief and sorrow and loneliness and the ways we have been wronged by other “Christians” we need to cry out for a greater revelation of His love for us. If we are seeking to find worth in spiritual encounters, visitations, or some new, exciting expression of the kingdom more than seeking intimacy in Him for the sake of His desire to commune with us… we have forsaken our First Love.  The generational fallout is, we are not much capable of loving as He loves- our family, our “neighbors”, our harvest fields….

In short… pray for me, those who would care to. Pray that I may know Him. If I have ever touched any of your hearts… as we all should, I ask you lift me up in prayer, that I will not falter in my desire to grasp how wide and deep is His love for me… and for His church… and His lost.

As for my prayers? Shall we not all seek to know His love; to experience the Hand of God Himself touch us and water the soil of our soul? Each passing encounter, if we allow it, will drive the nails of His love deeper and deeper into our own being.  Do we not realize the crucifixion was Love? The same love that fastened His Son will allow us, if we yield, to finally enter into that same crucifixion. That we may live as He lives eternally. A vessel of holiness and love. A vessel that gives the kingdom as Jesus did.

“But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus,And who is my neighbor?'”

Luke 10:29

These small experiences I share are not about me. None of this is about me. It’s about the Love of our Lord. It’s about Him. It is all… about Him…and His love that fuels every desire that is on His heart.

Happy Holy Days, Family (such as they may be found)