The Value of His Child….

Continuing on the theme of the Mind of Christ, we come across arguably the most difficult area of our our walk to apply the New Mind to: our sense of self worth.

Imagine seeing your child look at him/herself in the mirror… in disgust. Frame a vision in your mind of a time you implored your son, daughter, or yourself to realize that no matter how convincing the school yard argument was made at the time, that your child in fact is not an idiot, that it is simply, “not true..”

More insidious, recount the childhood athlete who looks down from his mountaintop Olympus view upon the mere mortals who dare to come to the foot of his dominion. His eyes ablaze with pride, and derision etched in the gnarled visage one might call a smile. All are beneath him. And they are… after all…he is perfect.

It’s all the same. All expressions of who we are stem from one of two arenas: God’s Word, or our performance as is valued by the world’s standard.

If we do not understand how special we are in the eyes of our Lord, we cannot apply the Word of God to this area of our heart. The pain remains.. and the hammer of this world’s performance based worth hits upon the anvil of our heart every moment we are awake. Often times it hunts us down even in our sleep. The carnal mind is a ruthless bounty hunter, employed on behalf of the fallen world that is after only one thing: the peace and love of God that has been shed abroad in our hearts. It is a gift to us. The god of this world does not care for that notion very much. Too bad, huh?

I just might lose sleep over that.

Perhaps that is why I am not in bed at this hour and instead writing about it here:

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Rich Mullins sang it well-  “..makes me glad to have been the wreckless, raging fury, that they call the love of God.”

Yes, I have decided.

I shall lose sleep indeed.  Be blessed.

His Righteousness…

One of the most vital areas that the Body of Christ needs to violently lay hold of is the reality that we have been imputed the same standing before the Father that Jesus has. We have His righteousness.

For years now the church has vacillated on this truth, applying it in some areas and glossing over its impact on daily life in others. I believe the time is coming for the bride to begin walking in the Mind of Christ that we have been given at salvation (1 Cor 2:16) and apply this supernatural reality lying within us to all aspects of our walk.

This is not a call to “works.”

The Holy Spirit is calling us to communion. We commune in spirit and in truth.(John 4:24).

We can only truly worship and enjoy fellowship with Him to the degree we are in agreement with what He says, thinks, feels and is doing amongst us.

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Until the pillar of fire moves on, I will be pitching my tent here.  I hope the accommodations serve to refresh your spirit while you visit with me in this campsite for a season.

It’s Coming…

I am staring at my keyboard trying to get quiet.

In the middle of a study being prepared, I am annoyed by a tugging I can perceive in my spirit

I don’t like that.

It messes with my agenda. Agenda after all is what makes me a productive member of His body. Agenda is what advances the kingdom. Or… is the kingdom advanced by hearkening unto the voice of my Savior?  Is it brought forth by the Creator whose raging love for His own will call upon a friend to touch the heart of another in His way, His time, and with His passion?

I forget sometimes… but I digress. Probably because I am annoyed.

I am thinking about John the Baptizer. I am thinking upon the splendor of his life. A man who was related to Messiah Jeshua. Did they play together? Did they ever see who could run the fastest or jump over a sword the farthest? How many times did John knock on the door of the carpenter’s house and  before the wooden latch even permitted anyone a glimpse of the visitor would shout, “Can Jesus come out and play?”

Did they walk the dusty streets as they got older, discussing the things to come?

Or, did they never speak. Did the will of the Father quickly whisk them far from each others’ circle of fellowship.  One went to a lowly agricultural town in the middle of nowhere. The other ventured deep into the blast furnace of God’s breaking. How fitting it was a desert.

I don’t know. But I do know this. When these two men came together, the Holy Spirit did two things.

One. He tore the heavens open and poured Himself out all over Jesus as the first-fruits of what was to come . The Voice of the Father Himself bridged the two realms, and confirmed the perfection of His Beloved. Two. The Spirit of God permitted John to bear witness to all this.

“Behold the Lamb of God… this is the One…” (John 1:29-)

John even politely attempts to dissuade Jesus from being submersed by him. I have often thought on that scene and the exchange of love that must have flowed through the hearts of the greatest Old Testament prophet and The Prophet.

Fast-forward.  In the mire of a submerged black hole of a dungeon the Romans would call a cell, John’s physical senses were speaking so loudly that he questioned everything he ever heard from God. His very commission was crumbling in his mind and heart as his circumstances pressed hard upon his will, convictions and revelations. This man was no stranger to self-denial or discipline. As a man who took the lifelong oath of a Nazarite, he was well acquainted with suffering and loss. He enjoyed consuming a personal favorite of mine- honey dipped insects. He wore a coat that would make our childhood wool sweaters seem like the finest cashmere garment. The Holy Spirit came to John as a trainer comes to his beloved prize fighter at the onset of the opening announcements of a bout and said “It’s time, John.” He came out of the desert. This prophet was no joke.

And yet…

One day, he sends two friends of his to Jesus with a simple, straight forward question.

“Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Luke 7:19)

The empathy that Jesus must have felt for John makes my mind go on tilt. A man whose entire existence has been to make Israel’s heart ready for her Lamb was unraveling within that abode of hell where John was chained.

There is someone out there whose circumstances are so contrary to the promises given to them by God that he/she is tempted to toss it all away on the notion of self-delusion. It is not.

I want to encourage you with this:

Natural circumstances always oppose the kingdom of God up until the Kingdom breaks through.

If this were not so, the exhortation and proclamation by Paul that we “…walk by faith and not by sight,” would be without merit.

Brothers and sisters, we are called to take our place in the halls of those who would see natural circumstances yield violently to God’s kingdom invading the life of His children in fulfillment of His promises. The Heroes of Hebrews obtained their reward by laying hold of that which laid hold of their hearts. Hold fast to the word given you.

Your Redeemer, and Author of the story called “YOU” has not put His pen down yet, but the epilogue reads, “Beloved.  Conqueror.  Victorious.  Fulfilled.” The Promise is yours.  It-is-yours.

Do not let it go.

“So he replied to the messengers, ‘Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.’” (Luke 7:22)

My comrade, the redemption of your heart’s desire as He proclaimed to you is overshadowing you even now. It is carried more fiercely than all the wonders and terrors of the Old Testament. You are in a whirlwind. But the whirlwind is not your circumstances my friend. There is only one whirlwind, one that none of us can ever escape.

It is the storm of His love.

“Look up, and lift up your heads for your deliverance draws near.”

The Mind

The Lord has been hard pressing upon me a need for the body to walk in a deeper, fuller understanding on what it means to have  “The Mind of Christ” and how this reality is meant to govern every single aspect of our lives.

Having His mind literally brings us into agreement with what the Holy Spirit wills to do in any given moment.

I will be breaking down this topic in several parts, each covering in some detail an aspect of what that imparting is intended  to mean for the child of the Redeemer.

It can be viewed under “Studies” here:

I pray it imparts some fresh hope and confident expectation of the greater things in store for us as we walk in greater and greater truths.



It’s late…

I am tired. I feel the strain of the day pulling at my eyes even as I type. Winter fell hard for the first time this season here in NY in the form of some frigid weather. The kind of weather that when exposed to it for very long, invariably sweeps my mind along with the harsh unforgiving wind to places I would rather not go. Its an exercise of great will for me to choose to see things from His perspective when I get this way.

I think on the homeless; how their warmth and even survival is much dependent on their innovative craftiness.. and fortuitous happenstance that often comes in the form of large, dry cardboard boxes unexpectedly unearthed from behind dumpsters. Garbage bins are filled with what would have been a banquet for another, if only its contents had not so quickly and thoughtlessly been scraped off a plate as refuse.

I type this as I stare at an orange I only half finished… because it was bruised.

I think on the widows too. I am thinking about a certain woman in particular who is too frail to start her own generator when the power goes out. I check in on her from time to time. She devours books… alone.  Alone and without the solace of knowing she is never truly in solitude. But I am working on that.  She knits a lot too. Quite awfully I must confess in the eyes of the blind, but to those that see…the most wonderful outpouring of a person’s heart. An aspect of the Creator, gifted to the soul of a precious daughter in the form of expression. They are beautiful quilts indeed. How much more beautiful they would look if soiled, tattered and faded, lying in some disgusting city alley….pulled tightly around someone.

And so…

I ask you to pray for those in need. Prayerfully consider the commandment to look after the widows, the elderly, the orphans. There is always a way to obey His Word. Human compassion has little if any eternal value in the kingdom. Its just another form of humanism. But intercession and acts of service birthed out of time spent seeking the Father’s heart.. that is something that can shake the very foundations of the world.

Or even just the towns we live in….