It’s late…

I am tired. I feel the strain of the day pulling at my eyes even as I type. Winter fell hard for the first time this season here in NY in the form of some frigid weather. The kind of weather that when exposed to it for very long, invariably sweeps my mind along with the harsh unforgiving wind to places I would rather not go. Its an exercise of great will for me to choose to see things from His perspective when I get this way.

I think on the homeless; how their warmth and even survival is much dependent on their innovative craftiness.. and fortuitous happenstance that often comes in the form of large, dry cardboard boxes unexpectedly unearthed from behind dumpsters. Garbage bins are filled with what would have been a banquet for another, if only its contents had not so quickly and thoughtlessly been scraped off a plate as refuse.

I type this as I stare at an orange I only half finished… because it was bruised.

I think on the widows too. I am thinking about a certain woman in particular who is too frail to start her own generator when the power goes out. I check in on her from time to time. She devours books… alone.  Alone and without the solace of knowing she is never truly in solitude. But I am working on that.  She knits a lot too. Quite awfully I must confess in the eyes of the blind, but to those that see…the most wonderful outpouring of a person’s heart. An aspect of the Creator, gifted to the soul of a precious daughter in the form of expression. They are beautiful quilts indeed. How much more beautiful they would look if soiled, tattered and faded, lying in some disgusting city alley….pulled tightly around someone.

And so…

I ask you to pray for those in need. Prayerfully consider the commandment to look after the widows, the elderly, the orphans. There is always a way to obey His Word. Human compassion has little if any eternal value in the kingdom. Its just another form of humanism. But intercession and acts of service birthed out of time spent seeking the Father’s heart.. that is something that can shake the very foundations of the world.

Or even just the towns we live in….


I welcome all thoughts and feedback :)

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