One of the most often questions I am asked by believers seeking more of God circles around the study of brokenness.

There is a lot of confusion on this topic.. what it means and what it doesn’t…  I have seen many a christian left confused and under guilt and confusion because of a lack of cohesive teaching on this area. I hope to offer some rest to both those who are in their spiritual desert, and peace to those who have come out of it. I began a study on this last year and re-visited it to post it here as it comes up so much. This is by no means an exhaustive study, but rather a basic foundation that may serve to offer some clarity of spirit and peace of mind as you seek His face and voice on the topic. Humbly, I pray it is a blessing to you.

To the self-righteous it is a means to beat others with the gavel of dead works. To those who embrace the term “sloppy agape” i.e. the excessive notion we are redeemed from any yoke of brokenness, it is a means to attempt to justify the removal of any true need for biblical holiness that often involves some degree of pain  experienced in the process of being sanctified.

Word Study: Brokenness CLICK HERE

It is neither.  We must understand what the Word has to say on this, in balance, in context…

… In love.


Rise of the Warrior Poets

Staring at the cough medicine, my 5 year old, Nathan was loath to take, I offered to make it easier on him by giving him a cup of juice as a kicker.

He stared at the cup of juice and then turned back to look up at me.

“Dad, can I do bravery?”

“You don’t want the juice?”

“No, not until after the medicine. I want to do bravery.” was his reply.

“Why do you want to ‘do bravery’ Nathan?” I was probing now to locate my son’s heart.

“Because that is who God made me. I am a warrior.”

“How do you know that, Nathan?”

“Because you told me, Dad.”


In similar fashion, we believe what our Heavenly Father tells us… or we don’t.

Jesus was given a cup by His Father,  and now that I look back at it, Jesus’ dialogue in the garden was not all too different. Jesus wanted to “do bravery” as well. Love for us compelled Him to drink that cup. And knowing how loved we are compels us to drink what Jesus hands us.

That cup comes in many forms… one of them is the cup of Truth, the cup of His Word.

No one can drink it for you…

(EDIT: The Lord laid it on my heart to mention the truth that although this interaction was focused around “men” – this reality, calling and destiny is intended for all His children, including His warrioresses )