The Invitation

I can see Him.

He has so much to speak to His friends on their last night together. He bids them to part the dinner table and they begin their walk toward the garden… and to the next step in their destiny.

“Love one another.”

The image is too much at times for me to dwell on for long. As if it’s almost too clear.. too sharp an image.. it hurts the eyes of my heart.

Some of the most profound moments I have experienced happened just slightly before I ever realized they were transpiring at the time. Like a rubber band stretched out, the moment would let fly, and the full impact of the event would hurtle before me, around me, within me, and finally past me… slingshotting me deeper and deeper into a place in Him I never knew even existed.

Similarly, on the eve of the greatest act of love any being, eternal or created could ever display, Jesus asks his eleven companions to love.

What were they thinking? Did they have any idea what it meant to love…truly love? Did they have any idea that the Creator was extending an invitation to enter into union with Him and partake of His nature? Our Jesus… offering them to enter into a relationship submersed in His being… its beyond words really.. did they get it?

No, I don’t think so.. after all they were not capable of abiding in the love of God… yet. Soon though. But before that they would get a chance to see true love demonstrated.  Even if they didn’t realize what they were witnessing at the time.

“Abide in my Love…” He said to them that last night.

… and so He commands His church today.

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