When Deep Calls To Deep…

I play the bagpipes…

…but these days I hear only drums. Deep, guttural beats calling deep within me.

There is a relational vacuum in the body of Christ in this generation. The teachings of what it truly means to be a Child of God, and all the terrifying beauty that comes with that ordination have been mostly discarded and replaced with teachings of comfort and wealth and tolerance.

There is so much more for us. Even as the whirlwind of the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” looms closer and closer, I also perceive another whirlwind.

His love is stirring  up within the Valley of Dry Bones. There is a remnant coming forth who will answer the midnight call as her Lover thrusts His hand through the locked latches of our hearts.

He is calling us. I can hear the beating of the drums in the late watches of the night. It wakes me up. Literally.  I must talk with Him. I must speak to Him. I can hear Him calling,


I am so far from being perfect it’s laughable. Ask those who spend time with me. I can be volatile and moody. Sullen and irritable, with the occasional  “Yeah, God bless ya too… jerk.” thrown in for good measure.


I can also pray. And man… the peace that I find when I just sit with Him for a little while. After my wife, Maija has gone to bed, and I have finished my rounds throughout the house I can also perceive something else calling to me.

The cares and joys of this world. They becon. They whisper. They speak softly to me these days.

“Come, let us reason together. It’s been a while…”

I ignore them. Yes… life can be cruel. And yes, for those of you pondering the question: bagpipes do in fact hold grudges, I assure you. They take it out on my fingers and my ears. But that’s Ok.  

Here is the point of this though. Last night, when I sat quietly in my chair, He gently spoke to me, but not about myself. He spoke to me about all of you. He is calling all His children to Himself. He is speaking to everyone’s’ hearts in this generation as never before. And here is the great kicker about it … none of you can call me crazy… because I know you are feeling the same low, bass undercurrent of drums beating afar off in your own hearts.

That tug you feel standing in line at the store? That is Him. That odd something you think you have forgotten that leaves you just a bit sullen without any understanding why? Him. The feeling of a loss when you have a silent moment, when the phones are not being texted or the radio turned up…? Yep. That is the Spirit of God.

He loves you all. He is calling you to Himself. In Him are things that cannot even be described adequately.

Please, don’t fear holiness. Don’t fear what you may start to “give up.” If ever I asked anyone to borrow my “faith”… trust me now. There is a Sabbath Rest for those who enter into that secret place with Him. Don’t know what I mean by a “Sabbath Rest” ? Try to imagine a cessation of all things that restrict and pull and cling and clutter and drain and dry your soul. He is our Sabbath. He is inviting you each to enter in.

Life can be cruel… and I am seeking something more. Something beyond it all. Something that “Cruel” can never touch.

You know the way there as well.

LINK to READ: Understanding the Times Pat 3

Just follow the sound of those drums….

5 thoughts on “When Deep Calls To Deep…

  1. Can u share what I sent you David I think I found this by mistake if this is the sharing blog pls they need to know it’s BEYOND BEYOND
    my heart rejoices as heaven had come down to speak to her own shalom YESHUA

    It’s BEYOND breath taken a stirring way deep inside. Only those who have been touched understand pray for the ones not allowing the Ruah to enter into them
    This is beyond. beyond
    It is one of those secret places those hidden ones these words are drawing. many but we pray they will follow your insight is right from Heaven it’s a message for those who have ears it’s BEYOND BEYOND
    WHAT CAN I say pls keep sharing the whispers of YESHUA
    I don’t know how to reply back on your sight pls can we find a time so I can show me
    my love and heart to u and yours yes my David deep calls to deep shalom YESHUA


  2. You are one of the end time messanger call out in the night to come and dine with YESHUA you have been chosen. hand picked for such a time as this
    yes deep calls to deep
    Shalom YESHUA YESHUA is using you to gather and speak into the heart of his children


  3. Thank you for the encouragement Toni.

    I am so VERY blessed to say I am seeing and honored to be friends with others who are answering the call. These are my true family, and together we will seek that which has been lost..in His love.

    Keep praying for me please. I need it.



  4. I love Ezekiel 37: 1-14 (the Valley of Dry Bones). I’ve lived it. God can restore what seems broken beyond repair. He can reshape our lives in ways we could not have imagined.

    You teach w/ such humility, David, and are so true to the Word. Not to mention that you play the bagpipes!? Now that’s an unusual skill set. :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna,

      For anyone who has walked thru that valley, I know there are really no words. Just our best attempts to communicate what really is a wordless experience. I can hear that experience when you write about other things though.. and it blesses me greatly.

      it is simply impossible to feel pride when I stop to think everything of His children.. all we are and have and ever will be… is summed up at the cross.. and is all a gift.

      Thank you so much, Anna. You are a great source of encouragement.


      p.s oh and bagpipes… I wonder if all of my neighbors would describe that as a “skill set” .. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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