Who Are We To Contend…?

Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to take a moment and encourage you all with this thought from our Savior.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. ”  -Jesus

In Revelation 3:20 Jesus is talking to His CHURCH… not unbelievers… not the “lost.” He is talking to His Redeemed.

Being redeemed is not the END of our journey… it is the beginning.

Accepting Christ creates a door that WE must open. He knocks on it every second of the day. There are no “works” of self righteousness here… Self Righteousness hides the door handle from us. The handle to this door is found in submission and acceptance of who He is, and who you are as His child and beloved Church.

The door handle is found in Jeremiah for starters. It is part of what I have heard referred to as “The Great Rescue.”  **

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”  Jer 31:3

Opening the door of our heart to Him is simply accepting His love for us… and returning it.

We love Him in response to the level we are aware of His love for us. Find out how much He loves you. 

Where heart felt understanding of this ends, self-righteousness begins (this includes groveling, confessions of unworthiness, self hatred, self pity: all of which are forms of ungodly/false humility).

Find just one other child of God who desires to sit and worship Him.. not in false humility. Not in groveling about the sins of our past. Praise and worship Him for the fact that we have an amazing Dad who wants to sit at a table and just… talk with us!!

How many of you would enjoy spending time with a friend or spouse that would only talk about how they are unworthy of spending time with you?? What if they would rather clean your dishes and mop your floor and wipe the bathroom tiles instead of enjoying a cup of coffee and some hot food together…?

Have the courage to reject the false humility of self-righteousness… and spend time with Him. Agree with what He says about His child.

Who are we to contend with what His word says about us?? Do we really think this pleases and blesses His heart?

He LOVES His church… He loves YOU. Are you really going to contend with this Truth?  Are we so arrogant? Are we that prideful and unbroken before Him? I have been there… it is overrated…

What do we really want more of…a revelation of His love, or the comfort of our secure, painful belief systems? 

See! There He is… even now…

He is knocking.



** (I would highly recommend getting the book “The Jesus Story Book Bible- for your children AND you- I read it weekly)

3 thoughts on “Who Are We To Contend…?

  1. Thank you for this. I spend so much time feeling unworthy. Every time I miss the mark I feel like I have to start all over. I want to embrace what you are saying. I find it so hard, I dont know why. Tonight I was really struggling and not sure if I could really enter into intimate prayer with him, so this really means a lot.


    • Beth,

      I can relate to all you shared.

      The first step is being ruthless about what you are thinking, and then continually washing your mind in His word. I’ll be speaking on this more on Hearing His Voice (BlogTalk) this Friday which I really hope will help in regard to entering into intimacy in prayer.

      Give the HS permission to begin making a distinction in your heart from who HE IS, and those who were supposed to reflect His unconditional love.. and fell short. As you pray this way, and bathe in the Word on love scriptures.. that rift will become a chasm.

      Thank you so much for the feedback. I am honored, Sister.


  2. Hi …. I’ve been told off by people because I said
    God BLESS the Remnant…They tell me …Your suppose to pray for your leaders …..
    I told them I don’t pray to the Genesis 6 …Nephillim… lololol


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