Understanding The Times- Part 9: The Fractured Church

Something on our Lord’s Heart…

Hello family.

There is so much confusion in our Land in this hour. 

I will share some limited insights the Lord has quietly shown me while I have silently travailed for the body of Christ as well as this nation these past 25 years. Never before is the hour so great for a turn of heart within His Church here in America.


We have rejected our First Love. The Church in America seeks “forms” of Godliness and not Him alone.

The church in America has also rejected her Commission as a result of our spiritual condition. The Kingdom call that is upon this nation is at risk as a result of the backslidden American church.

One of the main reasons there is so much confusion in the body of Christ is that the American Church as a whole, has lost the ability to walk in the heart, mind, and intention of the Lord.


  • We either speak of an angry God and His un-reconcilable judgement upon this nation…or
  • We preach a message of excessive grace and spiritual & national pride from the false notion a loving Father would not humble this nation (perhaps we have forgotten this country is not our home) … or
  • We speak of some twisted old covenant form or “revival” as if the Holy Spirit is not already inside us ( WE are the revival- it is the Church that needs to be revived; the Spirit of the Living God works within and through our hearts and spirits to the degree we allow it)

A vital component is missing from these camps in the form of the heart and mind of God. Because of this, the messages are lacking His vision. 

The heart of God is to restore fellowhip, build intimacy, and rescue His lost sheep. This is the Fulfillment of the Great Commission which was never rescinded. We are not called to curse one another and we are not called to dismiss sin and worldliness. Above all, we are not called to ignore His lost children who need to see and touch and taste His goodness through the Church.

  • The Church is called to holiness.
  • The Church is called to love.
  • The Church is called to purity.
  • The Church is called to walk in HIS righteousness... (not our own smug self-centered and self-righteous acts of piety)

From this position of walking In Him and with Him the Church is then called to:

  • Fulfill the Great Commission up until we are taken away.

The Church is called to share the Gospel message with our dying breath if need be, to those who hate us.. in love and power.

We, the Church, are meant to proclaim the gospel to all the world…. just as someone once did for us while we were dead to Jesus.

The fractured, broken, divided camps of the American church are not walking in the ways of Jesus Christ from His heart. We have turned aside to the things that please our own carnal desires. 

God is calling the Church in America to repent and return to Him with all our heart and soul and mind and strength.

It is the Church that follows and oversees and stewards the heart of God and the mind and will of God over any land, region, area or country. The Church is the peculiar people, the royal priesthood, the holy nation and the ambassadors of Heaven sent to bring the lost to repentance by releasing the goodness of God to a lost and dying world.

We are now either looking to save our own lives in fear and self-preservation.. or… looking to the Holy Spirit to initiate some “movement” forgetting that in the New Covenant He now lives IN us. God is waiting for us.. the church, to repent and return to all His heart… and we will lead this nation back to truth by the power of the Living Witness inside us… the Church. Holiness and Love are what usher the Church to walk in the ways of God. This is how the Church leads this nation back to its biblical foundations.

The Lord’s burden that He placed within my own heart is the spiritual condition of the church in America. We have turned from seeking our First Love. We have sought programs and statistics and doctrines that are fun and exciting. The Church is supposed to be the light and truth and the Love of the Cross. His redeemed children are supposed to reveal His Love and redemptive plan to a dead people who need salvation.

His redeemed children are meant to get His lost children. 

Now about Donald Trump… The Lord did not speak to me about who will win the election. No… the Lord did not tell me who would be the next president. I will tell you this though: Trump is a voice speaking out where the Church is supposed to be, but is either too afraid of the consequences, or too distracted from the heart of our Lord to do so.  Please hear me… this is to be spiritually discerned.. not carnally. I am not saying that what Trump is “saying” is coming from God.. not at all.

God will use the “lost” to shake foundations that are supposed to be shaken through the LOVING but UNCOMPROMISING voice of the Church.

In the end, the future of this nation will be determined by what the body of Christ does. It is not who sits in the White House who will determine our future. It is the Church. Will the camps and fellowships that are afraid, or bitter, or asleep or compromised  begin to change and seek the heart of God?

Will words like repentance, holiness, joy and peace ever be used in the same sentence again? Will “The Great Commission” be on our hearts once more?  Will the word “hell” ever be spoken of again… anywhere?

Will we ever begin to see His desire for purification inside us as a sign of His longing and affection for deep intimacy? 

“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” Luke 12:49

Will we ever begin to realize this verse is speaking of Love and restoration?

Fire refines.

Will the other divided camps in the body of Christ stop spitting and cursing our sleeping brothers and sisters – not to mention the lost in this nation? Will we repent of this hatred? Will we finally at long last, from the love of Father’s heart,  “Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you”? 

Will the Church purify herself, seek her Groom first in ALL areas, and begin to seek to fulfill the Great Commission from a pure heart and purified mind?

Where this nation ends up is up to how the church responds. The Lord has spoken to me about a number of different “futures” for the United States. That is because there are a number of ways the body can respond.

Discipline begins with the household of God FIRST- it is the church that is being refined in this hour. This is birthed from His heart of Love, not anger. 

The nation is experiencing the natural/spiritual fallout that occurs when the born-again Christians in America stop leading the nation by example, holiness, prayer and obedience to God.

The Church is meant to lead this nation under the power and direction of the Lord Jesus Christ. This comes only through deep communion with Him.

It is the condition of the church and how we chose to respond in this hour that will determine what the future holds for this nation.

I beg you all… pray for those hidden ones who are called to bring forth the full counsel of the Lord in this hour; that they may come forth. We all have a part to play and we do not all have the same part… there are those who are called to share His heart. Pray for them… this is what is needed more than ever in this hour.  We need clear voices that are seeing what God wants to do in the American church in this hour and are willing to share it without compromise, and without hatred in their heart, but rather speaking the counsel of the Lord in love.

Ever so humbly, and in His love-



To my family abroad:

To those of you who have been asking me how long until America is refined and partakes of the suffering that many of you have partaken: How long until America stops squandering the freedom we have been given to openly commune in spirit and in truth and share His goodness to those dying around us every moment?

My brothers and sisters that I have come to love as my own… I ask for your forgiveness and above all, your prayers for us here in the United States of America… even as I pray for you.

Forgive me, my beloved family. Stay steadfast. Your redemption draws nigh.

2 thoughts on “Understanding The Times- Part 9: The Fractured Church

  1. The state of the church and the state of the nation grieves me, as it does you. I was especially struck by your comment on the calls for “revival”, as if a tent meeting would absolve us for the opportunities we miss daily. Thank you for speaking out, David. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Anna.

      It is not always the pleasant things of the kingdom that must be addressed, but the end is meant to bring us into greater union and redemption of His lost. What can we do but humbly share some truth with each other?

      Thank you for reaching out 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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