Podcast #23 Presidential Elections & God’s Kingdom


I realized that many of you that visit with me here do not like venturing outside this blog via the provided links.

So… I am figuring out how to post my podcasts right here. I thought I might start with this one (below) as it such a large part of what is on Father’s heart in this season.

I hope it blesses you all.


p.s. I will be slowly adding others , but for the time being, if anyone cares to hear additional teachings or insights, head over to the “Podcast” menu, where the links will take you to blogtalkradio, where I host a bi-weekly podcast.

Without us knowing our Dad’s heart.. we can never come into alignment with what Jesus desires to do through His Church.

Never has a time been so great perhaps, than now, for His Bride to seek to understand His ways.

4 thoughts on “Podcast #23 Presidential Elections & God’s Kingdom

  1. “Presidential elections & God’s kingdom”
    Thanks David for your admonition. Spot on. Interestingly I recently finished a study of Ezra and Nehemiah. There, the return of Israel from exile and God’s use of Cyrus(heathen), a king whose heart God stirred. “A king who like water in God’s hand flowed which ever way God’s hand turned.” God is the promise keeper. All of them are “yes and amen.”
    The sleeping Church is being stirred up too. Thank you Lord! And our destiny is kingdom. God has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of Jesus. This kingdom is filled with the knowledge of his will, all spiritual wisdom and understanding. In this we walk in a manner fully pleasing, a manner worthy of the Lord, that bears fruit in every good work and an ever increasing knowledge of God. Christ has given us over to life!! Today, tomorrow and forever. If we decide to know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified, then all the results will not come from any wisdom or talent or striving on our part. The results will come from the power of God and this demonstration of His power will persuade people. That is the kingdom of God. That is the promotion of His grace and kindness.

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    • Amen, Becky!

      I feel that stirring as well.

      I could not agree more and hard to imagine a more wonderful way for those around us to come to know Him ie.. actually seeing and experiencing His goodness!! What wonderful times are yet come and what an honor to live in them…

      Thanks for sharing your heart as always~


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