Now Available: “The Mind Of Christ”

The Mind of Christ” in hard copy is now available: 

Amazon: Mind Of Christ

Free PDF:

The Mind Of Christ: PDF

This book represents the request from many to compile the truths and studies I have shared  into a printed & systematic teaching. The endgame is to walk in the realm of the spirit 24/7 in great intimacy with our Heavenly-Father.

I pray it blesses the family of God and draws us into closer unity in Christ and ultimately… closer to our Heavenly-Father’s heart.  God bless you all, Family.


27 thoughts on “Now Available: “The Mind Of Christ”

      • Hey David, can I suggest you have a donate button, especially for the generosity in putting the ebook up for free. “a workman’s worthy of his hire” my brother.

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      • Clint, your words blessed me, and thank you for reaching out. My heart is to bless the body of Christ without being a burden in any way. it is my honor, and truly a privilege to have the means to share some of Father’s heart with absolutely no income attached to it.

        All proceeds from the printed book quietly go toward the widows and elderly in our community.

        Thank you!! for your heart and desire to bless me! You already have, my dear brother.

        David NY


  1. Thank you, have not so much to say but have got tools (use time with Father)/incuragement and insights, challenging to read for me but good, feel blessed by Father, thank you.

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    • Dear Sister,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I so blessed that this writing was a blessing to your heart.

      Being challenged by our Heavenly-Dad is good…. and shows how much He truly loves us. This was challenging for me as well. 🙂

      Your brother

      David NY


  2. Hi David,

    I downloaded your truly one-of-a-kind free eBook and started reading it and would like to ask you to please kindly also supply an epub-version for download, as it makes electronic reading an awful lot more comfortable than being stuck with the PDF-version. If you do a brief search for converting documents to epub, I’m sure you’ll easily find a way of doing it, even so within a reasonable timeframe without much fuss.

    Kind regards from Frankfurt, Germany, and please stop by when you’re around,

    Marc 🙂

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  3. Just started reading the downloaded version. Absolutely love it. I listened and studied your broadcasts on The Remnant Call on this subject, and am very glad I found your site and this book. I cannot fully express how much you, Benjamin and Frank have helped me with my walk in Yeshua. I love you guys, my dear brothers in Christ. I pray for the Father’s continued blessings and protection for you and your family. Shalom, Susan

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  4. Blessings to you David and your loved ones. I have been listening and taking notes from your broadcasts on The Remnant Call.(Blessings to you Frank) The love of God and His faithfulness to His children is precisely what is needed in this hour. There is much teaching on the coming perilous times ahead which often causes people to be fearful and full of dread. Thank you for blessing us with words of hope, faith, & above all love.
    Gratefully, Vicki


  5. Hello David
    I have a question for you is your book an autobiography? I have read up to page 76 so far and for the most part it seems to be about you. Something to think about.

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    • Hi David,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      The intention of this book is to give the body of Christ another option in how we relate to God, namely, through true identity. 
      The book has been read by a couple of thousand believers. You are the first to ask me this. Sounds like the way I write, and using personal applications, may not be your cup of tea. Sorry for that. 

      I know the Lord uses the fools of this world to speak His Word, and if a donkey can convey a message from the throne-room, well, I certainly qualify then. 

      I hope you can muscle through my way of writing, and pray that you can glean something from the Holy Spirit and scriptures that will help you in your journey toward even greater intimacy and identity in Christ alone. 

      Thanks again for reaching out to me, and if ever you would like to share some of the Truths in scripture that have been ministered to you through the book, it would encourage me very, very much.

      Your brother, always.

      p.s. The last section of the book is ALL about my personal journey with the Lord as I walked out the truths of the scriptures. You may want to skip this portion altogether. 


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