Now Available: “The Mind Of Christ”

The Mind of Christ” in hard copy is now available: Use the following Link:

For those who like to order through Amazon: 

Amazon: Mind Of Christ

A free PDF version is now available on this website: 

The Mind Of Christ: PDF

For those who do not like to order through Amazon: 

CreateSpace: The Mind Of Christ:  Discount Code (purchase at cost) Z4C9HTVM

This book represents the request from many to compile the truths and studies I have shared on this blog and in my broadcasts into a printed & systematic teaching.

I pray it blesses the family of God and draws us into closer unity in Christ and ultimately… closer to our Heavenly-Father’s heart.  God bless you all, Family.


12 thoughts on “Now Available: “The Mind Of Christ”

  1. Thank you, have not so much to say but have got tools (use time with Father)/incuragement and insights, challenging to read for me but good, feel blessed by Father, thank you.

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    • Dear Sister,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I so blessed that this writing was a blessing to your heart.

      Being challenged by our Heavenly-Dad is good…. and shows how much He truly loves us. This was challenging for me as well. 🙂

      Your brother

      David NY


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