Podcast#28: Authority & Power To Heal the Sick

  • Is health & healing a Covenant Right given to the Body Of Christ?
  • What are some common misunderstood scriptures?
  • How are we to approach the sick when we pray (what is our kingdom mindset)?

In this podcast I interview friend and guest, Anthony Tijernia (formerly of JGLM Ministies). This is a wonderful interview with some solid teaching and kingdom insights into the power of the Holy Spirit within us and how we are to approach healing.

I pray this teaching is both a blessing as well as insightful for those who have felt the Holy Spirit’s tug to pray for others.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast#28: Authority & Power To Heal the Sick

  1. David, after your kind comment on my little post (https://europeanfaithmissions.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/false-theology-of-healing/), I was curious to listen to this podcast. Now I feel very humbled because you went deep–very deep. I was still seeking to understand when I wrote that, and writing is how I process information. But I also see now that I definitely was on the right track. Now I just need the holy boldness to walk in it.
    Thanks again for your kind comment, and thank you for this podcast.
    Bless you!

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  2. Alisa, your comment here really blessed me. I understand and can relate first hand on writing things out to help process the Kingdom.

    Like many testimonies I have heard, I did not see instant results on the first 100+ people when I would pray for strangers. What was building in me each time was more and more hatred for sickness and the affront it is to our Lord… and my hatred toward satan kept intensifying. What clicked for me was when my love for Father’s children was greater than my hatred for sickness. Love is what was the breakthrough for me. its been a gut wrenching and wild ride as with all things in my walk, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    I alternate blogs b[posts on my sight between teachings and sharing my experiences to try to encourage us with application. I make as many mistakes as I do getting it right, so it seems 🙂

    Reach out anytime, Alisa. Thank you, again. Your teaching was wonderful. Iron sharpens iron. Your brother~

    David NY


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