For Such a Time as This…

My brothers & sisters in the Lord,

Let me please start by saying I love you all. We are one family in Jesus, who is the only Way, Truth and Life.

The Passion of the Christ is to redeem His Father’s lost sheep. This is always first and foremost on the heart of our Heavenly-Dad.  

Many of us who profess to know Christ have allowed the forces of darkness to make us become offended with one another. This absolutely destroys the word of our testimony, and cuts short the work that Holy Spirit desires to accomplish through the Body of Christ. These attacks always come the same way: the spirit of offense,and getting the carnal mind to agree with Satan. A house divided cannot stand.

“Yes, yes, David. Amen… so what?”  Well, I am glad you asked.

The Shack.

This is a book, turned movie, that Father is desiring to use to draw those who do not know Jesus as their Savior, Redeemer and Friend to begin to ask questions.  Let me repeat this.

The lost are asking questions.

They are daring to wonder, “Is there a God who might actually love me as much as this movie is suggesting?”

I implore you. Come into agreement with what is on Our Dad’s heart. We are called to walk in His heart and mind and will… not our own desires.

The Church is arguing and contending with one another over the doctrinal accuracy of this work. 

Right now, the Church is on stage before the entire world.

All over social media, those who have not accepted Christ are silently comparing the love they see in this movie with the love they see in us. They are watching us. Studying what is invisible through the tangible representation offered through His ambassadors. We, the Church, are supposed to know, abide in, and walk submersed in the Love and Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Instead… we are choosing to tear each other down. Church is arguing and contending with one another over the doctrinal accuracy of this work. 

This needs to stop, my dear family.

There is a time and place for believers to come together, in love and unity, and discuss our doctrinal beliefs and compare our differences with scripture as our final authority. However, this movie is calling to the hearts of those who do not know the Savior of the world. This work is not meant to cause bickering and fighting within the body. You do not need to agree with everything in this book/movie to embrace the opportunity given to us by the producers of this film.

The Lord’s purpose of this movie is not for argumentative, theological debates. In any generation, when the body of Christ drifts from the heart of the Father, the Church will begin to display a nature other than the nature of Christ.

When this happens within His family, the rocks will begin to cry out.

This movie is a stone being whirled at the hearts of those without a Savior in order to shatter the windows of their pain and delusion. This book/movie is an evangelistic message. It is sowing the seeds. It is not meant to reap the harvest. The Church Body is meant to reap the harvest. We must work together on this one.

We do not have the time to wait around for another yearly Easter morning sermon. The lost are dying every day… not the  Monday after Resurrection Day.

We simply need to make an adjustment in our thinking and hearts. Then stay the course. Such as you have…for God’s sake… GIVE.

“Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.

For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god.

So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship–and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.” Acts 17:22-23

Paul understood how to use all things to win the lost.

The Church of this generation needs to walk in this kind of Wisdom… and at this very hour. Has it occurred to us that perhaps… just perhaps, this movie is meant to rip open the old, festering  wounds of its viewers in order that the rest of us may bring them to the Great Physician to heal? Does this offend our intelligence? Does this offend the depth of His love and faithfulness? I refuse to believe we have become so fat and blind as spectators in our own gatherings that we refuse to help haul in the fish. 

This is not who we are. 

For now, let us first heal and forgive. Let us ask what is truly motivating us. Let us come together and grow up into His fullness. Let us set aside our own ministries and pursuits and contentions that bolster our own self-righteousness. He does not need our anger so much as we may believe. He needs more of His love in us. I need more of His love in me… always more…

Let us beat our swords into plowshares and harvest some souls. This… is what is on Father’s heart. Let us not waste the opportunity here to share the true message of Christ. Rescue them from the fire… THEN teach them proper biblical theology. If we are tearing down the film more than we are discussing the love of God and how others may receive that love through Christ….(the only way to salvation)…then something is off in our own heart that goes way beyond proper biblical interpretation.

Please. Prayerfully consider what is really going on here … and if it bears witness with that same Spirit who was sent to empower us, ask Him for an opportunity to share what you posses.  Love you all… so much.

In Him,