Podcast#31: Understanding Prayer & Fasting

What are we truly engaging in spiritually when we enter into a fast?

This broadcast will help us: 

  • Understand what fasting really does and does not do
  • Understand how fasting works in regard to intercession (Matt 17:21 explained)
  • Break down some mis-applications and inaccurate teachings regarding fasting

Much confusion and disappointment abound on the topic of fasting and prayer, and application is often met with scattered and mixed results because the true scriptural and kingdom practice of fasting is often skewed. 

When properly understood, however,  fasting becomes a wonderful spiritual tool meant to aid in engaging the kingdom of our citizenship, as well as deepen our spiritual walk. 

I hope to simplify and clarify this often overlooked and wonderful practice.

God bless you all, my dear family.


PLEASE NOTE: all broadcasts may also be found on iTunes Podcasts under:

 “DorothyCrothers  Zeal ”

8 thoughts on “Podcast#31: Understanding Prayer & Fasting

    • Oh, Grace. You bet!! Thank you for sharing. This is such a wonderful aspect of our walk that has been twisted and convoluted… I hope it blesses many!

      Thank you! Your brother-



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  2. Let’s Put Ignorance (Gone Past its Time…) in a Fire of Revival!
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #10 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 1/10/14 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    “Ye know the seasons…”

    ITDTs joke: Do you know why true prophets can never, ever really get lost?
    Answer: because preachers always tell them where to go!

    The next sovereign revival, the one church has prayed for…
    Will be a superagency of non-fundamental, non-rube-creating education!
    Ask: Is it using same old mind-mantras that enslave more?
    Or is it non-spurious?… hence setting virtually free each upgrade nation!

    Intelligence shall be the key hallmark, sovereign beautifier!
    Not sub-educated drones on playback: Our preacher (only!) has the word?
    Such stunning ignorance, no longer unbeknownst, put in fire!
    Pride in ignorance makes slaves of men. To fight intelligence is absurd!

    Sub-taught preachers think Higher Ways they don’t know,
    Are too recondite? (God’s High-Point Weltanschauung!)
    They might as well ask Satan to put in their head a hole!
    Slavery, now fight! (Give hell, not sheep, hell! Achtung!)

    Pastors: Show the world every trickster-knowledge “wile-mesmerization” trick!
    Pastors: Showmanship – explain! Stage hypnotism – explain!
    Pastors: Show the cons of clericalism! How it is so hidden & S-I-C-K sick!
    Pastors: Misdirection – explain! Money Suggestion – explain!

    Explain red flag words that wool-over-eyes deceivers use,
    Stuff. Cool. Incredible. Unbelievable. Whatever. Guys. Cute. Holy Ghost.
    Give! Give your audience eyes to see – no more confused!
    God is the Word! Upside down nomenclature: He won’t, no He won’t host!

    Each paragraph of your new vocabulary preaching, teaching, (Eject fear, greed!)
    Should or could contain a Higher Thought brain-growth meme,
    To appeal to not lower base elements… but higher reaching, (Eject lazy seed!)
    Then include a common dope’s trope… know what I mean?

    Say, I was going to wear designer cut jeans,
    Feigning nearness to blue collar guns, nail guns and fingers worked to bone!
    And match it with elbow-patch jacket serene,
    With ten grand watch. An image: low/high brow, riched up Mesmer gnome!

    Then say, So instead I have my un-tucked shirt,
    Indicating an older man’s growing mindless, leisure belly,
    Oh dear audience! See how leaders make eyes divert,
    The brains God gave you are to strengthen, not be inert jelly!

    The next revival, the only true Sovereign of God revival,
    Shall be just: more and more and more again… painful truth!
    Our seminary-pride-enhanced demons of sin imbibed all!
    Leadership’s cup is full of naught but sin, all else forsoothed!

    A savant twelve-year-old, without really much brain effort,
    Would see that In That Day Teachings are God-3rd-Millennium higher love!
    And easily conclude it’s church wolves who revival abort!
    This isn’t insuperable. Endless sub-taught slavery is from below, not above.

    The world doesn’t need sub-taught missionaries, (Of endless decline!)
    From advanced nations promulgating Progtard civic-cleric regression!
    Weeping! Wailing! Howling! Shall leaders tarry? (Keeping bad rhyme!)
    When, oh when, will Hypnotoads shut eyes and Mesmer eye sessions?

    I, Robert Winkler Burke, man-of-war, prophet, true apostle, testify,
    To twenty, nay sixty years obedience to this Higher-mentality God’s work,
    My bank account is good. My health: fantastic! I do not in this lie,
    God loves and takes care of me, while cruel & useless wolves think me jerk!

    I’ve been given healing Christ-in-You hands,
    And a mind-in-Christ that heals minds and souls, especially spirits too!
    King David’s art, I teach. I try to love grand!
    Crede Mihi! In That Day Teachings work! Try them! Please, won’t you?

    And why the expanded vocabulary?
    Why the English, the French, the German, the Latin?
    For Christ-in-You’s mind: necessary!
    In That Day: Mr. Webster, in heaven, he’s dancin’!

    You see, by their fruits reaped ye shall know them,
    Modern churchianity’s leaders are full of disrespect to “ brainiac guys” et al,
    Weep! Wail! Howl! Wolves’ brains steeped in sin!
    But it’s fixable! Humble seminaries to ITDTs… God’s mind is… for all!

    Aye, there’s the rub… (Church: Klingon Kronos Anachronistic?)
    There is no way on earth or universe… to get around honoring the honorable!
    How long rwb snub? (Rather: trek stars Christ-in-You fantastic!)
    Time is running out. Leaders! Don’t exalt pride. Dung stinketh… in stable.

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