Deeper Communion: Part 3- Prophecy & Personal Responsibility

(Understanding and Cooperating with Conditional Prophecy)

Father is calling His children to deep intimacy. Deep Intimacy requires maturity, and maturity involves teaching, correction, and training. ( Eph 1:18,  2 Tim 3:16,  Heb 12:11)

Straight off, let’s clarify language. If you believe God speaks to your spirit, you believe in prophecy. “Prophecy” is simply the heart, mind, and will of the Father revealed to His children. It is our birthright and the normal expression of a living, breathing relationship with our Father, King and Counselor.

One of the areas of His kingdom we need to begin to embrace is personal responsibility when God speaks to us and shows us what is on His heart for us.

We are spirit beings. We interact with our Father’s kingdom through cooperation. We cannot cooperate if we do not hold ourselves accountable to what He is speaking to us about.

The Church in the United States has lost a lot of grit in this area. This carnal, western church mindset has begun polluting the Body of Christ abroad as well. When a fellowship begins to steer away from certain aspects of His heart, ultimately we uncouple from other areas altogether. All things in the kingdom are interrelated.

Loving, balanced teachings on holiness and personal responsibility, (which are grounded and rooted in His immense Love for His children) have all but disappeared in this generation. Gifts and callings will always become compromised when this occurs.

One such gift that has become compromised as a result of this is prophetic insight (a.k.a. Father’s heart revealed to us).

Let’s expound on this. There are two kinds of prophecy given.

  1. Unconditional prophecy
  2. Conditional prophecy

Unconditional prophecy is where the Holy Spirit shares something Father will bring to pass that requires no partnership on our end. Said another way, it requires no personal responsibility between our relationship with the Lord. A couple of examples of unconditional prophecy is the Return of Jesus, the Millennial reign, and the covenant with Abram (Gen 15:1)

Conditional Prophecy is where the Holy Spirit shares what is on the Father’s heart that requires our personal involvement and partnership in order to come to pass. This is grounded in intimacy. This is not to say our Creator is not omnipotent. Rather, it is an expression of His desire for deep communion and intimate fellowship. Examples of this are the prophecies of Jonah, the death of Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:1) and the declaration that Samson would be a Nazirite all the days of his life (Judges 13:7).

Understanding the nature of conditional prophecy is crucial if we desire to walk in greater intimacy with our Lord.

OK, so… here is how this looks.

The Lord will share with us something that He desires to do. He may do this through scripture, a dream, vision, impression, or spiritual word shared through another member of the Body. When this occurs, it is our part to go to Him in prayer and ask what specific leading and direction He desires us to take in order to allow His desire to come to pass in and through us. This is an expression of New Covenant living. Both parties play a role in their relationship with one another.


When Father shares something with us, it is an INVITATION to go deeper into His heart.

This is true whether it is a word of correction or a word of exhortation. For someone to share a legitimate spiritual word without teaching and instructing on that word, or how to partner with Father-God to bring this to pass, is spiritual negligence. Our walk with the Lord has a “God-side” and a “man-side.”  Let me repeat. It is spiritual negligence to share a conditional word without the blueprint. This spiritual carelessness is running rampant in this generation, and for many, is a deliberate decision not to share things that challenge the Body.  Deliberate.

  • Sharing Father’s heart has become a popular pastime (God-side)
  • Sharing the requirements on our end (personal responsibility) has not (man-side)

This borders on prophetic manipulation at best. At worst it is an emotionally stirring encouragement, rooted in the soul that actually hinders the recipient from maturing in Christ. As a result, the Body of Christ has trained ourselves to become very passive in our own prayer time. When the Lord shows us things to come, we have become idle recipients of His intention.

This really needs to end, guys. It is doing the Body great damage.

The kingdom of God is a government of intimacy with our Creator.  Stop and think on how many “prophetic” declarations have been shared with countless Christians that never seem to come to pass either corporately or for the individual. Why is this?

It is mindless and convenient to dismiss them all as false words (though this certainly does occur… a lot), but of the legitimate spiritual words that are brought forth, there is a more pervasive and serious ailment going on:

We have become afraid of  discussing anything that requires personal responsibility.

The result is we have become ignorant on how to partner with Him.

All over the world, Christians are being martyred, yet here in America, we are afraid to talk even about correction, much less persecution. We are told instead to simply “believe.” If we say “yes and amen” enough in response to a declaration of what God is going to “do” then (poof…) prophecy fulfilled?? This is simply not how His Kingdom operates.

Here is how things work, Family. When the heart of the Father is revealed, the vast majority of the time, it is conditional. It is an invitation to press into His heart more. Please remember Jesus died for the sake of intimacy with His creation. Salvation is the doorway to begin a relationship of deep communion. There is no real intimacy where there is no true partnership.

Most often, both words of correction, as well as exhortation, carry with them a condition based on an area of our belief-system He is asking us to correct. When Father shares His heart, He is revealing an aspect of His goodness, and how He desires to extend His goodness to His children. His kingdom government is based upon the Law of Love. We are qualified by the blood of Jesus. Now we only need to participate.

“and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.”  Col 1:12

Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature..” 2 Peter 1:4

Marriage is the closest earthly picture we have of kingdom intimacy. It is a covenant between two people. One of the many reasons why so many Christians have such strained marriages is we do not understand spiritual covenants. To the degree we cannot relate to how the Kingdom operates, we bring this darkened thinking into all of our own earthly relationships. The foundation of Father’s kingdom is based on His nature. Love.

Every year we may hear and read about what the Lord is doing.  Yet more than ever I see the American Church struggling and starving for a touch and taste of His goodness. Hearts are crying out to see His hand and His eyes. A large reason for this is that many of those in places of influence are not teaching and instructing the Body. We want to give exciting words, meant to soothe our pains and fears, instead of pointing to the altars of our heart where they are to be slain through cooperation with the Holy Spirit. This has gotten old. Very old. The Body is crying out for healing and true spiritual living. The counterfeit is losing it’s appeal. This is a good thing.

He shares His heart that we may answer His calling us to Himself. He offers us His goodness, His love, His gifts… His very Self.

This will always start in our soul (mind, will, and emotions). It is the soul that is the gatekeeper to either partnering with the Lord, or rejecting what He desires to bring to pass.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Gal 5:1

The immediate context here is in reference to Jesus introducing the law of Love. The fuller spiritual application here is that anything… anything.. that we turn to feed and comfort and soothe our pains, hurts, fears and wounds, prevents us from walking in the freedom of the law of Love. The result is slavery. The soulish, carnal answer within the church has been to offer up more fluffy prophecies and promises.

His goodness and love are not in any way in question here. Neither is prophecy. I am lovingly challenging those who have a place of influence to teach the full gospel. Please… stop muddying the waters for the rest of the Body.

To the rest of the flock: Do not be afraid to ask Him what he wants to perform in your heart in order to release His kingdom in you. It releases the power of His affection. It ushers us into the express reality of His kingdom. It is healing, restoration, and true Life!!  Please… don’t be afraid. His perfect love will eventually cast out all our fears as we continue to partner with Him and heal.

“We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” 2 Peter 1:19


The Lord is dealing with careless and immature words being spoken in this season. He is in the process of lovingly disciplining the elders of this generation. But do not look to this.  Begin to practice the kingdom principles of conditional prophecy even when you do not see it practiced by others.


The next time you bear witness with a dream, vision or public/private word, I implore you, immediately begin to ask Father-God what is your own personal responsibility in this friendship. What does He want you to do? Here is a good place to begin: look to your thought life. It will often start there. It starts with your belief system. It is our beliefs that determine the kind of relationship we have with our Lord.


“Heavenly-Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I give you permission to show me areas you are longing to set me free from the lies and hurts and fears of this world. Show me what you long to do in my life, and where you desire greater intimacy.  I open up the door of my heart to you that we may have intimate fellowship. I give you all of myself.

Reveal to me your heart. Then I ask for the spirit of Wisdom and understanding to show me how to walk in your truth and cooperate with your plan for me in this season. I choose to cooperate with you, that we may walk in relational Oneness. So be it.”  


Verses to consider:  2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Hebrews 11:6, John 15:5, Ephesians 1:18, Revelation 3:20.

My beloved family and friends- how I truly wish you knew the depth of my love for you all. … all of you… you are deeply cherished and loved.

David NY


13 thoughts on “Deeper Communion: Part 3- Prophecy & Personal Responsibility

  1. David,
    Such a beautiful and timely word! I see this phenomenon so often, and it is hard to help people understand that there is a response required of them. So many lukewarm or sleeping Christians who are afraid to ruffle feathers, so they slip back into living for this life, this world, the things that are transitory. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Thank you, brother David, for your post. While I was thinking about what you were saying, about ministering to others, I opened my mouth and said: “You thought I was such a one like you!” Now I have no idea where it came from, but I knew in my spirit this came from Him! So I said: “Lord, that has to be in the scriptures!” So I looked up the reference and I found it:
    Psalm 50:21:  These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.
    Wow! Yes, the Lord is speaking loud and clear! Then you spoke about the pain, pain for those who need salvation, and the pain for those who need to grow up and mature, and they are rejecting the Word of the Lord! I understand now because I am also feeling this pain!
    Again, many thanks!
    May the Lord surround you and your family with favour as with a shield – Ps.5:11-12
    Paula Anne Lamont

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    • Paula!

      That is powerful and amazing how faithful Father-God is… Thank you so very much for the willingness to share that intimate moment. Iron sharpens iron. I pray some of what I share here ministers to you and those you have influence to reach.

      Your brother,


    • Amen ,Yvette. No doubt when the Boyd hears others bearing witness, it is encouraging and emboldens us to seek his face.. knowing He will always receive us.

      I often think of you and where you minister as an area where our Western Church has begun to water down the word… thank YOU for staying steadfast in speaking the truth of relationship without compromise to all those who are hungry for it.

      Thank you.

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  3. David, a friend & I were recently discussing prophetic ethics. I appreciate you point about releasing conditional
    Prophetic words without the blueprint etc. Good questions inserted as well. Glad to have caught this post.

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    • Hi Cyndi,

      Thank you. I am always blessed when you visit here and given you serve the body prophetically, I am greatly encouraged by what you wrote.

      I am blessed by your blog very much as well. Thank you!

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  4. In 2005 I was carrying a case of water bottles when the Lord said to me “If this was all you had, would you trust My provision?” At the time I thought He was talking about sharing of food and water in the natural, so I began my journey of learning to share “stuff.”. But now I know, there is a famine of the Word in the land. As you say, it is an incomplete, soulish word that is taught. Yet even today as I read your blog I hear Him say “Do you trust My provision, now?” Thank you, Brother, for your deep, deep teachings that feed my spirit into ascendancy over my soul! As apostasy increases, I believe we will separate into two camps – one conforming more and more into the image of Jesus and one conforming more and more into the image of the antichrist. Galatians 4:19

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