Broadcast: Prophetic Insights For 2018

This will be a live broadcast tonight Friday, 2/16,  at 7pm and will be avail to download as well afterward for future reference.

David Murry Podcast 47: Prophetic Insights for 2018 Blogtalk Radio

  • What has taken place since 2015, ’16 & ’17 that leads us to where we are now?
  • What is on Father’s heart moving forward?

Prophecy in simplest terms means:  “Father’s heart made known.”  

This season is a year that begins separating the Wheat & Chaff that is within our heart and walk, and it should excite us!  Great Love is calling us to make some course adjustments that will determine the kind of relationship we have as we enter into the dynamic times ahead of us. 

I pray it is a blessing.