A Resurrection Mindset Revisted

I have often stated that the Lord is interested more in a transformed soul (belief system) first, and then our proclamation of the Good News ( Ezek 36:26, Matt 23:26-27).

Each year those who do not know Jesus as their personal Righteousness watch on as the Church Body attempt to fill our pews or living rooms with those who would hear about the Passion of the Christ. What I find odd with this is that we, the Church, have pre-conditioned the lost to exalt this day above others. This may be defined as a tradition to many.  I define it more as a mindset.

A mindset worth questioning.

I enjoy traditions. Really, I do.  Every evening I stroke my daughter’s golden hair and softly bear witness to Rachel how much Father loves her.  I revel in closing my boys’ bedroom door with the parting words “Goodnight, Boanerges! My Sons Of Thunder!”  before retiring to end the night with my dearest, closest ally; my wife. Often, during the late hours, my Savior has a habit of waking me up. I’ll steal away to my ragged reclining chair where He invites me to the shores of Paravel. Here we mutually discuss what’s on our hearts. 

I thoroughly enjoy traditions.  There is nothing wrong with them.

That is… unless they exalt themselves up against the word of God. Then it is time to re-examine them and if need be, burn them to the ground.

“So, what is your point, David?” Simply this. Wherever your travels find you this weekend and whatever manner you hold to the tradition of the Resurrection holiday, I ask only for each of us to remember:

We, the Body Of Christ… are the Resurrection made manifest. What was given to man 2,000 years ago; we, His ambassadors, are still being invited to live moment by moment with great awareness of His love and power.

The “lost” long to see the Resurrection manifest, and not to be invited to hear about it. We, are His expression on Earth. We are not being examined once a year, but every day. The world is weary of our words and clever neo-modern programs meant to artificially induce a gospel conversation. They cry out to see and touch His hem that they may be healed. 

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Rom 8:19

The world, much like all the rest of creation, eagerly await for the Sons of God to manifest His nature, that they may finally believe that what we so boldy proclaim, actually has the power to truly change them.

What if they do accept the gift of Righteousness this weekend? Will they be introduced into the Holy of Holies, or to a religious fraternal order? One of rules, performance and expectations? After the loving, heartfelt message of our Savior has been given on Sunday… what awaits them the rest of the week? One with Christ… or one with us?

Father is asking each and every one of us in this hour, in gentle love and compassion… and without any shame or condemnation to examine our mindset. He is asking us:

“When My lost touch the hem of your garment, what happens?”

Please. Enjoy the holiday. Enjoy family and fellowship and the traditions that bring comfort. Enjoy!!! They are a blessing. But while you do so, I invite you to pause at some point and close your eyes. You will feel a stirring deep within. A tug… way down deep. Our Savior wants nothing more than intimacy.  This is Him calling you and me.

It will never go away…


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