Business Trips & Elevators

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” Luke 5:16

It was the third day of a week long business trip and I was tired. As many executives can attest, the real business negotiations are hammered out after hours around elaborate fire-pits, 4 star restaurants and the bountiful watering holes that are all attached to the hotel main lobby. It was very late. I was tired, and a bit weary of the atmosphere to be completely honest. Three days to go…

The thought that I should not get so drained at these professional trips was gnawing at me. Still so much for Jesus to teach me.  Still so many principles I have yet to apply. I could think of nothing more than to get alone with Father for a few minutes before sleep overtook me.

Stepping into the elevator, I prayed for a speedy ascent. Instead, I was joined by two others who snagged the door just as it was closing (note to self: press that button faster next time!) I could tell the two were business associates of some sort; him in a nice suit and she in a smart-looking tailored outfit. I liked his shoes. I liked his hair more. Mostly because he had some. They were in their late 30s to early 40s. Both of them easy on the eyes and they knew it.

Let me pause for a moment. I am often asked how I can tell if a stranger is a Christian. First let me say it is not a gift. It is a fruit of communion and available to every child of God.

As we continue to spend time with Jesus, He will ask us for permission to take our fears and the lies that they are rooted in. Leonard Ravenhill would call this the “die, wait, and get alone” practice. Sounds ominous to be sure, but in reality it’s filled with kingdom Life, deliverance and joy, if not mingled with some equal portions of pain and tears during the process. Oh, but the reward!! One of the by-products is that we will begin to feel His heart more and more intensely. We will also become more keenly aware of His kingdom, which of course, is rooted and established in Love. The more we allow Him to change us, the more deeply we get to abide in Him.

This is how we begin to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and the kingdom of God to varying degrees around us. Spirit calls to spirit. Always. The most back-slidden and hurting child of God has Father’s love inside them, even if its trapped in their spirit-man, waiting to flood their own soul with that same Life and Joy.

Now, back to the elevator and my poor reflexes…

I gazed at the woman and saw that warm glow of Jesus that abides in every believer, as well as a tenderness that weaved so beautifully with how Father designed her. She was a gentle soul. She had a special gift to impart peace and comfort to others.

“David, was this word of knowledge?” Not at all. I simply felt her giftings silently ministering to me. Just being in that elevator I felt the drain of the lobby begin to wash away from me… and she had no idea.

So, I asked Father for anything that might bless her. Was there something He has been trying to speak to her about in her own prayer time that wasn’t breaking through to her? Was there something in this season of her life that was time to be looked at?

There was.

“Excuse me, guys. This is going to sound really weird to you, sir, but not at all to you, miss.”

I continued with a smile. In fact, I felt so honored to share I must have looked a bit crazed as I turned with bloodshot eyes to speak directly to her.

“You have been given great grace to speak into peoples’ lives that are hurting, hungry and seeking Truth. They will listen to you. Father has given you that grace. Stop being afraid to step out.

“You don’t need to be afraid. There is nothing you need from man. You are deeply loved by your Heavenly-Father. You are complete in His love. Stop caring what others think and begin to accept how much He loves you.”

Her mouth hung open a bit and her eyes filled with tears. She just stared at me. I let her stare. I smiled back in silence. None of us so much as twitched. Eventually, the elevator stopped at my floor and I paused between the doors.

“We all have our part to play. I did mine. Now… you are going to have to explain to this young man how I knew you are a born-again christian. Have a great night, you two!”

Neither moved or uttered a word, and I often think on how that conversation went after the doors closed behind me. I had my hopes, and she had my prayers.

Family, we live in a lost generation that is pleading for God to make Himself known to them. They want to see real power from children of the Living God. We are moving away from religion in this hour. It is part of what Father is doing in this season of grace. Are we moving though, into Him? Are we allowing Him to deal with our thoughts of shame, pride and self-preservation?

“Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.” Heb 5:13

There is a kingdom living inside us that is an open portal to the throne room. Anyone who says its not work, or more criminal still, refuses to discuss our part in this covenant, is selling something else.

It is work, for sure. But it’s also pretty tiring to be fearful and hurting. Fear attempts to grip us at every encounter of every day. It is all rooted in the subtle lie the church has yet to reject at our core. That lie is that our worth is determined by things we do or don’t do, and the approval or rejection of others.

Righteousness is the doctrine that we are holy, blameless, and fully loved by our Father, our Redeemer and our Great Counselor. (scriptures here- you are LOVED!)

Step into that place of solitude with Father. It was good enough for Jesus. It’s good enough for us as well.

Here is a vital key:

We can only come away with an increased portion of the Kingdom

equal to the amount of this world we give Him in that time of intimacy.

Next time we enter in with Him, let us each consider asking Him to show us something He wants from within our soul.

He will, in exchange, begin to pour into us more of His Love and glory. Eventually, we will stop praying for revival. We will be the revival.

Love to you all.

17 thoughts on “Business Trips & Elevators

  1. I needed this, TODAY! …and everyday…
    The majority of what you believe and teach was believed and taught in our former assembly. Unfortunately, (and that’s the best way I can put it) those who repeatedly taught it, mixed it with performance driven acceptance and expectations. “We taught it to you, you should have gotten it by now, why are you still… what’s wrong with you? Get delivered!!! Stop making excuses!!! Be there at every meeting!!! God is disgusted (yup) with you and your immaturity!!!! If you don’t set time aside and give Him the first fruit of your day you are giving Him crumbs and you’ll die young” (yup!) etc, etc, etc☹️

    So, pray for me because, though I agree experientially 100% with you, those voices are still there and I get frozen in fear. Feeling that if I don’t shape up and perform , Father will spit me out 💔💔💔💔
    Sorry for the ramble …

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    • Pascale!!! i thought I replied to this but I do not see it- forgive me! I was once one of those young zealots who loved the Lord but did not understand how much He truly loved me… and so my desires were set not on intimacy for the sake of a love walk… but to validate my self-worth and hide from my fears and wounds.

      it has been decades in the making, and though there is still so much more work to do in me, I can lift my eyes and see His love shining back. I draw upon this when I feel myself drift from His eyes and look back to man.
      When I was younger, I would see the hypocrisy of those who process his love, but walked in a performance based system. Nowadays, it grieves me to see the pain inside that drives them… and the damage it has done to so many others. but He is healing!!!

      Thank you as always for sharing your heart, our dear friend and fellows warrior.


  2. Oh Pascale you are such a breath of fresh air. How Maija and I are blessed by your friendship.

    Yes, of course I will continue to pray and support you. Those lies will continue to unravel until they are so foreign you will toss your head at them and laugh.Thank you for your encouraging words and openness, Pascale. You remind me there are many who are hungry for that intimacy.

    “Virgin Daughter Zion despises and mocks you. Daughter Jerusalem tosses her head as you flee.” Isaiah 37:22

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  3. This was awesome and encouraging for me. I know I need to step out more in faith, and yes, I too can ¨see¨those who are of Christ. All I need to do is ask Lord, do you have anything to say to this person? I love your question at the end, and I too will ask the Lord to show me something from within my soul. Blessings!

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  4. Yvette,

    It took some time and further healing in me to even consider the question! lol. I need to step into this more as well. Thank you so much for sharing and the way you serve the body and lost.

    Blessing and safety to you all down there 🙂



  5. David, you and Maija spread the GOOD NEWS! The enemy wants us to be in predictive programming mode – scared to say anything politally incorrect. But you do not have a spirit of fear! I love it! The Holy Spirit working through His Body to spread the good news of Jesus with two strangers in an elevator! – and the enemy cannot TOUCH it! He has NO IDEA what you or the lady will do next! But the Spirit of LIFE knows and energized you both with the abundant life in Jesus! And you had a non-believer witness the Body of Jesus at work!
    What a recharge!
    Thank you for your posts and PDFs. I am reading The Mind of Christ now and loving it!

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    • Karyn- You are one of those sisters in Christ who God regularly uses to remind me that when I immaturely struggle with the feeling of futility and discouragement… that HE is ministering, healing and restoring to deeper and deeper intimacy those who simply want that depth of His love. Thank you- so much- THANK YOU


  6. Thank you for ministering to me brother. The transparency from your heart and spirit makes a huge difference in the lives of many, including myself.

    “STOP praying for the revival and BE the revival”… I love that. For years, I’ve often heard fellow believers praying for the Lord to revive us (over and over again) failing to realize, in many respects, He already has and He’s simply waiting for us to respond.

    Continue to be obedient in the matters pertaining to the Kingdom that our Father is leading you in no matter how weird or difficult they may appear to be. David, may He continue to shower you and your family with His love, blessings and presence.

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    • My dear brother- this blessed me beyond words. Your heartfelt words of exhortation minster deeply to me, Euken, as you so often do. Thank you!!
      We are our brother’s keepers indeed. Love you always- David~


  7. What a great story! Thanks for sharing. It has that “ignition” power to make you want to get out there in the Holy Ghost adventures!!! I shared it with my friends! Nothing so powerful as a personal testimony. I think the world is wearied of just lessons. But oh the power of a true example. Pray this goes far and wide and bids Christ’s followers to go and do the same! God bless you for your service to our Most Deserving King of Kings! I know you make Him smile!

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    • Praise God, Sister. He is so faithful isn’t He? The Lord regularly reminds me that theology without application yields not fruit. Thank you so much for your exhortation. It really ministered to me. 🙂

      David NY


  8. Reblogged this on End Time Prophesy and commented:
    Don’t just “know” about the end times… a part of it. JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Here is a great article from a brother in Christ to stir you up and on. How does Christ want to use you in this hour? You are here for a reason and it is exciting!! Enjoy

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