The New Wineskins: Part 1 – Paradigm Shift

The New Wineskins: Part 1 –  A paradigm shift is in order.

And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” Mark 2:22

The “new wine” is coming.  In fact, it has already begun being offered to the Church.

Father has saved the best for last!! I believe a great awakening is coming upon this land, and with it, a generation of Christians that not only follow Jesus, but walk in a depth of intimacy that has not been seen en-masse since the first century.

Long before the advent of social media; some 30 years ago,  Father began showing me pictures of a tattered, torn and fearful America and Church. Many of the things I saw have already been fulfilled, but there is more coming. In the midst of these encounters, Father also showed me Christians springing up all across the nation and connecting without being constrained by any religious leaders stifling their words or giftings. I saw forms of communication and interrelationships that I had no grid for. I could not understand how this would be accomplished at the time. Now, with the internet, most of the Damascus highways have been built  (but there is still more to come).

The majority who are often spectators to a religious and often well-intentioned service have grown weary of being sheep. Many want to mature and become shepherds to the next generation.  Above all perhaps, pure prophetic vision, which is VITAL to every generation, was (and still is) being stifled from the pulpit across many fellowships in this land.

As a result, many have chosen to seek gatherings where the Holy Spirit is permitted to flow through all the members of the Body as He desires. It’s been a messy journey for many, but it’s been with liberty. It’s also been fun. But now, of our own free will, we withhold the same words that burn within our spirit. We willingly do not speak His full counsel. Counsel that would light the pathway for others to walk in deeper and more fulfilling intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Counsel that would equip others to reap a harvest.

The Body of Christ has been set free to speak openly as the Holy Spirit sees fit to bring things to the forefront. 500 hundred years of religious systems have been side-stepped in order to allow the Church to begin preparing for the Final Days. Room has been made for those who are willing. There is a reason why the door of institutional bondage has been unlocked and yet we are still standing at the gate on our own volition.

What I am now seeing is an increasing intensity on Father’s heart to address the growing lack of willingness within the prophetic call to bring forth direction, correction, and fresh vision to further align us with His plans for this hour. 

NOTE: For my conservative brothers and sisters please remember my definition of “prophecy” is simply to share a small piece of what is on Father’s heart. I do NOT subscribe to the nonsense all around us.

New Testament prophetic insights were, and still are fully welcomed under the formal religious system to speak before, after, or even during service so long as it is not a challenging word.

Today, even though no one can withhold the microphone or shame us from standing up in fellowship to share Father’s heart, we are still silent of our own volition.

We are afraid.

We have an identity issue. 

It is slowly and systematically strangling the power of the Resurrection in this generation and the generation that is being brought to Christ in this hour. We are still attempting, by and large, to welcome the liberty of the Holy Spirit and new Church life under an old system where our self-worth comes from our popularity. Our fear of being rejected is crippling us.

Our desire to “build” our own following has replaced what was once pure desire to walk in pure fellowship. 

The founding fathers of this nation had to learn and grow into a new system of government, when they cast off England’s. In a similar fashion, this end times Church is being called to walk in God’s system of government. This is not about a physical location. It is not about a building or a living room gathering.

This is about the Kingdom’s government apprehended by a change in perspective, interaction and above all, mindset and belief system.  It’s a complete paradigm shift.

 New wine in new wineskins.

This introduction begins a series designed to be a mirror for our hearts. Where are we excelling? What things are we absolutely hitting out of the park? Where do we need to clean up some stuff? Where are we in some outright rebellion and need to repent? 

In love and obedience,  I’ll share a small but integral part. I invite us all into some fellowship and Koinonia.  More to follow in the weeks to come.

Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.” John 2:10

Be blessed, Family! His best for us is yet to come. 🙂