“All Things Are Permissible…”

“Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.” Col 2:16-17

Some traditions are wonderful. Others… not so much. Some things draw us deeper into Christ, and some things… do not.

Lately,  I write, prepare a radio broadcast… and then just delete it. I am struggling a lot. I have been for quite some time now. 

How exactly are we to mutually edify one another toward the “high calling” of Jesus without challenging the “status quo?” 

We cry out to be encouraged… but yet not experience conviction. We want to be told our inner man of the heart is adorned, but we don’t want the Word to be our mirror.

I can understand. It is very sharp, and it certainly does divide.

So how exactly do we spurn one another on with such a lopsided mindset? Could this be why so many of us feel dejected, disappointed and hurt by God?  Maybe. But, I am struggling. Forgive me. Please pray for me.

This blog is purposely a “day” late.  This year in particular, I was asked quite a bit about my thoughts on Halloween. I’ve backed off on this topic for a very long time. This year, for reasons I won’t get into, it has once again pierced my heart. So, I’ll share a little bit and if it’s worth consideration to some, awesome!  If not, let’s remember to unconditionally love one another and continue to support one another.  Deal?

Hallowe’en.  From a holistic, humanistic approach we can argue both for and against participation. Some wonderful ideas and ideals; pure in heart on both sides of the camp. I’ll cut through the current (as well as old) theological debates by pointing out the following reality: 

Satanists do no go trick-or-treating. 

They spend the night in prayer.

Now, I am not referring to the tree hugging “white witches,” New Age occultists or those who think it’s cool to be labeled a “satanist.” That’s child’s play. Truly.  I am referring to those who are 100% sold out for Satan, and have devoted their entire life to doing his will. This is a group known as The Brotherhood.

You will never read about them, see them publicly confess their beliefs, or perceive any outward signs of their allegiance to Satan. They are well attuned to the spirit realm and openly, knowingly cooperate with demons in much more open and common practice than many of our encounters with the spirit realm. While the church is looking to “experience” the realm of the spirit, they live in this realm. They also operate in very high positions of influence and affluence. All their thought and intention is aimed at how to channel fallen angels to rob, steal and destroy every single one of God’s created beings.

Brothers and sisters, whom I love, this holiday is devoutly engaged in by this brotherhood  to curse both the lost and the Church. They curse our children and they curse our land. While they live in their darkened spirit realm, we are discussing carnal theology and rhetoric.

Forget for a moment, this was a day created to worship Satan and was expressed with acts of murder, rape and child sacrifice. Today, at present, it is an active satanic night of intense prayer and fasting. 

Family, we often choose to be ignorant of spiritual laws, but this does not remove the law any more than me choosing to ignore the posted speed limit. Every wonder why blood is so important in our history? Every wonder why all the occult and demonic religions offered blood sacrifices? There is power in a blood covenant. I won’t get into it here, but blood covenants have legal impacts in the courts of heaven and the spirit realm.

Every year, children are abducted and sacrificed to Satan on this night. Every Halloween, pastors are kidnapped and tortured. The only other holiday that has this much brotherhood activity is the Black Sabbath (but that’s another story). They release curses that all too often find an unseen foothold in our lives for various reasons.   

While Christians are walking the streets with their children, or substituting the night with a bait-and-switch, christian white-washed version, witches and warlocks are engaged in high spiritual warfare through the blood of other parents’ children. 

Have we lost the stomach for this reality? Is that too much to hear? It is real whether we acknowledge it or not.  

I am not judging us. I am bringing to light our actions.  I love you all. I love the Church. I love all our differences and opposing viewpoints. We are beautiful. But, Father hates anything that has to do with that which robs, steals and destroys. I am only bringing back into focus something that never should have gotten blurred in our convictions.

Do we really, absolutely, have to acknowledge this demonic holiday? Is it profitable to come up with some form of it to prevent our children from feeling the sting Jesus told us we would feel in this world? Is it truly in our children’s best interest, spiritually, emotionally and physically to keep them from feeling the loss of being the light and salt of the world? 

Should those who are presently deceived and in need of the True Gospel, be more devout in their gods than we are in the One True God?

In the United States, Heavenly-Father is not yet asking us to die for Him. This honor is being reserved for nations presently more honorable than ours. 

With great purpose I chose not to inject scripture in this post. None of us need verses only to conform them to the stubbornness of our soul. But, I will appeal to our spirit which bears witness with the Holy Spirit within us. 🙂

He is asking the Body Of Christ in America not to die, but simply live… for Him.

I love you all.

15 thoughts on ““All Things Are Permissible…”

  1. David, I believe the Lord is going to continue to reveal to us how to get out of this occult (knowledge of evil) more and more. When I first learned of SRA (satanic ritual abuse) a few years ago, I turned off all our lights on Halloween. My neighbors were surprised but it gave me a chance to share the Good News (knowledge of good – Jesus) with them when they asked me why we don’t participate. They even kind of agreed that things are getting darker and darker.
    I believe that knowing our identity and authority in Jesus- two things you teach so well – will continue to increase (The people who know their God will be strong and do great exploits Daniel 11:32) The Lord Jesus is really preparing His children through the knowledge of Him! Thank you for your blog!!!
    PS I am in California and I wonder if the fires we experience at this time every year are at their zenith during this dark holiday because of the occult “powering up” from Halloween.

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    • Thank you so very m much for your insights here. You have nailed it; identity clears our vision and is truly the only way we can see what Father is asking of us, let alone what is on His heart.

      He is currently refining the Church. We are before His loving hand of corruption in this hour. It is a quiet and very intimate pruning He is doing in us… and for many we are not perceiving it.

      Father bless you,


    • Thanks, Little brother. Sometimes we gave to take it on the chin in Love. I think more are aware than we may think but afraid to speak out in the the Body. That is what I am perceiving these days.

      Love you, too.



  2. Thank you for your courage in writing and posting this. I’ve been very sensitive to the darkness in this day that you speak of. I appreciate your teaching on this and believe it is so important for the Body to understand the depths of it. I appreciate your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and loyalty to our Lord. It is more than encouraging for me to witness and be a part of. Much love and gratitude to you!

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    • A brief edit:
      “I’ve been very sensitive to the darkness in this day that you speak of,”… but I’ve only recently started to understand why. Hearing and opening my eyes to the truth, in the light and safety of God’s love and provision, has been key for me.

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  3. Vicki,

    As usual the timing of Father’s encouragement through family is perfect. I am so blessed to hear that this spoke to your soul, and my prayers are that this will help bring clarity to some of the challenging decisions you guys will face.

    Thank you for your prayers. They are much needed. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and insights and for your transparency as well.

    A final word of truth to tuck away: I have never…ever… seen the cost outweigh the reward. Not once… ever.

    Your brother always,


    • Anna!!!

      Sorry I have not been looking at the site as much with all the business of things. YOU and your family nave a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving as well. All our love from the Murrys here in NY, my sister. 🙂


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