The New Wineskins: Part 2 –  Fleshing Out This New Season

The New Wineskins: Part 2 -So what does it actually look like?

“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” 1 Cor 14:1

I believe the Holy Spirit is as involved today as He was when He entered inside the living church on the day of Pentecost and began the New Covenant. Because of this conviction,  I encourage the training and equipping of the saints to walk in the heart, mind, and desire that flows from Father’s heart in Heaven. (John 5:19)

There is a lot being said about 2020 and the decade to come. The common consensus across many diverse camps is:

  • A new paradigm has come
  • A transference of wealth is taking place
  • A new generation is rising up
  • John Baptists and Elijahs are coming forth
  • Revival will come to America
  • Sport stadiums will be filled with evangelists

I truly bear witness with all the above declarations. Every one of them, and have often shared in the past several years that this season is coming. It is now upon us. A new epoch has already begun.


What I have been struggling to find is how we, the church, the ambassadors and corporate manifestation of Jesus on the earth, are going to bring to pass what Father desires to do.  I am not hearing this yet from any of the camps. 

I am of the firm conviction that is it not because of lack of understanding that these teachings are not being brought forth. I believe we are afraid of speaking the full counsel of God. I believe many of the elders of this generation, across all platforms of influence, are afraid of the backlash that will come if we do speak the Truth in Love and share our part in all this. ( I plan to address this on the next blog).

If we are not being given the blueprint on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, how are we going to carry out Father’s plans? This occurs year over year.

It is little wonder why so many Christians are still so hurt and disillusioned. True spiritual discipleship, mentoring and counseling has been watered down to little more than scheduled pep talks. After all, who is willing to risk one’s platform (not to mention our livelihood) if we are too honest?

Father is inviting this generation to more, however. Let’s lean into what Father is doing. What I am offering some small insights on are meant only to encourage us to get into our prayer time to talk with the Lord more. Because of this, I am keeping this kinda short.

Here we go: 2020 and beyond…

A new paradigm has come – what does this look like? For starters, Jesus is requiring the Church to turn from an old religious way of operating as the Church. He desires for us to walk the Earth in power and great love with signs following.  We will have very limited capacity to do this if we are not willing to lay down our emotional and soulish comforts. We must embrace what is uncomfortable.

A transference of wealth is taking place – yes there is. In fact, it has already begun. This transference is being given to those who will steward kingdom resources in order to advance the Gospel. Notice I said “the Gospel” not their personal ministry. While many will be clawing and scraping for money and pleading to support the vision of their newest program, other individuals will be quietly and without fanfare ministering to the poor, the widows, the orphans, the homeless and winning a great harvest into the kingdom. Debt free and mobile.

A new generation is rising up – yes they are! Many will come from the harvest won by those who have been given supernatural provision as mentioned above. Others will be stepping up and stepping forth as they have quietly allowed Jesus to redefine their true identity in Him.  In fact, they will be speaking about a new way of living the resurrected life. They will challenge and convict not only in words but out of the depth of intimacy they have with Jesus. They will intimately know Him.They will look like Him. Dead religious convictions will look very foolish standing in their presence. They will care only about what Jesus wants to do, right here, right now, no matter the corporate or personal cost.

John Baptists and Elijah are coming forth – I’ll camp here on this point a little longer. This is big. Read about the Baptizer. Also go back and re-read starting in 1 Kings 17. An anonymous group of ordinary Christians will begin to speak from unknown fellowships in unknown towns about some very challenging things. Will they move in Love and Power? Ohhhh, yes they will!  The blueprint was for them to be mentored and taught by this present generation, but as a whole, the speaking platform was not willing to be shared with this younger group. God will now begin to do it another way. 

Consider this: Kings records Elisha performing twice as many miracles as Elijah. Elisha’s ministry was marked with reconciliation and forgiveness. He carried out what Elijah failed to do. What Elijah did in anger Elisha got twice as far… in love. So, why aren’t the Elisha’s coming? Because it was Elijah who called for the absolute destruction of every altar, every idol, every false-doctrine and compromised way of doing things. He stood before the religious order of the day and tore it all down to present the way of Love to come. 


This camp will address the church, not the lost. 

Have you heard anyone talk about what these Elijahs and Johns will speak on? What will they teach and prophecy to the Body of Christ? What will they have to say about the way we are conducting ourselves; our fear, insecurity and self-centeredness of our assemblies and personal walks? These men and women, will be demanding in the power of Jesus Christ, to tear down every altar and compromise in our own hearts. They will call out our stubbornness and pride. We don’t want to hear this much. This is why there is radio silence on the specifics. Good news is we have the bible and can prepare our hearts ahead of time, and judge ourselves. Then we may even invite them in for a meal or a cigar. Maybe? ( No,no, no… Elijah wouldn’t smoke a cigar!) 

Revival will come to America – Yes it will. The church will eventually grow weary of living in her fears, loneliness and the rat race of this world. She will begin to grow jealous for a relationship like the ones they see in the people coming forth. Eventually, we will want more…nothing but Jesus. Things that comfort the old-man and self-centered living will fade next to the visible walk we are offered in Christ. When that time comes, we as a nation of Christians living in America will repent. Then the Holy Spirit will begin to transform our hearts and thinking. We will begin to dig into the ancient paths of righteousness being offered in the Blood. We will begin to take our thoughts captive and start to live that truth. This is kingdom revival. You cannot pray it down. It comes from within us. Holy Spirit is waiting for us. 

It will be the result of a church that moves in great intimacy and authority. When a stranger comes up to us and says “what is so different about you?” and begins to confess their sins in tears…

Then, it will be declared in heaven, “The bride of Christ is once again moving throughout the land of America.”  The bride… will be moving.

Sport stadiums will be filled with evangelists – I have seen this as well. But this will come alongside a purified and revived church that once again feels the love and joy of our Redeemer so deeply and innocently we will share it with strangers at gas stations, hotels, vacation beaches, grocery stores, the workplace. If we think this “stadium” phenomenon will be an enlarged version of our present Easter Sunday sermons we invite our neighbors to…. think again.

Parting thoughts:

New testament prophecy is to be judged when it is spoken. Not as those without the Holy Spirit were commanded to judge it. Under Mosaic Law no one had the Holy Spirit so it was impossible to rightly divide a prophetic word. They had to wait to see if it came to pass or not. 

Not so under the New Covenant. We all have the kingdom within us now. I invite each and every one of us to judge this word. If it does not bear witness.. Eh, toss it out. I’ll still send ya a Christmas card.  But if it does bear witness, do your part. Pass this along. Pray into it with another believer. Dare to take a stand. What’s the worst that can happen?? I’ll tell you the worst. If you’re a woman you’ll be shamed and disowned by your family. Your father will say you are no longer his daughter. You’ll be cut off financially and tempted to prostitute yourself for food. If you’re a man you’ll be burned alive.

Wait… that is what is happening in the Middle-East, India and Africa. Sorry, wrong regions. In America, you may be uninvited to your favorite bible study.

Or maybe… just maybe… we will start reviving with others in the body. Maybe the ground where we are praying will begin to shake. Two completely different possibilities. The unknown can be scary.  Stare this fear down.

Above all- get into your prayer chambers. Get on our knees and give Jesus permission to begin capturing our hearts in whatever area we need it, to whatever end is necessary.  To whatever end…

There is much our Commander-In-Chief wants to do in 2020 and beyond. We must be made aware of what this looks like and repent whenever needed. Only then will we begin to see the birthing of all the wonderful prophecy that has been shared year after year.  Let it begin now. Let us find Him with all our heart. He already loves us all unconditionally and deeply. Even so, He still deserves all our hearts, and His lost children are dying every day.

God bless you all, my dear Family.

David Murry NY