Why this blog..?

This blog is birthed from the desire to share the passion and zeal that comes from a living relationship with the Creator of all good things.

It is my prayer and fervent longing to be able to connect with others that have entered into union with our Redeemer. We are all on our journey, both as part of the Universal Body, but most importantly, also with our Father one on one. The journey covers the gamut of all possibilities.  Our life, our walk, our beliefs, our victories, our strongholds… The time has come for a generation of believers to rise up and take full possession of what is our inheritance. If you are reading this, you are part of that generation. You are called to the fullness of Him who conquered all things and freely gave us all things in Him.

I see God bringing His children to a place of rest, peace, and fullness. Every generation has been commissioned for a specific time, a specific purpose, all moving toward the fulfillment of scripture and the restoration of all things.

The hour is late and time is short. Soon there will be no place left for Christians in America to hide… or elsewhere in this generation. That is OK. We were never meant to. 🙂

This generation is called to Him and His fullness. We all have a part to play in this. We are one Body of many parts. I pray that His Word may be found here and that it may serve toward whatever way may help the Body in this journey toward fulfilling her destiny.

This is my blog…

Your brother,


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