The Man From Macedonia

He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” “You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.

”But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

Luke 10:29


I’ve had more pleasant experiences in my sleep than the one I am about to share.  It felt that no sooner had I closed my eyes, that I re-opened them to see a very unique scenery.

It was nighttime in a remote and quiet countryside. I understood to be somewhere in eastern Europe. I was crouching atop the splintery criss-crossed, rough hewn rafters of an old abandoned barn. Inside, a wrath-filled mob spoke only the silent language of fist and foot while they were systematically forcing a dozen bound Christians to climb to the top of the rafters via a rickety wooden ladder. Unseen by those around me, I bore silent witness, as they were being strung up with rope around their necks and one by one, kicked off the rafters.

An angel appeared next to me, watching the event as it unfolded. I began to sob the way I do when I see our family being martyred. Suddenly, all the rafter tops of this lantern-lit barn were filled with other angelic witnesses and I wondered why none of them moved. Looking down to the structure floor, I saw the night was well under way.

Our brothers and sisters made no attempt to escape. Their countenance was a mixture of tremendous grief equalled only by love. They kissed and touched head to head whenever proximity allowed for it before being punched or clubbed. The feelings they held for one another are beyond my ability to write. So was the love they had for their captors. Tears streamed down silent faces. No one said a word. As one particular young man was pushed to the edge of a rafter beam I reached out my unseen hand to touch his cheek.

I felt the Holy Spirit connect us.  I knew his story. He knew mine. In my mind’s eye, I saw the events that led to this dark night and shared the emotions he managed for the family being left behind. A deep, quiet joy, mixed with depthless sorrow mingled between our hearts. I had never felt so much love for a person as in that moment. I was one with this fellowship… and yet eternally apart. Counted among this company, yet unworthy of the honor they shared amongst each other. I wanted to die with them.

“Peace,” was all I could utter, and I felt the love of God flow out from my hand. At this, the angel to my left turned his head toward us, and silently gave a half-nod.

The man looked up at me; directly into my eyes and in that moment I knew he could see me. His mouth turned every so slightly upward at the corners, and the most restful, peace-filled gaze I have ever seen from another person flooded me with such raw, untainted nature of Father-God that I wept uncontrollably, yet resolved to never break our mutual stare.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “See you soon.” With that, he was violently kicked in the side and fell some 15 feet short of the barn floor; the rope snapping taut.


“Daddy… does your head hurt?” My 7 year old, Daniel was beside my bed, and it took me a moment to realize I had been crying in my sleep… again.

“I made you coffee. Mommy said breakfast is ready. Will you play with me?”

As I write this, I feel the back of my neck begin to tighten and my desire to share is waning. I need to pray; to ask my Savior where He must touch my being and transform my heart. What else stands in the way of being more of… Him.

Soulish writing? An emotionally darkened blog post that pricks only at our fallen nature and not our spirit-man?

Only you can perceive that for yourself. But… how do we feel when we study about the Roman art of scourging? What do we feel when we read of the prophets being sawed in half, of Paul being stoned or Stephen being murdered? These brothers and sisters died for something much more than living for oneself. They died for you. They died for the love of the good news.

Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Rom 5:7-8

How do I really feel when my neighbor suddenly passes on without Christ? Now, the question I must ask is, why is my response such-and-such? Where is my soul in relation to the Spirit of God living powerfully within my spirit-being?

I close my eyes for a moment as I type. I see the man from my dream, now part of that great cloud of witnesses, encouraging me. He gestures with a sweeping arc of his arm, like the man from Macedonia did to Paul. He beckons. So little to ask of me…

He has the eyes of his Father. No condemnation. No shame. No disappointment. Only love. A love that burns and compels. He bids me take my place at the seat of my Savior’s heart. Beyond all cliches and catchy church billboard signs, he silently encourages me to “let go and let God.” So much to ask of me… Perhaps I won’t. Then again…

Perhaps I will…

All my love, brethren.

Acts 16:9

Deeper Communion: Part 5-Manifestations Verses His Manifest Presence

One of the questions I hear discussed a lot from those who are hungry for deeper communion is: 

“Why does my heart ache even though I am learning how to discern and interact with His kingdom more?

That really is a wise question, and it’s on the heart of many in this hour. 

ANSWER:  The reason is because being a yielded vessel to minister to others is not the same as a child of God being willing to be transformed in all one’s being. Said another way,  “manifestations are not the same as His manifest presence.”

“I want to know Christ–yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,” Phil 3:10

Expressions of His kingdom are offered to both the lost and the Body of Christ  in one of 2 ways.

  1. Manifestations- (Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
  2. Manifest Presence– (impartations of His very nature flowing outward from within)

The former is pretty easily attained as it only requires learning how to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit, step out in some boldness and pushing past the fear of rejection & failure. Legitimate manifestations may operate completely independent from His nature. ( see 1 Cor 13) 

His manifest presence however, is another story. This comes only through His nature. This requires one to come face to face with the Lord and allow Him to speak to us about areas that are not sanctified. This starts with our belief system. The bottom line is there are thoughts and beliefs that are buried within us that Father-God desires to talk with us about.

I cannot emphasize this enough. It is our beliefs that determine our thoughts, emotions and intentions. This in turn,  will determine the depth of His manifest presence flowing from within our being. Something I may add, we are all called to walk in. (Acts 17:28, Rom 12:1-2, 2 Pet 1:19,)

Teaching on this subject have fallen out of favor. Unbalanced and outright abusive preaching have influenced this generation so much we either despise correction unless it is lathered in obscene amounts of coddling, or is watered down to the point where it becomes focused on oneself and increased self-comfort (what’s in it for me?).


Ever see someone move in a gift of the Holy Spirit? Of course. Pretty common, right? These brothers/sisters are fun to be around. They challenge in a fun way. It’s exciting and births in us a desire to flow in more gifts… and we should. Gifts of the Spirit are, well…. pretty amazing ways to minister to others. My most “shared” blogs are the writings of an encounter with another where I allowed Father to use me. 

Manifest Presence

Now, let me ask you this:

When was the last time you got around someone and as they stood next to you, you could actually feel the love of Jesus compelling you to know Him better? Ever have a conversation and perceive one’s eyes almost seem to shimmer with the eyes of our Savior? You desire to be near them, not for what they do or say or the gifts they possess, but because their very proximity brings peace, rest and a sense that you are unconditionally loved and valued. Ever get around someone and you are itching to suddenly break away; to  just run outdoors, fall to your knees and tell God how much more of Him you desire? When was the last time you stood before another christian and just wanted to cry because you felt Father’s arms reach out to you through this person while you discussed nothing more spiritual than comparing your favorite winter coffee flavors? Ever stand before this type and silently began to repent of a sin under your breath to the Lord? Not out of guilt or shame, but because you realize you want to walk more intimately with Father-God? You touched fire….

I bet this is a tiny bit less common. Am I right? On that same note- Ever not want to be around this same kind of person? I sure have…

Do you want to know why that is? The most violent living waters of Father’s Love flow with the currents of holiness. That’s right. Holiness. Holiness vibrates on a spiritual frequency that will burn up sin. That child of God is not interested in compromise. The burning love of God flowing through one of His children has a tremendous cost attached to it. It is the cost of being willing to continually allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them about uncomfortable issues.

This results in a walk that manifests love AND holiness at the same time. This is not always comfortable to be around. Push past this. The love of God will compel you to want more. It will become an all consuming desire for us as well.

If we want to walk in the greatest intimacy that has been made available to us through the gift of righteousness, we must choose to relate to Him in righteousness ( Gal 6:8,   Rom 13:14 ) in the same way He has gifted us positionally ( 2 Cor 5:21,  Col 1:22,).

NOTE: Our spirit-man longs to transform our soul into His image. We, as spirit-beings desire Father’s plumb-line. But, the carnal-minded aspects of our soul, the areas we have not yet allowed Him to correct in us; these prefer extremes in response to wounding and wrongful teachings. The carnal minded-soul wants to find the ditch of excessiveness… and then cross the road and jump into the gully on the other side. And… the carnal-minded soul has become exceedingly efficient at it. This directly hinders the depth of our spiritual intimacy with the Lord. (John 4:24,  Rom 8:7)


Get alone with the Lord today. Ask Him to reveal to you one area He wants to speak to you about. This mindset must go deeper than conduct. It is an attitude of the heart. It is rooted in our fears and wounds and identity.

Invite Him in to illuminate something buried deep within. We keep our eyes fixed on Him, and allow Him to fix steadfastly on where He wants to touch us. One area that if, conformed to the image of Christ, would usher you into the next level of intimacy and communion in Him. Any idea what that is? Well… He knows.  Give Him permission.

When fear and anxiety begin to kick up, this is GOOD. These are lies and wounds being brought to the surface. This is part of the process. Remember please, holiness is “being in the same nature as God.” Do not be afraid to discuss “holiness” with Him.

“So they stirred up the people and the elders and the teachers of the law. They seized Stephen and brought him before the Sanhedrin.

All who were sitting in the Sanhedrin looked intently at Stephen, and they saw that his face was like the face of an angel.” (Acts 6:15)

There is a cost that comes with this kind of reflection of His nature. His unconditional love and Divine approval. There is nothing sweeter than communing with Him from this reality and place of rest… and then giving His goodness to the rest of His creation that He loves beyond words.

Now, let’s be clear here. I do not consider myself a very good conduit of His nature at times. But… I am willing to let Him speak to me on what He desires to transform from within.

In the end, this is all He asks of any of His children. Go for it, family.

Blessings to you all,

Podcast 42 “Do Godly Marriages Exist?” 11-04-17

Is it possible for a marriage to truly  exist as Christ and His Bride? (Eph 5:25)

This 35 min. podcast will address the root problem of why so many born-again marriages look so similar in many ways to worldly marriages.

We will discuss:

  • The root cause in struggling relationships
  • How to release Father’s  Life and Power to change the way we interact

Kingdom living is most vital within our most precious gift, namely marriage. Let’s take a look together 🙂


(please forgive the sound quality- I am ACTIVELY working on improving my current audio/recording setup). If anyone has experience with this and is led to help, please feel free to reach out. 🙂

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Encouragement vs Exhortation

(Understanding how the Gift of Exhortation is meant to function)

I thank God for the gifts of the Spirit.

One of the gifts I am very grateful for is the gift of exhortation. True spiritual exhortation always points to the throne-room.

A distinction needs to be made here. Encouraging someone to “hang in there” is not the same as the gift of exhortation. Heartfelt and sincere encouragement can often make the difference between life and death when one is facing some of the darkest moments of their life.

For example, just recently a friend of ours reached out to rally us to pray on behalf of their young daughter who ran away. While many of us mobilized and “got on the wall,” a certain brother in Christ encouraged that family to “hold on…with both hands…” (as I type this, I get choked up at the dunamus power his timely words released). Meanwhile, our corporate intercession travailed until she safely returned home, which she soon did.

We need this. All of us at times… will need this. Let me repeat, please. I cannot express the beauty and authority behind that voice of hope. We ALL need moments of encouragement! 

Now… let’s move on. All things in balance. Family, this is not the same as the spiritual gift of exhortation.

  • Encouragement soothes within the situation.
  • Exhortation points to the throne-room, with the blueprint on how to get there. 

Exhortation carries with it the spiritual insight from Father’s heart. It carries with it the understanding of what course of action needs to be made in order to cooperate with the Lord. It exhorts one to go forth and press into the kingdom with specific direction from the mind of God.

When this gift is operating, the Holy Spirit ministers to the recipient 2 things:

  1. Specific direction on how to cooperate with God, and only then…
  2. Encouragement to carry out that course of action

The Body of Christ is under the “spiritual knife” in this season. The Lord is doing some very deep surgery in the heart and beliefs of those who are answering the call to press further into Him. Here is the problem the Lord is addressing in this hour:   

Why does a thriving Church need so much constant encouragement? You see, we are not meant to merely “hang in there.”  We are destined for more than that.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. All of us, then, who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you.” Phil 3:15

Family, our heavenward call in Christ is intimacy with Father-God. Everything that comes after that will be the natural outflow that results from deep and uncompromising intimacy with Him.

“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death” Phil 3:10

Are we being encouraged more than we are actually being fed? Are we edifying one another more than we are teaching on the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His suffering, and the process of being conformed into His image and nature?

Have we replaced the Lordship of Jesus Christ on the throne of our souls, with soulish comfort?  Is it possible we have taken the gift of true, godly exhortation, and made it an idol in order to avoid looking at the painful things the Lord wants to uproot and heal within us?  

“In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.” Heb 5:12-13

Righteousness is a gift. It means our self-worth is established in His never-changing love and acceptance for His children.  

If we ever want to move on to the deep intimacy and thriving spiritual relationship we are invited to be partakers of, we will need to learn how to identify why we are depressed, fearful and scared. Then… we need to destroy those strongholds.

My dear brothers & sisters… Father is always faithful. He will always get us through the “dark night.” But, He calls us to walk and live above the carnal issues of this realm. Our mind, will, and emotions are only affected by a situation to the degree we have not renewed our thinking.

Everything in balance. Encouragement and exhortation have their place. It’s in the Bible. (Rom 12:8, 1 Cor 14:3) But we must be very careful to examine if we have made it an idol in place of His truth on the throne of our heart. Much of what we call exhortation today is focused on ourselves rather than on helping us get our eyes on the reality of our walk with Jesus and where He desires to conform us.

When we fail to point our souls to the cross, we abuse the gift of exhortation and pervert its purpose.

The result is a person who fails to enter into greater intimacy through the struggle and painful emotions. In the end, that believer has only assuaged until the next encounter. This is a counterfeit to the intention of the Father.

Consider this verse:

to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Eph 4:11-13

NOTE:  The purpose of building us up is to grow in intimacy with Jesus and the full stature of Jesus. He is Life. We are to be encouraged to enter into Christ.

When we turn only to comforting words and refuse to partner with the Lord about rooting out some of the lies that we are in bondage to, we turn encouragement into idolatry.  What’s worse is we stop short of the full counsel of the Lord. We must seek direction, not just temporal comfort. We need the full counsel of the Holy Spirit; both encouragement, AND direction, (ie. the mature gift of exhortation in action). This is key during this season.

At this moment, I know of many dear brothers and sisters who are in the thick of things… working out their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in regard to their thinking. They are tearing down lies and actively partnering with the Holy Spirit to heal and restore. It is painful. It is scary. It is raw. 

Encouragement alone, without teaching and co-laboring with the Lord to deliver us from the bondage of our fears and pain, is in direct opposition to the ultimate desire of His heart. (Eph 4:11, 2 Pet 1:19, John 8:36, Rom 12:2, Isaiah 42:3, 2 Cor 3:18, Heb 10:19-22, Rev 3:20)       

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Rev 3:20

Let Him in.

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” 2 Cor 10:5.

Knowing you are reconciled, loved, and  “accepted in the Beloved” requires more than listening to, and reading well-intentioned words to “not give up” and to “know that God loves you.” We have already heard this 1,000 times. There is more for us. So much more. There is also a blueprint that is meant to be given.

Begin to ask the Holy Spirit:

  • “Why do I struggle with this emotion/thought?”
  • “What do I truly believe about myself?”
  • “What belief is behind this painful emotion?”
  • “How do I truly think You feel about me?”
  • “What is the true motive of my heart and the true emotion behind my actions?”

We are made the righteousness of Christ. (2 Cor 5:21) This means our self-worth is forever seen as the same as Jesus in the eyes of the Father. Period. The end. No Mas. It is finished. We are fully pleasing in His eyes. (Col 1:21)  So what is the problem? Ah…..

This… is what He wants from inside our very being. Give it to Him.

“But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.” Heb 5:14

  • God’s truth about us being made absolutely complete and fully pleasing and loved… are good.
  • The lies we cling to that cause us depression, fear and shame… are evil.

Encouragement alone will never grow the Church into full maturity in Christ. The lack of training on examining our beliefs has led to a pandemic need to comfort our wounds. We should be getting healed of them instead.

“Who by constant use have trained themselves…”

Begin examining our daily interactions and what emotions are arising during the day and week.  We need to invite the Lord to take an inventory on our beliefs.

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” Prov 23:7

The next time we read another word of exhortation, ask yourself, “What lie am I struggling with that makes me need this encouragement so strongly?”

Then, begin to take these lies captive to the obedience of Christ.( 2 Cor 10:5)

I pray this message strengthens, encourages and comforts. More than that however, I pray it offers some road-map toward deliverance from pain and fear. Above all, my heart’s desire is that it points you to Christ, and into great union with the Father. Go for it.  His Sabbath rest is waiting for you… always waiting.

All my love, Family~



To my dear brothers and sisters who have already been digging into this process of renewing the mind and allowing Him to heal your wounds and expose the lies and replace with the power of the Living Gospel:

This IS the time to hang in there. in the name of The Ancient of Days, and by the authority of His name to hold and sustain you, I say: Do not give up!!

He who began the good work in you IS faithful to complete it. Keep digging in, and know you are loved beyond measure. He sees your desire and will never turn away those who have turned to Him.

Even now, as you read this prayer and word of encouragement, know He is ministering healing to your soul, ripping out those pains, renewing your mind and establishing your steps forever. Not by power, nor by might, but by HIS SPIRIT this is being accomplished. All He ever needed was your willingness to let Him speak to you. Rest in His strength. He alone is your exceedingly great reward.  

So be it.


Podcast 40 “Understanding Relationships” 9/29/17

The Church has the light. How is it manifesting in our relationships?

In this broadcast we with discuss:

1.What is a godly relationship?
2. How to recognize areas we may need to change our thinking and the way we relate to:

  • Strangers
  • Acquaintances
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Spouse

God bless,


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DorothyCrothers – search for “Zeal” or “David Murry”