“Greater love has no man than this…”

Sunrise.  Sunset.

Water… and the laughter of children before the age of accountability. Pure innocence.

The smile from an old person whose outward appearance long ago began to belie the vitality of their heart. At times I can pass a person and almost perceive the tipping point in their life, when their inward strength has superseded their outward vigor.  These gazes touch my heart most deeply. I want to grab hold of their leg and look up at them on my knees…

” I see you…”

They need to know there is a Redeemer and a Father who carried the greatest of all unfathomable pains… for them.

To save another child’s life as one being snatched from the fire of hell itself… that honor is beyond my deserving. Its all about love. Nothing more and nothing less. My Dad in heaven has entrusted those housed in frail vessels of honor to hunt down the nomadic sons and daughters of His kingdom. Would someone do that for my own children? Out there, just past the shroud of dusk…out there where it is so dry and dusty and bleak. Would someone just bring them a cup of cold water?

I think there are some. Yes… there are. I know some such people. They are my brother’s keepers. And this too is love.

Of all the things I shall miss though, it will be the feeling of a gentle breeze on my face, that cools me and dries all tears after a good, cleansing release when my heart can no longer contain a pain. The grass is never so soft, nor the sky so blue, nor the rain so refreshing. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than perceiving the Hand of Love on my heart once I have let go and let Him…

“Feed my sheep.”

Its a hell of a thing… loving this life so much and knowing I don’t belong here… knowing this is not my home and that the world is not even worthy of His redeemed. (Heb 11:38)

Love mingled with pain. I shall miss this the most…

Or will I?

I welcome all thoughts and feedback :)

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