His Righteousness…

One of the most vital areas that the Body of Christ needs to violently lay hold of is the reality that we have been imputed the same standing before the Father that Jesus has. We have His righteousness.

For years now the church has vacillated on this truth, applying it in some areas and glossing over its impact on daily life in others. I believe the time is coming for the bride to begin walking in the Mind of Christ that we have been given at salvation (1 Cor 2:16) and apply this supernatural reality lying within us to all aspects of our walk.

This is not a call to “works.”

The Holy Spirit is calling us to communion. We commune in spirit and in truth.(John 4:24).

We can only truly worship and enjoy fellowship with Him to the degree we are in agreement with what He says, thinks, feels and is doing amongst us.


Until the pillar of fire moves on, I will be pitching my tent here.  I hope the accommodations serve to refresh your spirit while you visit with me in this campsite for a season.

I welcome all thoughts and feedback :)

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