My name is David W. Murry. I was born and raised in NY, a state whose inception, history, and growth are linked to much that opposes the nature and desire of God.  It has been my honor to serve the Lord in the midst of such troubling times and in such a troubled state. Much love needs to be ministered here.

One of four brothers and from a household who all love the Lord, I have grown up with my Savior since I was about 7.  I enjoy the blessing of being the father of three, Nathan, Daniel, and our sweet little lamb, Rachel. My dearest ally and soul-mate, Maija and I enjoy the challenge of raising our family in a born-again relationship with the Lord and not born-again religion with Him.

The concept is not popular to many believers, but we don’t mind 🙂

One of the ways Father has asked me to serve the body is in sharing the amazing truths about what it means to have been made the Righteousness of Christ… and applying that truth to how we view God, ourselves and others.

Understanding His gift of Righteousness is what allows us to grasp the aspects of His heart that have been so muddied and polluted and twisted.

Fear has gripped the Church.. because we do not understand His heart. As a result, we have stopped teaching and admonishing one another in certain areas of church life.

The body of Christ has also allowed herself to become overtaken by a spirit of worldliness… because we are not willing to talk about anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. We often settle for “a form of Godliness” rather than being one with Jesus, which is where the Power of the Resurrection is accessed.

Rest, joy, discipline, mercy, holiness, repentance, the abundant life, health, and peace ( to cite a few) are all aspects of His heart and emanate from who He is and are all summed up in one word: LOVE.

Restoration of the Body back to the heart and nature of the Ancient of Days (who just happens to be our Heavenly-Father) starts with understanding what truly occurred at the cross on our behalf. It is our honor and joy to help the body return to the heart of our Father… in all our ways.

The Body of Christ here in America is being called to repentance, restoration, and great intimacy with our Heavenly-Father.

Repentance will always be avoided, or at best,  be superficial, to the degree we do not understand who we are as His children.

Our hearts’ desire is to give the love and peace and power that can come only through true intimacy with Him to our community and to the farthest reaches the Lord will permit us to travel.

I welcome all thoughts and feedback :)

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