Understanding The Times: Obedience & Willingness

New Epoch Part 2 : Obedience & Willingness

My family- it is so important we, the Church recognize we have moved into a new spiritual Epoch. What seems unprecedented around us outwardly, the carnal things we see with our physical senses, is paled by the unprecedented times we have entered spiritually.  Father has closed doors and paths that have been permitted to operate since the Reformation 500 years ago. That season is over.

I will emphatically repeat myself. That season is over. Forever. We have entered into the season of new wine. 

This new epoch is a call for the Church to begin getting into alignment with a new way of being the Living manifestation of Jesus on the earth. Dogma, born-again religion and self-validation have no place to operate in the kingdom anymore.

Father is searching out the heart of His children to see who will allow Him to transform ones’ heart to steward this new wine. This new season will require commitment, passion and above all, that Jesus becomes our First-Love in all areas of our heart. Let’s pause for a moment to re-lay and recap on some basics.

“But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.” 1 Cor 14:3

Please remember that prophecy means simply Father’s heart, desire and intention revealed to His creation.

I can think of nothing more edifying, encouraging or comforting to know and understand what is on Father’s heart so that I can flow with it in His unconditional love and communion. I want deeper intimacy with my Creator.  If you are reading this blog, I know you do as well. 

Where is the Church?

A great dismantling is under way.  Mantles, callings, influence and kingdom resources are being re-allocated to those willing to answer the call. This has nothing to do with how much we are loved by our Father, Lord and Counselor. This is about relational covenant and partnering with our Commander-in-Chief.  Father-God always loves us unconditionally (link), even if we choose to not partner with Him very much. 

The fellowships and ministries that have had a place of influence within communities across this nation and across this entire generation are being called to account. This is love for the lost. This is love for the nations. This is love for His children He longs to set free from hurt, pain and fear.

We are in this season of things being called to account. Ledgers are now open in Heaven. Above all else, we need to remember God is Love. Make no mistake: this season is, as are all Father’s seasons in their varied forms, a demonstration of Love.

  • It was Love that forced us to be shut in with our family.
  • It was Love that has allowed us the opportunity to deepen family relationships in Christ.

(At the top of this list are our children of this generation that were fast approaching being consumed by the world under the Church’s nose). 

The degree we will smoothly navigate and flow with this season will be directly tied to our obedience and willingness to Father’s plans. 

The Crux: Obedience & Willingness

Cooperating with this season means us understanding 2 kingdom principles. Obedience and Willingness. Let’s begin with the “easy” part. Obedience.  Obedience is based solely on action. Though the Greek word is a noun, it in fact is irrevocably tied to action. In short, what we chose to do. God speaks, we move on that spoken Word. This is obedience.

Willingness is a whole different matter. Willingness deals with the heart; the position of the soul, where the seat of intention lies. Our hearts must be soft, pliable, submissive and above all, motivated from a place of love.

Obedience addresses outward action and outer compliance.

Willingness deals with inner action and inner compliance.

While obedience deals with the physical realm, willingness deals with the condition of our soul toward God, man and ourselves. Obedience is necessary in order to begin fulfilling our side of any kingdom covenant agreement. Willingness is the vital component to actually bring the promises to completion. An amazing example of this distinction can be found in the story of Balaam in Numbers 22. This portion of scripture has often been mis-taught and caused so much confusion because we have not applied the principles of obedience verse willingness. It applies directly to the Church in his hour.

We must never lose sight of the truth that Father is interested in intimacy. Intimacy is tied directly to our desire, and intention.

How This applies to this Season in the Body of Christ

There are great portions of the body of Christ that are content to show outward signs of obedience to what Father wants to do in us and through us, but many are still stubbornly unwilling to change the attitude of our hearts.

We are choosing to hold onto our own desires and our own intentions. Many within the Church are still trying to accomplish things through our own strength and gifts and determination. Many are not willing to submit to God’s calling in this season.

What will this look like?

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Rev 3:20

To the degree we have allowed Jesus to deal with some challenging realities within us (do we need to forgive? Have we repented from finding self-worth from money, titles, prestige, or the lack of any of these things?) is the degree in which we will flow with this season.

Grace in the form of “time” will now begin to become grace in the form of a “crucible.” As hidden things continue to come to light, Jesus will continue to allow circumstances to press upon us to grind away that which is not of Him.

This is Love, not anger!! I cannot stress this enough. 🙂

“The words “once more” indicate the removal of what can be shaken–that is, created things–so that what cannot be shaken may remain.” Heb 12:27

Jesus is shaking away from her bride all this is not of His eternal nature. The United States needs to once again be a Light to the lost in this nation. The United States needs the Body of Christ to once again live, and be willing to die, NOT as Americans who happen to be born-again, but rather Citizens of Heaven, who happen to live in America.

Do we need to ask the Holy Spirit to deal with the areas of our thinking, our reasoning, and the motives of why we do the things we do? How much do we think about the neighbors in our community? How often do we feel the pain of a stranger at the supermarket?

“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” 1 Cor 6:20

If every aspect of our being has been purchased by the Blood of Jesus, why do we still think it is OK to live under forms of Law? Do we truly think 10% belongs to God, and we get to keep 90% for our own desires and motives?

Shall we continue to pick and choose which aspects of the Mosaic and New Covenant we will live under?

Things To Come

The fear of Covid-19 is soon being replaced with the bit and bridle of things outside our control. While Father gave us a time to heal in the secret places of our home, He is now going to allow us the time to heal under the Hand of some tumultuous circumstances.

Great News!!!

This season is designed to set us free and increase the depth of our intimacy with our Wonderful Father!!!

We can give Jesus permission to look at what truly makes us tick, and where we have allowed our personal religion, worldly comfort, or ambitions to callous our heart to the heart of our Father.

There is time. Remember please, the things we will see in the physical world (school, health, weather, and social disruptions) are only shadows of what is truly taking place in the heavenlies.

Father is aligning His Church. This fall will begin a new time to examine our relationship with Jesus and allow His love to wash away whatever is not of His kingdom, either in action or motive. There is so much healing and joy and expressions of His love for us that He is longing to lavish upon His child. He wishes to pour this out upon each and every one of us. We do not need to be afraid of change or of the present circumstances pressing upon us. Father is faithful, and He is using it to set us free. Please, let us not squander this season.

Let us unconditionally love and encourage each other to grab everything we are meant to lay hold of in this hour. We will not regret it.

More to come, my Family…

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Understanding The Times: Bits & Bridles & Covid-19

Understanding The Times: Bits & Bridles

Let’s understand a little more of what is taking place in the heavenlies and how this is playing out. Before we continue, please remember the Kingdom law that all things begin in the spirit realm. How they manifest in the natural realm will vary. This season did not begin with Covid-19 and to be 100% clear – God did not SEND this upon us. This is grace liftingThis pandemic is just an outward manifestation of things already shifted in the heavens. 

I have been sharing that Father is moving us out of old wineskins. Things that were permissible in the past are no longer permitted. The Church government is being required to reflect Kingdom government without compromise. This generation is being called to maturity. We entered into a new Epoch with a new generation of believers that would walk with a deep, rich intimacy with our Lord. We are no longer to seek intimacy while also trying to find security, validation and worth from man at the same time. 

Learning from Our Recent Past

Beginning around the last presidential election, Plan A was for both the Church as a Body and the nation as a culture to heal (links here and here). It was a time for the nation to mend through the loving boldness and power of the Body of Christ as we pressed ourselves to greater intimacy and wisdom.

Let me pause on Grace and its purpose. Grace is given to allow a child of God to transform. Grace is never meant for us to continue in our own agendas, fears and hurts. 

Grace is a form of Love designed for us to tap into even greater Love, power, authority and intimacy. Grace always points to holiness.

Grace is not human-centered. Grace is always Covenant centered. Grace points to Father’s heart. 

We were to begin aligning our hearts for the changes Father was calling for within the Body of Christ. This was to prepare us for things to come. I shared some insights here:

Present Times-

  • Loss of a Seasonal Commission & Second Chance
  • A Second Call to Heal
  • A Second Call to Humility

Loss of a Seasonal Commission & Second Chance

The Church was to take authority over a spirit of hatred and division that swept over this nation. We were to occupy newly appointed spiritual seats over this land, and bring the good news back to this country. A  great grace and freedom was extended from heaven to move about politically, socially, and relationally. Instead, much of the Church caved. We either became silent, not wanting to step out, or we gave in to the same spirit of hatred and spewed a twisted form of self-righteous “gospel” becoming enemies ourselves to the great Commission. 

Father is now using this time to sovereignly heal many of the deep wounds this nation suffered as this hatred and division went largely unchecked. Father has mandated a time for all families across this great land to heal. What was our commission, our honor, has passed from His ambassadors, to His own Right Hand. He is sovereignly giving America a piece of healing and a time of reprieve from the spiritual wickedness we allowed to reign. This isn’t blame or shame. This is a hard fact that is meant to strengthen our resolve for the times ahead. BUT….

There is a second chance.

This generation needs the Love of God to be freely given through action. We can be the Light we are meant to be during one of the most challenging times this nation has faced in generations. We can give the Love that is needed. We can show our neighbors, family, friends and strangers there is a God who lives in “Israel.”  We can lay down our lives; literally and figuratively. Whatever we are willing to do. We can do it. There is so much need in this hour. We can BE the Good News. Look around. I tell you the harvest is ripe.

A Second Call to Heal-  

We are once again being given a time to heal. What we didn’t prioritize in the past is now being mandated more forcefully by our true Commander-in-Chief. We are being “shut-in” by our Loving God.

We will always be compromised in our ability to walk in harmony with Jesus’ plans to the degree we are still trying to earn self-worth. Test the spirits. What has motivated us? What motivates the way we relate to our spouses, children, parents, friends, fellow brothers and sisters? What motivates the way we relate to one another? How do we fit into the caste system we have created. Father is once again offering us a time to rest and heal. 

A Second Call to Humble Ourselves-

This season to heal also would require turning from our own self-centered living and agendas. For many of us, we have been ignoring the call to turn from the sin of self-validation. Perversion of our personal calling and perversion of Kingdom resources is always tied to self-validation. What unspoken contracts have we entered into that are based on the traditions of man and not on the blood of Jesus Christ? 

“In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!”

Hebrews 5:12 is in full swing. Many are being humbled as the pride of man that exists within the Church is being exposed. Father is drawing out the poison. 

Here is some wonderful news. Humbling only takes place where there is self-validation. One cannot be humbled where one walks in the reality that our worth is established by Jesus, not our gifts, callings, “followers”, ministry or programs. 

Father is dismantling the old ways and calling us to return to Him with all our heart. ALL our heart. Many have been stripped of their own gifts and callings in order to feed another man’s fame and program. This spirit is being judged in this hour.

A season of great grace is once again upon us. This season however comes at a cost. It is still Love. Always Love. This is a time to heal. A time to restore the wounds and hurts within our own family unit. It is a time to pour into one another what got missed the last several years. Those who do not profess Christ are also healing. This is for preparation of the harvest to come.

The land enjoyed its sabbath rests; all the time of its desolation it rested, until the seventy years were completed in fulfillment of the word of the LORD spoken by Jeremiah. 2 Chron 36:21

The context here was that while the Lord was working on the hearts of His children, that He would force a rest upon them. 

Family- slow down. Get quiet. Rest. Stop struggling and looking to tomorrow and the horizon. This is a time to rest and heal together and with one another. Relationships are being mended on the most intimate level. The family unit is meant to heal in this nation. The souls of our children all across this nation have been given a break from the onslaught of darkness being fed into them. The world around us is on pause. We must not squander this time.

Husbands- love your wives. Talk to them. Listen to what their hearts have been trying to tell us in our drive for success and a legacy. We must learn from our soul-mates who have much to teach us about wisdom and how to be the kings of our own castle before all other things.

Wives- stop your wandering eyes. Stop the ceaseless quest for more. Think back when the day was young and the man of your youth was all you cared about. Things were simple in the beginning.  Remember when we prayed together and the days ahead of us were filled with wonder and awe?

Brothers and Sisters of my youth- Those who are part of the great revival of the 70s. Pick up once again the hunger we laid down when life was allowed to get too busy. When we swapped our bible studies for positions of leadership and prestige, recognition and self-validation.

Children of the Wilderness – do not look to what church tradition has labeled as your elders. Look to those who walk with Christ in Power and Love as true elders. Titles mean less than nothing to your Savior. Do not look to us who rebelled in the desert. Look forward to the land of Promise ahead of you. Count the cost. 

Elders / Pastors of this generation – Many of you have quietly and in secret, sought the Lord in the watches of the night. Like Nicodemus, we attempted to find truth without having to give up our status or reputation. I tell you there will be no rest upon us until we lay down our own agendas. There is no longer any place left to hide. There is no room for compromise. We will continue to be humbled until we let go of our own agendas and programs. We must be willing to take our place among the Body where Father is calling us. The old Covenant mindset is no longer within His permissive will. This mandate will not abate.

Final Thoughts

Rest! Be of good cheer! Embrace your Family! Embrace Father’s Love!!

Grace is upon the Body to heal and humble ourselves. For many of us it has come at a great cost. He is still Lord of the Dance. He is still God and His banner over us is Love. We are still, no matter what has transpired, to lift up our hands, voice and above all, hearts and say “Lord You alone are God. You alone are Love. You are good.” 

“He has sent this message to us in Babylon: It will be a long time. Therefore build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.'” Jer 29:28

Church of the Living Christ-  It is time to heal and where needed, repent. Rest in this hour. Allow our Lord to finally deal with the things that are millstones around our necks. Don’t be afraid. Change sets us free. He came… to set us free. 

This outward manifestation will not last forever. Bigger things are coming to move us deeper into His Love. Transference of kingdom resources is already taking place. Mantles, callings, equipping, spheres of influence etc… You name it.  

A bit and bridle has been placed within our mouths. THIS IS LOVE!  Be at peace. Take the leaves of Healing at this time. It will not last forever and when it lifts, more will be required of the Church. Let us not squander what has been forced upon us in His amazing patience and Love.  

Shalom my beloved family.

A Loving Word In Season : Covid-19

“But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” Gen 3:9

Family of God, let’s apply some prophetic insight to this hour (remember prophecy is simply Father’s heart revealed).

“No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.” 2 Tim 2:4

At a time when the Body of Christ could be laying hands on the sick, praying the comfort and peace of Jesus Christ over people, and witnessing with signs following, we are instead navigating too much of our own fear and Satan’s lies to be the Light. There is a military term for this compromise. It’s called becoming “combat ineffective.”

During major recent events this same pattern happened during 9-11, the housing market crash, and the Great Recession as well.

Before we go any further please understand this:

  • This outbreak is meant to bring us to all new heights in our walk, and depths in our intimacy and identity as a Child of God.
  • This season is meant to conform our spirit, soul and body into the next level of Christ-Like ambassadors walking the end-times Earth.
  • Please… Never forget this.

NOTE: Trials are invitations. Trials expose the hidden man of the heart. They reveal the secrets we keep from ourselves, our spouses, our friends, and (in futility) before God.

This Season Peeling it all away
As stated in prior writings and broadcasts, we have already entered into a new Epoch. For the last few years I have conveyed that Father, in His great love and compassion has begun turning up the heat on the Church. Heat purifies. It restores intimacy. It cleanses our soul. It sets us free to walk in deeper fellowship. For the Body of Christ, trials do not define the season we are in. Seasons are defined by what Father’s desires to accomplish. This is a time of Jesus once again becoming our First-Love. Jesus is continuing to peel back what has been hidden in our own hearts. This is loving and safe exposure. This is good!

Centuries Past- Iron & Clay
Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock… but everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” Matthew 7:24-27

We are all, with the passage of time, reaping little by little, more and more, whatever foundation we are choosing to build. For some, this is increased kingdom blessing and authority. For many others, this is fear and loss. This can change now.

Intimacy, transformation, and sharing the Gospel in power, will always be compromised so long as we attempt to do this while also living for ourselves and our own motives. This compromise will no longer be within the sphere of Father’s permissive blessings as Jesus nears His return.

For centuries, the Church has attempted to find true intimacy with Jesus, while seeking to be validated by this world. Our sense of identity, (link) simply put, is not what we profess, but what our heart truly clings to for our inherent sense of self-value. (do we find validation and worth in titles, money, the world, or even our giftings?) All of this is coming to the surface.

Why do we do the things we do? What is truly motivating our actions and thoughts? When will we stop looking to be stroked and validated by our accomplishments and the opinions of others? Father-God says we are fully pleasing and accepted in His sight.

Question: what is the last thing on our minds before we go to bed? What is the first thing on our heart when we wake up? How does this compare to the way our Savior walked the Earth with His Father? Now… most importantly, what is the root behind this delta? This is where Father wants to minister to us.

God is Love
God is good. God is Love. God is holy. This must be embraced or we will never have a proper spiritual kingdom perspective on anything. Ever. God is love. Whether it’s correction or abundant blessings. God is doing both in this season. He is correcting that which has not been repented of. He is blessing and advancing those who have heard His cry and sought His heart above all things. Both are Love.

A transference is taking place during this outbreak. This is not to say that if one has felt financial or physical loss one is in sin. But wealth is being removed from areas of the Church Body and given to other brothers and sisters who have been counted trustworthy. It is happening right now. Love humbles. Love Corrects. Love blesses. God is love in all of this, and throughout this entire Corona-virus pandemic. 

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Is the passion of our heart to pray for those who are scared and have no hope? Are we racing to meet strangers in our community to share the Gospel and speak health and peace over them? Why do we sleep so well at night while we believe family members and neighbors are heading toward perdition? Where is our love for those who need love?

This too, shall pass…
Your Father is faithful and His protection is over you. Always. Always!!! Family, this flu will pass. Covid-19 will fade away. The economy and the Market will rebound this time. This time. This is the not the end of the world. These are birth pains. These are merciful, loving opportunities Father is using to refine our hearts and prepare an end-times bride. Many have been crying “Revival, revival!” Well, are we reviving? Are we turning from the sin of still finding worth in others? Is our heart still bent on the sin of hoarding our wealth and self-preservation?

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Heb 12:11

We will use it to press into Father’s heart and ask the Holy Spirit to change us. Or, we will just batten the hatches and remain unchanged, waiting for the next event that will be of even greater personal cost. There is a Garden planted within our inner being. Where is our soul in relation to this Garden? This event is not about fear, the economy, or elections. This is not about The One-World Order or anything else in this realm.

All things begin from the Throne-room of God. All things originate in the spirit and manifest in the natural realm.  There is something even bigger than all other potential outcomes that manifest in the earthly kingdom.  This event is about the heart of the body of Christ.

This event will pass. When it does, where will Jesus find our hearts?

The New Wineskins: Part 2 –  Fleshing Out This New Season

The New Wineskins: Part 2 -So what does it actually look like?

“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” 1 Cor 14:1

I believe the Holy Spirit is as involved today as He was when He entered inside the living church on the day of Pentecost and began the New Covenant. Because of this conviction,  I encourage the training and equipping of the saints to walk in the heart, mind, and desire that flows from Father’s heart in Heaven. (John 5:19)

There is a lot being said about 2020 and the decade to come. The common consensus across many diverse camps is:

  • A new paradigm has come
  • A transference of wealth is taking place
  • A new generation is rising up
  • John Baptists and Elijahs are coming forth
  • Revival will come to America
  • Sport stadiums will be filled with evangelists

I truly bear witness with all the above declarations. Every one of them, and have often shared in the past several years that this season is coming. It is now upon us. A new epoch has already begun.


What I have been struggling to find is how we, the church, the ambassadors and corporate manifestation of Jesus on the earth, are going to bring to pass what Father desires to do.  I am not hearing this yet from any of the camps. 

I am of the firm conviction that is it not because of lack of understanding that these teachings are not being brought forth. I believe we are afraid of speaking the full counsel of God. I believe many of the elders of this generation, across all platforms of influence, are afraid of the backlash that will come if we do speak the Truth in Love and share our part in all this. ( I plan to address this on the next blog).

If we are not being given the blueprint on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, how are we going to carry out Father’s plans? This occurs year over year.

It is little wonder why so many Christians are still so hurt and disillusioned. True spiritual discipleship, mentoring and counseling has been watered down to little more than scheduled pep talks. After all, who is willing to risk one’s platform (not to mention our livelihood) if we are too honest?

Father is inviting this generation to more, however. Let’s lean into what Father is doing. What I am offering some small insights on are meant only to encourage us to get into our prayer time to talk with the Lord more. Because of this, I am keeping this kinda short.

Here we go: 2020 and beyond…

A new paradigm has come – what does this look like? For starters, Jesus is requiring the Church to turn from an old religious way of operating as the Church. He desires for us to walk the Earth in power and great love with signs following.  We will have very limited capacity to do this if we are not willing to lay down our emotional and soulish comforts. We must embrace what is uncomfortable.

A transference of wealth is taking place – yes there is. In fact, it has already begun. This transference is being given to those who will steward kingdom resources in order to advance the Gospel. Notice I said “the Gospel” not their personal ministry. While many will be clawing and scraping for money and pleading to support the vision of their newest program, other individuals will be quietly and without fanfare ministering to the poor, the widows, the orphans, the homeless and winning a great harvest into the kingdom. Debt free and mobile.

A new generation is rising up – yes they are! Many will come from the harvest won by those who have been given supernatural provision as mentioned above. Others will be stepping up and stepping forth as they have quietly allowed Jesus to redefine their true identity in Him.  In fact, they will be speaking about a new way of living the resurrected life. They will challenge and convict not only in words but out of the depth of intimacy they have with Jesus. They will intimately know Him.They will look like Him. Dead religious convictions will look very foolish standing in their presence. They will care only about what Jesus wants to do, right here, right now, no matter the corporate or personal cost.

John Baptists and Elijah are coming forth – I’ll camp here on this point a little longer. This is big. Read about the Baptizer. Also go back and re-read starting in 1 Kings 17. An anonymous group of ordinary Christians will begin to speak from unknown fellowships in unknown towns about some very challenging things. Will they move in Love and Power? Ohhhh, yes they will!  The blueprint was for them to be mentored and taught by this present generation, but as a whole, the speaking platform was not willing to be shared with this younger group. God will now begin to do it another way. 

Consider this: Kings records Elisha performing twice as many miracles as Elijah. Elisha’s ministry was marked with reconciliation and forgiveness. He carried out what Elijah failed to do. What Elijah did in anger Elisha got twice as far… in love. So, why aren’t the Elisha’s coming? Because it was Elijah who called for the absolute destruction of every altar, every idol, every false-doctrine and compromised way of doing things. He stood before the religious order of the day and tore it all down to present the way of Love to come. 


This camp will address the church, not the lost. 

Have you heard anyone talk about what these Elijahs and Johns will speak on? What will they teach and prophecy to the Body of Christ? What will they have to say about the way we are conducting ourselves; our fear, insecurity and self-centeredness of our assemblies and personal walks? These men and women, will be demanding in the power of Jesus Christ, to tear down every altar and compromise in our own hearts. They will call out our stubbornness and pride. We don’t want to hear this much. This is why there is radio silence on the specifics. Good news is we have the bible and can prepare our hearts ahead of time, and judge ourselves. Then we may even invite them in for a meal or a cigar. Maybe? ( No,no, no… Elijah wouldn’t smoke a cigar!) 

Revival will come to America – Yes it will. The church will eventually grow weary of living in her fears, loneliness and the rat race of this world. She will begin to grow jealous for a relationship like the ones they see in the people coming forth. Eventually, we will want more…nothing but Jesus. Things that comfort the old-man and self-centered living will fade next to the visible walk we are offered in Christ. When that time comes, we as a nation of Christians living in America will repent. Then the Holy Spirit will begin to transform our hearts and thinking. We will begin to dig into the ancient paths of righteousness being offered in the Blood. We will begin to take our thoughts captive and start to live that truth. This is kingdom revival. You cannot pray it down. It comes from within us. Holy Spirit is waiting for us. 

It will be the result of a church that moves in great intimacy and authority. When a stranger comes up to us and says “what is so different about you?” and begins to confess their sins in tears…

Then, it will be declared in heaven, “The bride of Christ is once again moving throughout the land of America.”  The bride… will be moving.

Sport stadiums will be filled with evangelists – I have seen this as well. But this will come alongside a purified and revived church that once again feels the love and joy of our Redeemer so deeply and innocently we will share it with strangers at gas stations, hotels, vacation beaches, grocery stores, the workplace. If we think this “stadium” phenomenon will be an enlarged version of our present Easter Sunday sermons we invite our neighbors to…. think again.

Parting thoughts:

New testament prophecy is to be judged when it is spoken. Not as those without the Holy Spirit were commanded to judge it. Under Mosaic Law no one had the Holy Spirit so it was impossible to rightly divide a prophetic word. They had to wait to see if it came to pass or not. 

Not so under the New Covenant. We all have the kingdom within us now. I invite each and every one of us to judge this word. If it does not bear witness.. Eh, toss it out. I’ll still send ya a Christmas card.  But if it does bear witness, do your part. Pass this along. Pray into it with another believer. Dare to take a stand. What’s the worst that can happen?? I’ll tell you the worst. If you’re a woman you’ll be shamed and disowned by your family. Your father will say you are no longer his daughter. You’ll be cut off financially and tempted to prostitute yourself for food. If you’re a man you’ll be burned alive.

Wait… that is what is happening in the Middle-East, India and Africa. Sorry, wrong regions. In America, you may be uninvited to your favorite bible study.

Or maybe… just maybe… we will start reviving with others in the body. Maybe the ground where we are praying will begin to shake. Two completely different possibilities. The unknown can be scary.  Stare this fear down.

Above all- get into your prayer chambers. Get on our knees and give Jesus permission to begin capturing our hearts in whatever area we need it, to whatever end is necessary.  To whatever end…

There is much our Commander-In-Chief wants to do in 2020 and beyond. We must be made aware of what this looks like and repent whenever needed. Only then will we begin to see the birthing of all the wonderful prophecy that has been shared year after year.  Let it begin now. Let us find Him with all our heart. He already loves us all unconditionally and deeply. Even so, He still deserves all our hearts, and His lost children are dying every day.

God bless you all, my dear Family.

David Murry NY

“All Things Are Permissible…”

“Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.” Col 2:16-17

Some traditions are wonderful. Others… not so much. Some things draw us deeper into Christ, and some things… do not.

Lately,  I write, prepare a radio broadcast… and then just delete it. I am struggling a lot. I have been for quite some time now. 

How exactly are we to mutually edify one another toward the “high calling” of Jesus without challenging the “status quo?” 

We cry out to be encouraged… but yet not experience conviction. We want to be told our inner man of the heart is adorned, but we don’t want the Word to be our mirror.

I can understand. It is very sharp, and it certainly does divide.

So how exactly do we spurn one another on with such a lopsided mindset? Could this be why so many of us feel dejected, disappointed and hurt by God?  Maybe. But, I am struggling. Forgive me. Please pray for me.

This blog is purposely a “day” late.  This year in particular, I was asked quite a bit about my thoughts on Halloween. I’ve backed off on this topic for a very long time. This year, for reasons I won’t get into, it has once again pierced my heart. So, I’ll share a little bit and if it’s worth consideration to some, awesome!  If not, let’s remember to unconditionally love one another and continue to support one another.  Deal?

Hallowe’en.  From a holistic, humanistic approach we can argue both for and against participation. Some wonderful ideas and ideals; pure in heart on both sides of the camp. I’ll cut through the current (as well as old) theological debates by pointing out the following reality: 

Satanists do no go trick-or-treating. 

They spend the night in prayer.

Now, I am not referring to the tree hugging “white witches,” New Age occultists or those who think it’s cool to be labeled a “satanist.” That’s child’s play. Truly.  I am referring to those who are 100% sold out for Satan, and have devoted their entire life to doing his will. This is a group known as The Brotherhood.

You will never read about them, see them publicly confess their beliefs, or perceive any outward signs of their allegiance to Satan. They are well attuned to the spirit realm and openly, knowingly cooperate with demons in much more open and common practice than many of our encounters with the spirit realm. While the church is looking to “experience” the realm of the spirit, they live in this realm. They also operate in very high positions of influence and affluence. All their thought and intention is aimed at how to channel fallen angels to rob, steal and destroy every single one of God’s created beings.

Brothers and sisters, whom I love, this holiday is devoutly engaged in by this brotherhood  to curse both the lost and the Church. They curse our children and they curse our land. While they live in their darkened spirit realm, we are discussing carnal theology and rhetoric.

Forget for a moment, this was a day created to worship Satan and was expressed with acts of murder, rape and child sacrifice. Today, at present, it is an active satanic night of intense prayer and fasting. 

Family, we often choose to be ignorant of spiritual laws, but this does not remove the law any more than me choosing to ignore the posted speed limit. Every wonder why blood is so important in our history? Every wonder why all the occult and demonic religions offered blood sacrifices? There is power in a blood covenant. I won’t get into it here, but blood covenants have legal impacts in the courts of heaven and the spirit realm.

Every year, children are abducted and sacrificed to Satan on this night. Every Halloween, pastors are kidnapped and tortured. The only other holiday that has this much brotherhood activity is the Black Sabbath (but that’s another story). They release curses that all too often find an unseen foothold in our lives for various reasons.   

While Christians are walking the streets with their children, or substituting the night with a bait-and-switch, christian white-washed version, witches and warlocks are engaged in high spiritual warfare through the blood of other parents’ children. 

Have we lost the stomach for this reality? Is that too much to hear? It is real whether we acknowledge it or not.  

I am not judging us. I am bringing to light our actions.  I love you all. I love the Church. I love all our differences and opposing viewpoints. We are beautiful. But, Father hates anything that has to do with that which robs, steals and destroys. I am only bringing back into focus something that never should have gotten blurred in our convictions.

Do we really, absolutely, have to acknowledge this demonic holiday? Is it profitable to come up with some form of it to prevent our children from feeling the sting Jesus told us we would feel in this world? Is it truly in our children’s best interest, spiritually, emotionally and physically to keep them from feeling the loss of being the light and salt of the world? 

Should those who are presently deceived and in need of the True Gospel, be more devout in their gods than we are in the One True God?

In the United States, Heavenly-Father is not yet asking us to die for Him. This honor is being reserved for nations presently more honorable than ours. 

With great purpose I chose not to inject scripture in this post. None of us need verses only to conform them to the stubbornness of our soul. But, I will appeal to our spirit which bears witness with the Holy Spirit within us. 🙂

He is asking the Body Of Christ in America not to die, but simply live… for Him.

I love you all.