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  1. Laying hands on Lions…Tears…oh that place of feeling desolate humility, not knowing what or why, just blind obedience, praying angels do His work as hands are laid on…the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but there is no other way, no other choice. Thank you, David!

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    • Hi There.

      I have learned to never assume a definition is agreed upon, so would you mind giving me an example from scripture that you might want to talk about?

      God bless and thank you for reaching out



      • What are “reformed beliefs”? Thank you for your blessed ministry.
        Just a note here about America “being Babylon” as I listened to one of your YouTube’s. Although we do send out missionaries, each person’s ministry is different. I believe the Lord told Dumitru Duduman that America was Babylon. Dumitru was from persecuted Romania and he greatly suffered immense physical persecution which he writes about. Eventually the Lord sent him to America to preach to us many years ago and the difference between Romania and America was totally drastic. His book, Through the Fire Without Burning. Translated and published in 1991. His preaching is on YouTube.

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