Understanding The Times: 2017 Transitions In The Body of Christ

 2017 Is A Transitional Season In The Body of Christ

Let me start by saying I prayed a lot on whether or not to share some of the things Father-God and I have been talking about. I have no desire to throw my hat into the mix of what is already a very confusing time in both the fractured Body of Christ and this nation. Perhaps it is this very reason that I feel His hand pretty heavy on me to do so.

As with all things, we must first come to accept that everything that our Father desires to accomplish or impart comes from His goodness and love. God is good. God is Love. All aspects of His intentions flow from this Nature.

This will be a several part series.  Under the New Covenant, as a redeemed child of God, we have the Holy Spirit within our spirit.  We all are meant to see, feel and know His heart in all seasons. What one shares, will be confirmed in our spirit-man. Either in whole, in part, or not at all. I invite you all to pray on these things.

Here goes:

One of the greatest joys Father-God created for Himself was the joy of intimacy. Throughout Church history, Satan has sought to rob each generation of this gift from God with God’s creation.

  • Plan A is to remove the gospel of salvation.
  • Plan B is to keep the redeemed Child of God carnal-minded and weak.

Prophecy is simply the revealing of the heart, mind, and intention of our Heavenly-Father. Said more directly,  “Father’s heart revealed.” Our Lord chose to manifest His will through the Church. This is an expression of intimacy, not of any weakness on His part.  It isthe longing for deep communion that He works through the Body of Christ, in which the Holy Spirit desires to, dare I say, violently, express His love toward us.

In all things, having proper kingdom perspective is paramount.

To the degree we do not have our Father’s perspective, we limit the degree of intimacy we walk in regarding the passions of His heart.

The Church- 2017:  A Great Return to Him

My Family-  The Lord is calling His Church to begin to take her place in this nation as the Light and Salt. We need to stop being passive witnesses to the events unfolding. We need to come into alignment with His heart. The Body of Christ needs to repent of self-centered living and convenience. We also need to repent of anger and unforgiveness with one another.

Let me repeat His heart here: His redeemed are the salt of the Earth and the Light in this generation.  Father-God is calling us to seek His heart and how much He loves us. The Church’s ability to speak the truth, in Love, (and without compromise!) will be determined by how much we press into our relationship with Him. Then, we must be willing to ask the Lord in what manner we are to stand up for righteousness. As I often say, “First things first.”

Returning To Our First Love

A great call is going forth by His Spirit toward His Children to seek what His Son died for.


This means returning to our First Love with all our heart, and inviting Him into ALL areas of our mind, will and emotions.  He loves us with a burning passion that much of the Church knows little about. This is carnality. He is removing the distractions in the Church by intensifying the need to rely on Him and know His goodness.

At present much of the body is fractured along 3 major fronts. These 3 areas are stumbling blocks and bondages that need to be removed in this generation of believers. There is no shame here. There is only the cry of our Lord’s heart to turn to Him. This is what true “repentance” means. It is not something the elders of this generation should ever have been afraid to discuss, teach and impart. Let’s put away “childish things” and have the courage to believe He loves us too much to allow this to continue. These 3 areas are:

  1. The Passive witnesses
  2. The Angry,Wounded and Judgemental
  3. The Self-Seeking

Passive Witnesses

Father operates through His sons and daughters. The role of the Church during this time is crucial. Every movement of God is advanced, hindered or prevented, not based on the power of Satan, but on how much the Church forfeits her authority. We are ambassadors called to carry out the battle plans of our Father. Authority is directed related to intimacy. The prayers of a righteous church are powerful and effective. A backslidden church has little authority to depose spiritual wickedness. When the Church chooses to forfeit her place in this world, she empowers a defeated enemy.

If the Church is content to sit idly by, thinking that things will work out without our participation,  we will miss our role and the nation will become worse off than before this latest election. There are no spectators in the Body of Christ.

The Wounded, Angry, and Judgemental

Conversely, many have lost sight, or worse still, never grasped a hold of the fierce reality that our Heavenly-Father sent His Son to redeem His creation, not curse them. Jesus forewarned us of a Church that would grow cold in His love (Matt24:12). We have, by in large, very little passion for His heart here in America. At first, what seems like passivity, in reality, goes much deeper. A resignation to punish and dole out “righteous” pain is poisoning the souls of many in the Church. This stems from great woundings and fear.

Father’s eyes are roaming this nation, extending invitations to walk in great depth of communion, where we will see, feel, and talk with Him about what is on His heart. Will we answer this call? Will we seek to heal and forgive? Is there any other gift greater than His heart and walking in the reality of His love for you?


The prophetic warning given by Jesus (Mark 4:19) that the pleasures of this world would choke out the Word from our hearts is in full swing in many fellowships. Those of us who have been granted place of influence to teach and admonish the spiritually younger believers  have fallen to using “ministry” to find a counterfeit self-worth. Comforts that are not based on our intimacy with our Savior have become the “first love” in the hearts of many.

OK, so it may  very well be said, my family, that this started from those called to serve the Body. But… we are all accountable for the decisions we make, and the desires that our hearts chose to seek after. This waywardness stems from a lack of understanding of how much Father loves us. It is the ever deepening revelations of His goodness that leads us to turn to Him with all our being. Peace, rest, abundance… these are byproducts of communion with Him. We seek to love Him, because He first loved us. To the degree we are not hearing, reading, and meditating on His heart and His kingdom, counterfeit comforts will surely find root in our souls. He is calling  us home. Home “in Christ.”

So there you have it. Exhaustive? No way. Intense in the sense it is on our Heavenly-Dad’s heart? You Bet!

There is no condemnation in His heart being shared with ours. Remember, it is love. It is the desire for oneness with His children. All… His children. Condemnation comes from the evil one. It is time we stopped listening to that old voice. All words, in the end, should point us to His throne-room. His kingdom. His eyes. His heart.


Is A Time of Furthering Father’s Calling Us To Himself

It did not start with this calendar year. But it certainly is intensifying in this season. Things will heat up. That heat is His love manifested. 

Next post we will begin to discuss how things will be “fleshing” out in our nation in government, and how Father desires His family to bring to pass more of the passions of His heart.  First, however, it must begin within His bride.

More to follow…

Your brother,

David Murry NY

Understanding the Times: Part 8- High Places in our Hearts

“I am the LORD; that is my name. I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.” Isa 42:8

My Beloved Family,

I have been preparing my next part on the Deeper Communion Series. Father-God has an all-consuming fire within Him to experience deep, open intimacy with His children.

But there is something in the way right now. Something I am convicted is on His loving and longing heart that I desire to convey accurately and purely before we can talk more about steps and tools to “going deeper.”

So… I shall do my best. 

The Lord is calling His Body to Himself. There is a cry sounding from His throne-room to gather to His heart and walk with Him beyond the depth each one of us is currently experiencing. Likewise, each generation is summoned, with great passion, to His heart. Each generation must overcome the particular snares of that hour to answer this call. This is a spiritual reality we must face if we are to move beyond it. Currently, much of the the Body of Christ is presently divided into three camps in this generation. They are: 

  • Those seeking to find self-worth in spiritual experiences.
  • Those seeking to find worth in a sense of unworthiness, where we share our heart with Him and our own sense of unholiness.
  • A third, which is… well… just the pleasant distraction found simply in relating to fellowship as a social club and means to incur a weekly emotional high. “Playing church” is an expression I have heard spoken in regard to this.

Please understand. Chances are we are held captive to a combination of the conditions cited above. We can make any excuse we want to shut God out in any area we choose. It’s so beyond easy… and the Church is excelling in it. We are keeping certain spiritual doors shut within ourselves ( and those doors are different for each person) that lead to greater intimacy because we are unwilling to fully, deeply, and without compromise, look at our hurts, fears and pains.  Instead we are distracting ourselves with “religion” in all its varied and clever garnishings.

In this hour, the Holy Spirit is asking for permission to speak to us about what is on our Heavenly-Dad’s heart. He longs to guide us, comfort us, and give us joy in place of sorrow.

We need to learn to stop being so afraid.  We also need to forgive.

It is not simply the doctrines we need to be wary of… it is the darkened motives of our heart, trying to find a counterfeit self-worth that leads us to be drawn to these substitutes of true intimacy. These crutches are merely the result of us not allowing Him to take our wounds and scars. At some point in our journey, it becomes more about our pain that prevents us from walking by the Mind of Christ within us than anything else.

Many of us were not taught or discipled the way we were meant to be. This is called His “permissive will.” The bible gives us a wonderful blueprint on how true, deep, loving family life is meant to flow. Salvation, growth, healing, maturity, light the way for others… next generation, repeat.

However, the reality is, most of us either grew up under a controlling, manipulative “fellowship” or we sat quietly in a dead, dry, “religious” born-again gathering. Or… we grew up in the wilderness, vowing to cling to whatever is the opposite extreme of the area we were abused and wronged under.

Our Church family structure has become impressively dysfunctional. We reject correction, training, sound doctrine and teaching, discipleship, gifts and callings, deep communion, and above all, His unconditional love for each other and the lost.

My dear, dear, cherished family.  It is time to heal. It is time to muster the courage to cry and weep and repent of the areas we began to replace our intimacy with… things: “spiritual” things that either entertain, or offer a temporary rest to our soul instead of deepening our communion. Or, for some perhaps, doctrinal topics that make us feel spiritual in our unworthiness, and worthy in our spirituality. 

“The people, however, continued to sacrifice at the high places, but only to the LORD their God.”

2 Chron 33:17

There were dedicated hills and specially erected altars upon which people would honor and exalt false gods. This is a polite way of saying man worshiped Satan. When Israel repented, they would still use these pagan altars, but instead, now attempted to worship the Lord Himself on them. The problem was the foundation was, from its very cornerstone and inception, corrupt and unclean and opposed to God’s very nature.

Within the Body of Christ, these spiritual  “high places” are all around us in this hour. Among us… within our hearts and thoughts and beliefs. We have been attempting to commune and worship Him from these same darkened foundations.

We can no longer relate to Him this way.  Ways that serve to distract and self-sooth and bolster our sense of worth.  

In parting, let me encourage us all (myself included). It is OK. It is all… OK. This is the power of His love. This is the power of the Living Resurrection and His Spirit that lives within our spirit-man.  It is this:

We are loved. Without conditions.  

We are accepted.. With all our idols. 

He just wants more of me. He wants more of you..

Our Savior did not die in order to divvy up our heart with the pains and hurts and fears we hold. These leviathans are meant to be destroyed, not tamed.  These altars are meant to be uprooted, not re-allocated for a “good cause.”

Give the Spirit of God access to all the areas of our being, and not just some of them. He loves us too much, and is too adoringly jealous for our affection to share our heart with any substitute that has been given place in His stead.

Anyway, this is something that is on our Father’s heart. Please consider it in your time with Him.

In so much love,



Understanding the Times: Part 7- Accepting His Invitations

The body of Christ is at a crossroads here in The United States.

Grow deeper in Him… or grow cold.

Dad has been dismantling me these days. Even as I have been praying for and encouraging those around me who are allowing Father-God to move His church deeper into Himself, so too have I been, shall we say…a “mess.”  This is more than fine with me. What else is there if there is no deep communion with my God? To whom shall I go to instead?

As odd as it may sound on the surface, the pain, angst and “dying” I am experiencing is due to primarily one thing: I recently accepted a beautiful invitation from my Lord.

Now, here is what I find even more humorous. When I opened the invitation it read like this:

“My dearest son, David, I want you to know the reality of my love for you in a much deeper way. I am desperately desiring to radically change your walk in Me. It’s time for much greater intimacy. I want you to walk with me amongst the fiery coals of my presence and holiness.  A bi-product of this is that I will flow through you in greater power and Love to those around you. I want others to be touched by Me through you. Would you like to do this with me?”

“Wooo-Ho!!!!!!!  Awesome, Father. Amazing! Thank you. Let’s do this.”

Hmmmmm. Really…?

We live in the generation where words such as pruning, grooming, disciplining, refining, purging, judgement, chastisement, or  holiness  ( to name a few) are stricken from the pulpit. I will take this reality a step forward and expose the true condition of our lopsided dogmas to say that those who dare to speak of the heart of God in regard to these areas of His nature are labeled as “fear mongering.”  This is simply a result of an exchange rate we have come to favor in the world economy of the church.

We prefer convenience to communion.

Rules in exchange for relationship.

Not surprisingly, two extremes result due to this American apathy toward seeking the heart of our Father.

  1. We avoid standing apart from the world  because we live in fear
  2. We attempt to stand out… but with no authority behind it… because we live in fear

Properly exercising authority comes as a result of knowing who our Lord is, and then who we are as His child. Authority comes as a result of intimacy. The closer we draw to our Dad’s heart the more we understand who we are and Who lives inside us. This distills down to knowing He loves you.

Here is the real urgency with this illness in the American Church for this hour: the time is upon us where those who do not know how to exercise His kingdom authority and His will on the earth will be in great danger of falling away.

The scriptures are warning us of this. The greatest manifestation of His authority is Love. If we are not connected intimately with His love in us, for us and through us… our love will grow cold.

Now, here is the crux.

Light exposes darkness. When we commune it will expose the areas we are not living in agreement to His nature and His nature expressed through His word. His presence exposes our fears, lies, insecurities and demonic pacts we have made (agreement with the world is a demonic pact brothers and sisters- see Rom 8:7, 2 Cor 10:5, Gal 6:8, 2 Cor 4:4 as a warm up exercise).

What will we do when that moment comes?

“Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might,while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets.As the ark of the Lord  was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord , she despised him in her heart.

….When David returned home to bless his household, Michal daughter of Saul came out to meet him and said, “How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, going around half-naked in full view of the slave girls of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!”

David said to Michal, “It was before the Lord , who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord people Israel–I will celebrate before the Lord .

I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. But by these slave girls you spoke of, I will be held in honor.”  (2 Samuel 6)

David did not need to build up courage to toss aside his royal garments and while he was half naked, dance in joy, love and humility before the Lord. He couldn’t care less. David had, by this time already learned who he was as a child of the Living God. He learned this in the lonely pastures while guarding his sheep… alone.

Raising a knife high above a tied up son, lion dens, fiery furnaces, wet fleeces, bears, snowy pits… … The lives we live publicly can be traced back to the invitation we accepted (or rejected) privately from the Lord to enter into deeper communion with Him. Said another way, the life we live publicly will reveal the life we live In Him privately. I am not referring to how we “behave.” That is what christian masks are for. A great many church fellowships sell them at the pulpit, retail stores, and book-stands at the back of the building next to the tithe and offering plates. They even come with detailed instructions. These masks have no kingdom power. No, I am referring to the degree of  Kingdom life that emanates through us without any thought or intention, will be directly related to the depth of our communion in Him.

These invitations are often not recognized because we do not see past the trial. Said another way, we will not recognize the invitations, much less accept them, if our hearts are not properly aligned with Him during the difficulties we are walking through.

Please remember this: the revelation of His love and His nature is revealed in the secret places within your trials, disciplines and experiences. They are done most often (though not always) in solitude and seclusion.

What is secretly reaped during those lonely times of sowing are eventually revealed in public. Do you know of someone who openly displays the nature of Christ? Find out what his/her secret story is. I assure you… that person has many personal accounts to tell of interactions with his King.

The mind of Christ cannot be offended and knows no fear. Please hear me. This is not about us, … it’s about Him.. if we simply surrender and are willing to die. This can be gained or lost at any time. We must learn to live in Him every moment. His invitations are constantly being sent out to the darkest, most timid areas of our bruised and broken hearts. Fear manifests in His children in many, many different way. Timidity, boldness, apathy, constant movement, despair, self-reliance, insecurity, relationship dynamics… it’s endless…  The root is the same however. We are either doing what we do as an outflow of His life expressed in us… or we are living that area of our heart apart from Him.

“He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps.He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him.” Psalm 40:2-3

Our Dad is extending invitations in this season that require us to stare down that fear until it gives way to the revelation of Jesus Christ revealed more deeply in our heart. Don’t focus on how you are performing. This leads to dead religion and worse still… a relationship based on trying to earn something that we already have, namely His love and acceptance.

Instead, look to Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Pull back the grave clothes from around our soul and let Him begin to write His words on the heart of His redeemed. His words, revealed through revelation of Him, bring forth eternal life within us in greater and greater measure… if we just… go to Him…

Ask Him to send you an invitation…. He will keep sending them.

“You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve. 

What will we do when that moment comes?

“Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68