What I believe

I believe that salvation comes only through receiving the atonement that was made on the cross by The God and Person of Jesus Christ. We are declared righteousness in His eyes, not by what we accomplish, but by the blood of Jesus alone (John 14:6, Col 1:19-22,  2 Cor 5:17, Heb 10:10)

I believe there is One True God comprised of three Persons ( not too difficult to understand, really. All is explained mathematically: 1 x 1 x 1 is still One.. and Laws of Mathematics states that Addition must yield to Multiplication).

I believe the Great Commission (sharing the Good News of His gift of reconciliation) that was given to the body of Christ at Jesus’ Ascension is foremost on our Dad’s Heart in regard to the Lost, and that deep intimacy is foremost on His heart in regard to His Church.

I believe that The Fullness of Christ abides in us through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 1:22, Eph 1:14, John 14:15-17). I believe the Holy of Holies is IN us and that through this indwelling, all power, dominion, authority, peace and ability to walk in holiness are ours.

Now… what are we going to do about it?

2 thoughts on “What I believe

  1. I believe the devil is a liar and deceives the whole world.

    I also believe that God is revealing Truth is these last days as never before! Many topics we’ve held onto as settled truths are being sliced, diced, and exposed for the lies they are. One example of this is: the globe earth revolving around the sun god. Hmmmmm. Right now, 2015-2016 the truth of the earth being a flat plane upon the waters of the seas, just as described in the Bible is being revealed to those who seek Truth.
    It’s worth every moment to search out the FLAT EARTH. youtube is a great place to start.
    I pray you will.

    I also believe we must REPENT and believe the Gospel, whether we like it or not.


    • Again, thank you so much for sharing, Lin. God bless you and know you are loved 🙂

      I also will pray for you.. that greater and greater revelations of His nature, and love over you are expressed and revealed.


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