What Trouble Are Giants…?

It was the largest, most intimidating demonic entity I had ever seen up to this point in my walk with God. It stood well over 9’  and I would have put it, in human terms, as weighing around 900 lbs or so.  It was dressed as a warrior, covered in armor, and grasping a sword that was almost as tall as me.  His arms were much larger than my thighs and the veins that bulged out on his biceps were thicker than my index finger. I discerned instantly in my spirit that even if one blocked his swing with a shield, the force of that blow would shatter an arm. His skin was covered in a green, moss-like substance; a decay of sorts that I didn’t quite understand.   

Let me back up…

I normally do not share these types of dreams/visions that the Lord sometimes walks me through, for several reasons. For one thing, all of us have our own walk with God, and within the body of Christ it runs the full spectrum from being completely intellectual in practice, to very, very…. odd. Without the benefit of being face to face with a person, there is no dialogue; no “what do you mean by that, exactly..and where does that fit in doctrinally with the Word?”

So at the risk of sounding like one of “those christians” let me say this: The written word of God is our final authority on ALL things. No “experience” is placed above God’s written word, and all things must be consistent and submitted to the contextual agreement with the doctrines of God’s nature as is expressed within His written word. So, having stated that, I am one of those people who agree with God’s word that says He will speak to us and that He longs to commune intimately with His children.

Sometimes He may speak to His children  in dreams, by the inner witness, an impression, thoughts within our spirit, sometimes by visions the scriptures say… but always through the written word.

Our self-worth is established by the accomplished work on the cross. Alone.

It is not based on the kind or depth of relationship we have with our Lord. If we seek experiences, we will fall into deception.

If we seek Him, however, knowing and resting in the scriptural truth that  we are complete in Him and His love for us is immeasurable… well the bi-product is communion and communication.

We seek Him. We seek His presence. We are not to seek experiences. Show me someone who is seeking experiences and I will show you a child of God that is trying to earn love and value, not knowing both are already forever established as His holy, blameless, sanctified and righteous child. The blood of Christ accomplished and freely gave us this. So, having tried my best here within time constraints, to lay a biblical supported foundation,  if you don’t subscribe to dreams/visions in which the Lord speaks to His children… it’s alright (perhaps the principle of what I share will bear witness with your spirit). But… chances are pretty good that someone who does has performed this kind of intercession on your behalf, or for your family and loved ones. Just saying….

So… now.  Back to me and my new best friend…

His eyes burned with a rage I never saw before… a rage that I am convinced humans are not capable of possessing. In the midst of this rage, however, I saw this spirit was in complete control of himself and intently focused on his goal. His goal was singular: to absolutely and utterly destroy a child of God, and all that child stood for in the kingdom. He was there to make a spectacle of God’s kingdom and thoroughly obliterate a son of The Most High.

Now, normally, when the Lord shows me these things in my prayer time, I am thrilled at the opportunity to do some slaughter. The kind of slaughter and carnage against the enemy camp that is capable only through the name of Jesus and the authority of His name. I love it. I mean it. I-LOVE-IT. The bigger they come the harder they fall, and I relish “natural odds” being defied. Praise God!! It brings such glory to His name.  

Other than the fact this was the largest fallen creature I had ever seen before there was one other significant factor that I allowed to influence my thinking at the time of this encounter.  He was staring directly at me.

I was his assignment.

Now, many of you might be thinking. “Cool, David. Awesome. You charged right at him, right?”

Um… no. No, I didn’t.  Abject horror swept over every part of my being, My soul felt as if it was curdling in the presence of this pure, putrid evil and in my head I wanted to say goodby to my loved ones before I died. I was surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and in my spirit I knew that every person I had ever met was there being permitted to watch this encounter. I also knew there were many, many others there I had not met yet, but would one day.

This demon called forth every curse imaginable and proclaimed in front of the whole assembly who were seated in this sort of Amphitheatre… a coliseum of sorts.. that “this David” would fall by his sword this day. His work was over. He would never rise again. Those in his life would be scattered and the toil that was performed on behalf of Father’s kingdom would be thrown to the wind. Tears filled my eyes as he turned back to me.

And then God spoke to my spirit.

“Your time is not yet up, David. And when it is, it will not come by the hand of those whom I have placed under your feet. Many years ago you asked Me for another chance to not compromise in battle. That time is now. Not by power, not by might, but by Me.”

It was like seeing a sunrise. You can almost watch the moment, but then again..did you really see it change positions? The light of His truth began to dawn within my heart, and the Holy Spirit began confirming His word. I am His. I am righteous,. I am the redeemed. I am complete. I am holy. I am His son.

I am loved….  I…AM…LOVED…!

All fear vanished as a vapor. My mind was clear and calm. My whole body began to quake. Tears flowed down my cheeks, blurring my vision. All I could see in the eyes of my heart was Jesus. It wasn’t tears of rage. It was not anger. I was crying at how much He loves me.

Raising my head, and turning squarely to face this fallen giant, I drew my sword…

So how did it end? Well…I am here, right? I have not gotten diagnosed with a disease and I didn’t suddenly die in some freak car accident. Nor has my heart been pierced to the point of death through some tragic event that might ruin me. Nor will any of these, or any other “assignment” come to pass. Ever…

Two things occurred in that “dream.” One: That demonic assignment was very quickly left without an arm and more importantly… a head.  Two: I came away with a greater revelation of His love for me.. and who lives IN me. Did my authority increase? No. My awareness of He who lives inside me increased. The authority was there all along. Knowledge of His love for us increases the use of the authority of His name. This removes fear.

As the body of Christ seeks to meditate and agree and accept Who really loves us, and how HE sees us… all fear dissolves into oblivion.

More than ever, this world needs the love of God revealed to them. But how can we give it if we don’t actually understand ourselves, Who dwells mightily inside us?

That will never do….

We have all the power and dominion over the enemy. This means we have the power and dominion to set the captives free. I heard it once said that there is “a freight train living on the inside of us,” and He is raring to get out.

First things first. Get to know Him better. Choose to accept what His word says about how lovely He sees His children. We are accepted in the Beloved. We are beautiful in His sight. We have all dominion. We are given an open invitation to enter into the Holy of Holies. Jesus took the keys to all forms of death, including fear, anxiety, rejection, torment and shame. Forever. We have the ability to bring the kingdom everywhere we go… because it resides inside the reconciled child of God. He gave us eternal life. That eternal life is already inside us…. not sure exactly what that means? Dare to find out.

“Then Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? you have the words of eternal life.’ ” (John 6:68)

Now… what are we going to do about it?

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