Understanding The Times: 2019 – A Call To The Australian Prophets

2019 – I am going to begin setting aside a season to share some insights into what Father is looking to accomplish through His Church. As with all things, we know in part and we see in part. What I share is just a piece of the puzzle. The Lord designed and now calls His church to work in unity, with one mind, and above all, in Love, in order to see the fuller picture for this generation.

 Hindsight: The Last 30 years

It is said that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. This cannot be more true for the Body of Christ. We need to look back and see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit how we got to where we are.

In the 1980s the Lord was looking to further transform the Church and walk in new and deeper realms of intimacy in Christ. This maturity within the Church would start largely in the Body in America and was to be a fire to be taken all over the world. There were those who Father-God set apart to function as truly seasoned and mature prophets. They were called to carry the heavy burden of sharing what areas the Church had begun to drift from our True Love. They were called to stand apart from the institutional system and herald the cry of the Lord to present the new wine in NEW wineskins. They were asked to be willing to count the cost and stand apart; to be of no reputation and have no care for status in the eyes of the recognized church hierarchy. This was to be a primary way the next generation would grab a hold of greater glory.

Much of the church however, began to build “ministry” rather than Father’s kingdom. The American Church began to reject Godly correction in the pursuit of ambition, wealth and prestige.  

Here in the United States, by the 1990s, the platform holders of the organized religious system made it clear:

“If you prophets want the microphone, you are going to play nice. You will temper your messages and above all things, you will submit to our way of doing things.”

God alone was to increase the prophet’s sphere of influence. But, instead of trusting God to open up doors to serve, minister, and speak leaves of healing for the nations, much of the prophetic office decided to try to work within the structure of the religious system. The results were disastrous. A compromised, and watered down message began coming forth from this prophetic generation. Even now, much of the words spoken are being weighed not against God’s approval, but against what the cost will be to speak the truth in love.  The church continued to drift further away from Father’s heart, and to seek her own desires and identity. The nation began to groan, the Lost saw little Light, and an entire generation of Christians became disillusioned, wounded and rejected under the religious system.

The Love and Faithfulness of God: Enter the Australian Church

The prophets of Australia had begun being prepared about 30 years ago to help support the faltering Seers here in America.  *

About 20-25** years ago you (my dear Australian brothers and sisters) first began setting foot on our shores as part of a “great correction” Father was doing. If England is our mother, the United States is your brother, and you were called to minister and instruct and correct the Church in areas that the American Church was not willing to hear from her own. 

The purpose of the prophetic believers visiting from Australia was 2-fold:

  1. To Boldly speak on what the American prophets were afraid to
  2. To ease the way for American Seers to begin to step into the fullness of their function

Godly connections were made and true friendship and bonds of love were formed. However, the pressure of seeking to establish one’s own platform, the fear of failure and rejection, amongst other motives, have caused our Australian brothers and sisters who are commissioned to refine her Stateside family to falter. The Australian Seers are in danger of forfeiting their commission.   

Australia will start to experience a similar fallout that the Church in America  is currently trying to dig out from underneath. The spiritual climate is beginning to darken in Australia as a result of this compromise. The Australian Church has also begun to feel the compromise within her own land. Brothers and sisters from across the sea, your own nation is losing spiritual authority. Laws will change. Evil will start to occupy the place of righteousness. Your land and your social atmosphere will soon reflect the spiritual compromise of the Church. It has already begun.

Australian Prophets- you were not called to take back to your own assembles and soil the U.S. religious system.

You were called to destroy it here in America.

The torch for this generation is growing dimmer. There is time. There is a season of mercy.

The Plea From Our Lord

Please, I do not share these words with a heavy hand or any condemnation. This word is Love, and we all must judge it. Those who have developed their walk to fulfill Heb 5:12 and are spiritual elders do not have time for easy offense and thin skin.

Soldiers do not get involved in civilian affairs. Father-God is calling to our brothers across the ocean. Return to your commission. Return to your call and count the cost. In a hundred years we will all be in glory together and the things we have been afraid to give up here will be the memories that we will gnash our own teeth at.

He is worthy of our all. You can do this, my Australian brothers and sisters; my beloved family whom I cherish beyond words. I have seen the yet fulfilled visions of the fruit of your labor…

Please… In all the love and spiritual passion I have; your American family needs your uncompromising hearts. And so does your own nation. Our Commander-in-Chief is calling for a season of refinement. There is an invitation to be granted greater kingdom authority and greater sphere of influence. There is a great cost that comes with this, and this season of grace will not last forever. Even now, a new generation of John Baptists are being Hand-groomed in the back-country of our own borders.

We all prophesied this, did we not? We speak still of these Elijahs, yes?

I too bear witness with you all that they are coming. They will soon be given the commission that was rejected by this present generation. But there is still time. They are young, and they would be greatly encouraged by you. True discipleship is still Father God’s Plan A.

Please… pray into this. What is Father wanting to speak to our hearts about, and where can we mutually adjust fire?  In courage and in love we can be iron on iron once again and sharpen our word as we soften our hearts.

Always your brother,

David Murry NY



* To put a more accurate timetable on things: The Lord started commissioning many of these individuals in the 80’s and 90’s, and many starting speaking in the States by the mid 1990s.
** I adjusted some dates since this original publication was posted yesterday to dial it in a bit more.