Understanding The Times: Bits & Bridles & Covid-19

Understanding The Times: Bits & Bridles

Let’s understand a little more of what is taking place in the heavenlies and how this is playing out. Before we continue, please remember the Kingdom law that all things begin in the spirit realm. How they manifest in the natural realm will vary. This season did not begin with Covid-19 and to be 100% clear – God did not SEND this upon us. This is grace liftingThis pandemic is just an outward manifestation of things already shifted in the heavens. 

I have been sharing that Father is moving us out of old wineskins. Things that were permissible in the past are no longer permitted. The Church government is being required to reflect Kingdom government without compromise. This generation is being called to maturity. We entered into a new Epoch with a new generation of believers that would walk with a deep, rich intimacy with our Lord. We are no longer to seek intimacy while also trying to find security, validation and worth from man at the same time. 

Learning from Our Recent Past

Beginning around the last presidential election, Plan A was for both the Church as a Body and the nation as a culture to heal (links here and here). It was a time for the nation to mend through the loving boldness and power of the Body of Christ as we pressed ourselves to greater intimacy and wisdom.

Let me pause on Grace and its purpose. Grace is given to allow a child of God to transform. Grace is never meant for us to continue in our own agendas, fears and hurts. 

Grace is a form of Love designed for us to tap into even greater Love, power, authority and intimacy. Grace always points to holiness.

Grace is not human-centered. Grace is always Covenant centered. Grace points to Father’s heart. 

We were to begin aligning our hearts for the changes Father was calling for within the Body of Christ. This was to prepare us for things to come. I shared some insights here:

Present Times-

  • Loss of a Seasonal Commission & Second Chance
  • A Second Call to Heal
  • A Second Call to Humility

Loss of a Seasonal Commission & Second Chance

The Church was to take authority over a spirit of hatred and division that swept over this nation. We were to occupy newly appointed spiritual seats over this land, and bring the good news back to this country. A  great grace and freedom was extended from heaven to move about politically, socially, and relationally. Instead, much of the Church caved. We either became silent, not wanting to step out, or we gave in to the same spirit of hatred and spewed a twisted form of self-righteous “gospel” becoming enemies ourselves to the great Commission. 

Father is now using this time to sovereignly heal many of the deep wounds this nation suffered as this hatred and division went largely unchecked. Father has mandated a time for all families across this great land to heal. What was our commission, our honor, has passed from His ambassadors, to His own Right Hand. He is sovereignly giving America a piece of healing and a time of reprieve from the spiritual wickedness we allowed to reign. This isn’t blame or shame. This is a hard fact that is meant to strengthen our resolve for the times ahead. BUT….

There is a second chance.

This generation needs the Love of God to be freely given through action. We can be the Light we are meant to be during one of the most challenging times this nation has faced in generations. We can give the Love that is needed. We can show our neighbors, family, friends and strangers there is a God who lives in “Israel.”  We can lay down our lives; literally and figuratively. Whatever we are willing to do. We can do it. There is so much need in this hour. We can BE the Good News. Look around. I tell you the harvest is ripe.

A Second Call to Heal-  

We are once again being given a time to heal. What we didn’t prioritize in the past is now being mandated more forcefully by our true Commander-in-Chief. We are being “shut-in” by our Loving God.

We will always be compromised in our ability to walk in harmony with Jesus’ plans to the degree we are still trying to earn self-worth. Test the spirits. What has motivated us? What motivates the way we relate to our spouses, children, parents, friends, fellow brothers and sisters? What motivates the way we relate to one another? How do we fit into the caste system we have created. Father is once again offering us a time to rest and heal. 

A Second Call to Humble Ourselves-

This season to heal also would require turning from our own self-centered living and agendas. For many of us, we have been ignoring the call to turn from the sin of self-validation. Perversion of our personal calling and perversion of Kingdom resources is always tied to self-validation. What unspoken contracts have we entered into that are based on the traditions of man and not on the blood of Jesus Christ? 

“In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!”

Hebrews 5:12 is in full swing. Many are being humbled as the pride of man that exists within the Church is being exposed. Father is drawing out the poison. 

Here is some wonderful news. Humbling only takes place where there is self-validation. One cannot be humbled where one walks in the reality that our worth is established by Jesus, not our gifts, callings, “followers”, ministry or programs. 

Father is dismantling the old ways and calling us to return to Him with all our heart. ALL our heart. Many have been stripped of their own gifts and callings in order to feed another man’s fame and program. This spirit is being judged in this hour.

A season of great grace is once again upon us. This season however comes at a cost. It is still Love. Always Love. This is a time to heal. A time to restore the wounds and hurts within our own family unit. It is a time to pour into one another what got missed the last several years. Those who do not profess Christ are also healing. This is for preparation of the harvest to come.

The land enjoyed its sabbath rests; all the time of its desolation it rested, until the seventy years were completed in fulfillment of the word of the LORD spoken by Jeremiah. 2 Chron 36:21

The context here was that while the Lord was working on the hearts of His children, that He would force a rest upon them. 

Family- slow down. Get quiet. Rest. Stop struggling and looking to tomorrow and the horizon. This is a time to rest and heal together and with one another. Relationships are being mended on the most intimate level. The family unit is meant to heal in this nation. The souls of our children all across this nation have been given a break from the onslaught of darkness being fed into them. The world around us is on pause. We must not squander this time.

Husbands- love your wives. Talk to them. Listen to what their hearts have been trying to tell us in our drive for success and a legacy. We must learn from our soul-mates who have much to teach us about wisdom and how to be the kings of our own castle before all other things.

Wives- stop your wandering eyes. Stop the ceaseless quest for more. Think back when the day was young and the man of your youth was all you cared about. Things were simple in the beginning.  Remember when we prayed together and the days ahead of us were filled with wonder and awe?

Brothers and Sisters of my youth- Those who are part of the great revival of the 70s. Pick up once again the hunger we laid down when life was allowed to get too busy. When we swapped our bible studies for positions of leadership and prestige, recognition and self-validation.

Children of the Wilderness – do not look to what church tradition has labeled as your elders. Look to those who walk with Christ in Power and Love as true elders. Titles mean less than nothing to your Savior. Do not look to us who rebelled in the desert. Look forward to the land of Promise ahead of you. Count the cost. 

Elders / Pastors of this generation – Many of you have quietly and in secret, sought the Lord in the watches of the night. Like Nicodemus, we attempted to find truth without having to give up our status or reputation. I tell you there will be no rest upon us until we lay down our own agendas. There is no longer any place left to hide. There is no room for compromise. We will continue to be humbled until we let go of our own agendas and programs. We must be willing to take our place among the Body where Father is calling us. The old Covenant mindset is no longer within His permissive will. This mandate will not abate.

Final Thoughts

Rest! Be of good cheer! Embrace your Family! Embrace Father’s Love!!

Grace is upon the Body to heal and humble ourselves. For many of us it has come at a great cost. He is still Lord of the Dance. He is still God and His banner over us is Love. We are still, no matter what has transpired, to lift up our hands, voice and above all, hearts and say “Lord You alone are God. You alone are Love. You are good.” 

“He has sent this message to us in Babylon: It will be a long time. Therefore build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.'” Jer 29:28

Church of the Living Christ-  It is time to heal and where needed, repent. Rest in this hour. Allow our Lord to finally deal with the things that are millstones around our necks. Don’t be afraid. Change sets us free. He came… to set us free. 

This outward manifestation will not last forever. Bigger things are coming to move us deeper into His Love. Transference of kingdom resources is already taking place. Mantles, callings, equipping, spheres of influence etc… You name it.  

A bit and bridle has been placed within our mouths. THIS IS LOVE!  Be at peace. Take the leaves of Healing at this time. It will not last forever and when it lifts, more will be required of the Church. Let us not squander what has been forced upon us in His amazing patience and Love.  

Shalom my beloved family.

16 thoughts on “Understanding The Times: Bits & Bridles & Covid-19

  1. Ok to copy and paste this to my Facebook status (the link as well as copy and pasting the whole text.. ofcourse putting your name as the writer!!)??  And right on too! The harvest is ripe! Many’s ears are open!!! HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH!!! Blessings David, and thank you as always!!!

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  2. Profound and wise, David. Yes, the fields are ripe for harvest. So many yearn for safety and security, without recognizing that Christ is their answer. We can only pray that the church is up to the task. Surely, God will equip His people, and draw hearts everywhere to Him.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!

    With love,

    A. ❤

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  3. I am not sure why it took me so long to read this, as it relates to all I have been going through for a few months now! Thank you for your candid honesty and obedience to the Father. Your blogs always help me when I read scripture afterward. I agree with all you say, and know Father is doing a humbling work in me.
    The Lord shared a bit of His heart with me on April 6, 2020, He is dismayed that although shaking has begun, people are not waking up…to Him. In part…”They have eyes to see what is around them, but their spiritual eyes are closed….be My good servant and carry My word, heal the sick and raise the dead in My name. The time is now for all to act on My behalf and reap the harvest. The harvest I will make ready for My workers. Be still and know that I Am God, The Lord God Almighty….”
    I pray you and family stay well and are covered under the Almighty’s wings of protection, for you are highly favored and deeply loved.
    Shabbat Shalom my brother,

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    • Looks like I am missing notifications, Susan. Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you my dear sister for your encouraging words and feedback. I bear witness with what you share as well! Father bless you and your family! Reach out anytime.

      Your brother, David & Maija NY


    • Hi Anna! I am sorry i missed this note from you until just now. We are all well. Some close calls with family, but the Blood of Jesus is powerful. How are you all doing? His is your health? Welcome to email me (or call) anytime if you prefer. You are in our thoughts more often than you know. Be well, Anna!!


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    • Anna, I am so sorry for the delayed reply.. I did not see this until tonight. We moved next town over and working overtime thru this NY pandemic has been crazy. Yes, spiritual wickedness has been dealt a freer hand in this season.. my heat is breaking as well. We, the Church desperately need to pick up our sword and bring His love to this land. The lost are lost without His Love shining thru us in this hour. We will be praying for you and your family and congratulations!!

      Your brother always,

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