Broadcast : “Walking in Resurrection Power”

I have promised for a long time now that I would set up some kind of notification when I am honored to speak / share as a guest somewhere. 

A very dear brother in Christ, Frank Cox recently invited me on his YouTube channel program “Remnant Call Radio.” In that broadcast I share a little on what it means to enter into death, burial, AND THEN resurrected Life in Christ.

I hope it blesses my family.  One of these days I’ll get my act together and clean up the radio broadcast section here on “Zeal…”  In the meantime, I will do my best to post notifications via this method.  🙂 

Remnant Call Radio – Direct link : Walking In Resurrection Power (YouTube)

God bless you~


10 thoughts on “Broadcast : “Walking in Resurrection Power”

  1. Hey brother. Literally two days ago l went to Zeal and sent myself the whole archive to go back there and do some re-reading. And “coincidentally” have been focused on
    Romans 6. Look forward to listening to the podcast above. Miss you all tremendously.

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    • Oh my goodness, Becky!! I missed this reply from you. Boy did this warm my heart and encourage me when I read your note. Thank you! and praise God at oh wow faithful He will always be to us, our family and our children!!!

      We pray you are more than just well in this season. We are praying with you.

      All our love dear friend.



  2. GOD bless you David, I love your heart for the lost-truly I feel you and hear you, and to hear you just reiterate is in that more inspiring/motivating. Your message tonight was so just authentic I guess I could say, I’ll be praying for you brother! I pray for the whole body of Christ all around the world, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, !!! The Lord,give us That hunger and thirst, to go get our lost brothers and sisters!Winning souls, to believe believe believe! When Jesus Christ! I love you David, I appreciate you brother, for everything-especially for being an amazing elder, and truly directing/giving the true discipleship truly, I just have to say. “Knowing what’s on father God‘s heart, and truly what father God cares about in this hour-I lost the lost The lost, and truly-loving them, and showing the lost heavenly father‘s love, can almost win them every time-depending on Where they are at, and how they view God at the moment/time! Blessings, brother Pat! Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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    • Patrick, I missed ALL these replies this go-round. Sorry!

      I have said this many many times now, but you are a special blessing to me all these years. Your heart, desire, ministry outreach, and love for the Lord and for the things that are on His heart bless and encourage me beyond words. Thank you!!!


  3. Bro. David: Thanks for the sharing! I am the performer kind! Need to renew the mind in Truth! I have another question. I am battling anxity and sleepless issue. My doctors think I need medicine lifetime. But, I keep stop taking them by myself several times in the past 30years. Then the problem returns. I thought I should depend on God’s Word alone! The Word should be powerful enough to driven My fears away! The resurrection Power! But, I also see I show more pride when I am off medicine! I am going to take them again because the symptoms is bad! I think God won’t condam me by taking medicine. Would like to hear from you about this.

    God blessings! Joanna

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  4. Dear Bro. David: I have Anxiety issues since childhood and getting worse. My father drowned when I was in my Mother’s womb. I have been suffering all my life due to the emotional pain! I know I am a worst sinner, still God and Jesus is my only hope. But, the devil throw susidal thoughts to me almost daily! No Church want me! They think I am not a true believer! Everyday is so hard. God and Jesus acceptance is my only hope. Do I suffering this as a Remnant trial? Am I included in the Remnant?

    Loning to hear from you! Joanna

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  5. Actually, sorry, why I bother you and think so much! What I can try is to just love Jesus and live as much as he wanted me to.

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  6. Hi Joanna!!

    Sorry I missed all these latest feedbacks from everyone.

    Let’s connect via email on the things going on with you. You are on track and DO have the Truth already inside you about your identity and worth. You have dug in all these past years since we connected. That is just old garbage trying to get to you.. no wonder as so much “teaching” and “prophecy” is grounded on anger and false identity, polluting the body of Christ.

    I am so proud of how far you have come!

    Your brother and sister always,

    David & Maija NY


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