Understanding The Times: A Season To Heal & Know Him

Understanding the Times: Part 11- A Season To Heal & Know Him

This “prophetic” post (PLEASE remember prophecy is the heart, mind and will of God revealed) will probably be delivered with more intimacy than any other I have  shared outside my immediate fellowship that Maija and I gather alongside.  Like so many of the things I share, it is challenging. Love IS challenging. Jesus challenged during His Earth walk. He challenges us through the written record of His ministry.  He continues to challenge us all through the Spirit that moves powerfully within the Church. This is just one expression of His Love.

The Spirit is moving. Spiritual thrones are continuing to uproot and be replaced.

I have often taught that to the degree the Body of Christ understands and moves in agreement with what the Spirit of God is doing, the easier our spiritual walk can manifest Christ in our daily life.

The last couple of years have been seasons of re-alignment and re-positioning. Due to the immense amount of confusion and hurt that still exits within much of the Body, a great deal of Jesus moving things around within the Church and nation has been by sovereign grace. Although this is always a blessing, it is not our highest calling, or Father’s greatest desire. The Church ideally, is meant to carry out the Father’s will through exercising the authority of Jesus on behalf of Father’s will. This comes through deep intimacy and the Church putting all personal ambition and desires on the altar to be burned. 

Deep wounds, scars, and pains within the children of God have been tools that Satan has taken advantage of to hinder this generation’s calling. This is being expressed through self-seeking and self-validation within the Church. When this happens, “Plan B” comes into action. “Plan B” is sovereign grace. The season of Sovereign Grace is shifting now. Father is looking to move upon the hearts of those willing to enter into a time to heal and mature. A younger generation is being prepared who are, at present, learning what “identity in Christ” means. Personal gain, notoriety, followers, and post-modern church status will not be on the heart and minds of these children of God.  These saints’ longings are only for what is on Father’s heart. God will use these men and women to heal others from the bondages mentioned above.

Much of the older generation that have pretty far reaching platforms have been talking about a group of Elijah’s and John the Baptists that are coming, but they are still not welcome. While those outside the traditional system are jostling for validation that was never given while within the system, those within it are still trying to accept the new wine in the old wine skins… and all the while still heralding the ones who will bring the “new wine.”

Likewise, the inception of social media in all its varied forms (including blogs and internet radio) was meant to be utilized by the Body to do what institutional church refused to: namely the letting go of control and self-worth being derived from our calling, gifts and abilities. It was meant to  be a venue to offer real discipleship, healing, and true mutual submission to Christ. However, much of the Body (though certainly not all) has instead turned to these outlets to bolster self-worth and identity.

We are still trying to find validation with one another, instead of healing and walking out the process of resting in the unconditional love and acceptance that comes from our Lord and Savior alone.

Praise God, the Spirit is moving once again to offer us a season to heal. It is an amazing and wonderful table He is setting before us all, filled with love and joy and healing and intimacy… and true freedom.

Many years ago, when I first begun questioning how the Church functions in relation to Father’s heart, mind and will, He began to show me an end-time Body that would sweep over the world with the fire that comes from a healed soul, and deep communion with Jesus. He showed me the small part  I would play as a member of this Body. Timelines are now beginning to shift, however. I have begin to ask Father if the promises He gave me, though, unconditional, would no longer be seen by me. I wonder if I will now only be a witness to the promise. I have been contemplating the spiritual principle of Hebrews 11:13. He is dealing with me in this regard and I could use prayer from all of you. He is also correcting some rebellion within me.

Those of you who have gotten to know me, through personal contact,  teachings and blogs know I laugh a lot and I cry a lot. I can add one thing to this: God’s grace sustains us all, and I know we shall all see the goodness of God manifested in the land of the living… if not the way I once had anticipated. 

I have no weekly prophetic word for you. I seldom have a word from Father’s heart that does not carry with it both the God-side and the man-side in this most amazing NEW covenant relationship. I am not supported by sponsors or tithes or fund-me tabs that can make it challenging to speak the full counsel of Father’s heart in love to the Body.  In this regard, I am “free.” But… I am not free from feeling Father-God’s heart for His most precious and beloved children, and unless I finally submit to Satan’s constant nagging to forget all this “church pain” … I never will be. We all have a cost to count. I am no different, am I? 

There is time. There is grace. There is always His sovereign Hand. Above this, however, is the greatest of all. His immense Love. He calls to this generation as He has called to every one prior that has led us to this point in man’s eternal redemptive plan. He wants you and you alone. He wants all of you without compromise. He wants all of me. I am trying…

Please begin to ask Father how you can come into even greater alignment with His heart. What is your role? Where are we to disciple? In what areas do we need some true discipling ourselves at the same time? Where does greater healing and alignment need to take place in our thinking; in the way we chose to relate to each other, the lost, and above all, Father-God? I am right there in the crucible as well.  This is a season to heal. A season to get to know Him more fully.  

A season to enter into the maturity of Eph 4:11-14 and Hebrews 5:12-14 is upon us.

Joy AND sober-mindedness are not contradictions to the mature believers. Let us agree with Him that, above all things,  we once again seek to lay hold of that which laid hold of us.

All my love and prayers and faithfulness, Family. 

Always your brother~


8 thoughts on “Understanding The Times: A Season To Heal & Know Him

  1. A wise and prudent message, David. Even when God has allowed us to see some portion of His plan, we do not have the capacity to see or grasp all of it. He is God, and we are not.

    But He understands our limitations. Do not be too hard on yourself. Growth is a process. It necessarily takes time. A sapling only gradually matures into a grown tree, able to provide shade, rest, and nourishment.

    You mirror His heart. That is an enormous achievement.

    Your sister,

    A. ❤

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  2. David, Hello! It’s Becky (if you remember). Thank you for the podcast. Today’s temptation was to be very discouraged. I told the Lord I was not going to let my feelings be my guide. Have been marinating in Ephesians 6:11-17 since yesterday, seeking His heart in and beneath the words on the page. Your podcast was edifying and timely. Our Father is kind and merciful and loving in the hardships and discipline. Thank you!

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      • Hello, Becky! Yes of course I remember 🙂

        I am so blessed that this post and the podcast ministered and encouraged you. Becky, you should not feel as if this word no longer applies. Just the opposite: Father’s timing is perfect and the Church is smack in the middle of this time of healing.

        I see this season of grace and specific time of the Body being woed and receiving healing continuing on for some time. We are all in the processes of hearing His call to “come away” with Him. I have been sharing and teaching on this for the past several months now and my most recent broadcast on both The Portal and Remnant Call Radio (Youtube) is on Part 4 of this season. I am sharing on part 5 of the Deeper intimacy teachings this Friday.

        I am beyond encouraged by others who have continually reached out to share in this time-frame how they are pressing into Father’s love for them since I first spoke on this time of rest and healing. I will be camping on sharing this aspect of his heart and desire for a little more. We all need time mull this over and hear it in different ways.

        Thank you so much for reaching out. His grace and timing are amazing, arent they?

        David 🙂

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  3. I count you as one of my blessings, David. Undoubtedly, there are many people who feel that way. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your willingness to remain open to the Spirit, despite the pain vulnerability can involve. Thank you for your loving heart. Wishing you and yours a Happy Turkey Day! ❤

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    • Anna,

      You truly are a blessing more than you know. I know I am repeating myself here when I say this, but you bring light and a breath of air to those around you. I am blessed to call you my friend, and sister. Thank you, Anna.

      Blessed thanksgiving. 🙂


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