Deeper Communion: Part 2- Embracing His Judgments

Deeper Communion-Part 2: Embracing His Judgments

Oh, dear Lord. Judgement?? Not that word!  Scary start for a study? Not at all.  Hang in there. These kinds of topics, when approached with an understanding that Father loves us passionately, fully, and without limit, will set us free to experience the reality of that fierce love in deeper and deeper levels.  This is a form of Intimacy.

We want to go deeper in our communion, right? Well, another key component to greater intimacy is embracing His Judgements. Let me break down what this means. Then we can look at how to walk out this kingdom principle in our lives daily.

ar·bi·trate – definition: (of an independent person or body) reach an authoritative judgment or settlement.

One of the most overlooked aspects of His heart and nature concerns His judgments. Here is a key.  Not all judgments are the same. There are different judgments to be rendered in regard to different aspects of His kingdom and government.  For example, there are judgments that have already taken place at the cross. There are also judgments that He desires to take place in us now. Then, there are additional judgments that have yet to take place. Some deal with Satan and the fallen angels. Some are in regard to the Redeemed. Some will be in regard to those who die having rejected Christ. We cannot lump them all in as one.

Past. Present. Future. Different judgements for different groups.

We have erroneously lumped in scriptures that have this word in them to all mean the same thing, regardless of which Covenant is being discussed and what is the actual subject of the judgment. We need to stop doing this. We also need to stop being afraid.

The word judgment means to make a  “formal decision given by a court.

Let’s look at one of my favorite verses on a “judgment” rendered in regard to His Redeemed.

“He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Cor 5:21

This, my deeply loved, family…. is a judgment. It was a decision rendered in the courts of heaven 2,000 years ago. This judgment is never overturned.

After receiving salvation, accepting His judgment in regard to righteousness is the single, most important Truth of His kingdom.

The entire dynamic of our relationship with the Lord hinges on righteousness.  

Every other judgment that has flowed, or that will one day flow from His judgment seat, will be viewed and perceived through the lens of how well we grasp the Judgement of Righteousness. Our acceptance (or rejection) of this kingdom ruling governs every aspect of how we interact… or fail to interact, with Him and His government. It forms the very basis of our identity, from which we view Him, ourselves, and others.

“For every one that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.” Heb 5:13

Anything our Lord has decided is a judgment. In regard to righteousness, He has already judged those who have sincerely confessed Jesus Christ as our eternal atonement.  If we are to further our relational intimacy with our Heavenly-Dad, we must begin to embrace  His judgment of Righteousness.

“Now Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes as he stood before the angel. The angel said to those who were standing before him, “Take off his filthy clothes.” Then he said to Joshua, “See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put fine garments on you.” Zech 3:5

If one studies this passage, we will see a moment in time, under the Mosaic Law, where the Lord gives the prophet Zechariah a picture of what the atonement through Jesus’ shed blood will accomplish.

All the covenants instituted by God toward man, had one purpose in mind.                      They were all pointing to the cross.

The bible is a love story. The theme of it is a driving, relentless pursuit of our Creator (who just happens to have made us His children) to redeem His creation.  It is a story of a tireless and patient plan unfolding throughout the Ages that culminates at a new beginning. The Cross.

“This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.” Rom 3:22

“But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation”  1 Col 1:22

No other covenant that God gave man comes close to the New Covenant. All prior covenants (Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic; to name the major ones) all pointed toward the New Covenant. It is only the cross which allows us to stand before Him forever clothed in His shed blood, declaring we are made holy and righteous.

Consider the provision gifted to us in the New Covenant. There was a formal proceeding in the Courts of Heaven that was convened on the topic of Righteousness. A formal decision was rendered there in regard to sin. Here are some examples:

“Having been declared righteous, then, by faith, we have peace toward God through our Lord Jesus Christ,”  Rom 5:1

For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.”    Rom 5:17

But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”  1 Cor 6:11

Let me stop here for a moment.

Embracing the doctrinal reality of the gift of righteousness is not an excuse to sin. True agreement in our souls regarding His judgments about being made righteous in His blood will never spurn us on to sin. Rather just the opposite. It is the greater and greater revelations of His goodness that compels us to seek to be like Him (Rom 2:4). This is the root of intimacy.  

Intimacy is experienced to the degree we embrace Him according to how He see us.

There can be no deep, true intimacy when we are approaching the Lord from a mindset of filthy garments.

How many of you would rather your children or closest friend not look you in the eye because they feel unworthy? Sounds nice, right? Intimate? Full of love and a deep sense of knowing one another, right?  Not really…

Please note here that there will also be no deep, true intimacy when we choose to live a life willfully given over to the desires of the carnal mind.  Will He always love us? Absolutely! Will we enjoy deep communion? Will we be honoring the One who deserves all our honor?  Ehhhh… not so much.

Let me reiterate. I am not at all interested in discussing the ways we can look for excuses to sin under His grace. This is a waste of all our time, and the motives of that discussion are most often rooted in either a spirit of lasciviousness or legalism.

What I am endeavoring to encourage you here is to begin to meditate on the reality that the shed blood gave us access to His very throne-room and that our rags have been stripped off of us. This is the application. 

I invite you to begin to judge yourself.

In what areas are my thoughts and beliefs running contrary to what His own judgments declared about me? How about others? Is what is flowing out of my heart and thoughts a true reflection of His heart?

Intimacy comes from our entire being living and breathing in union with Him. This begins with salvation. It continues with our thoughts and beliefs. The first step in walking in ALL His judgments begins with judging ourselves in regard to being made holy, blameless and beyond accusation.

It all starts here. This is the first judgment we must face with Him as a child of God.

All other judgments to come in our lives are grounded in this foundational judicial ruling.

We will continue with this topic in the next post, where we will talk about how to walk in His judgments in all areas of our life.. and how this sets the stage for even deeper communion with our Heavenly-Dad.

Your brother,


18 thoughts on “Deeper Communion: Part 2- Embracing His Judgments

  1. “What I am endeavoring to encourage you here is to begin to meditate on the reality that the shed blood gave us access to His very throne-room, and that our rags have been stripped off of us. This is application. ”

    Hallelujah! This is the story of what should be a daily Easter celebration! His shed blood gave us access to the throne room. We, having already been declared, or judged, righteous, are gifted with living in the here and now, in the Father’s presence. Man, if we could just hang out there and let it wash over us…what different lives we would lead.

    P.S. working on the hanging out and letting it wash over me part 😉

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    • Hi Becky.

      I hear you on that. I did not feel the pull to write on “easter” this year, but last year I kinda spoke on exactly what you touched upon.

      It seems the more we let go,,, the more we gain Him and HIs heart…which of course, is what the Word promises, lol! At times it is very difficult for me to just “sit”.. but it gets easier and easier all the time. This is when, for me at least, the washing comes the most freely.

      I am working on that “hanging out..” part as well, so you are in good company!


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      • David, I have been thinking how hard it is to ease into a weekend’s pace; not having to look at the clock, the rushing can slow, but we’re so prewired. I am learning to take in less tv, music, and give my heart and mind more space to wander….so this ‘hanging out’ I speak of is less ‘sitting’ and more mundane, like dishes and showers, and digging in the dirt with my grandson. 🙂

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  2. How to Turn a Page (into Knight!)
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #4 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 3/27/09
    Mathew 24:28

    Page, wouldst thou become a knight?
    Then read herein what I do write,
    Thou hast been forgiven many mistakes,
    Now you shan’t. Each one you make,
    Will be remembered by me, your mentor,
    Become your inquisitor tormentor.

    And why remember each new sin?
    To spur true repentance deep within,
    To oust evil spirits you’ve long had,
    Hiding under grace given when bad,
    Now the opposite rule for you applies,
    As foul, fey control within you dies.

    I shall NOT with you forgive and forget,
    God and I love you too much for that,
    But if you insist on being brazen immature,
    You won’t be called out, you’ll stay impure.
    The choice is thine own now page,
    Who art thou, son: knave or sage?

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  3. “Past. Present. Future. Different judgements for different groups.

    We have erroneously lumped in scriptures that have this word in them to all mean the same thing, regardless of which Covenant is being discussed and what is the actual subject of the judgment. We need to stop doing this. We also need to stop being afraid.”

    This is so true. When I didn’t know the goodness of God, I was afraid of His judgement. When I read the Old Testament, I saw an angry God who was ready to punish the nations for their blunders. And I believed that God would use the same yardstick to deal with me personally. The erroneous understanding of scriptures and prophecies kept me away from Him.

    But after He opened my eyes to see His goodness, I am no longer afraid of approaching God’s throne. Perfect love is casting out the fear that separated me from Him.

    Now, the word ‘judgement’ doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact peace reigns when you know that God is reigning and judging the earth.

    So, thanks for writing on this topic. Look forward to the rest of the posts. and I hope that you’d also write about ‘to judge or not to judge’ situations in real life. That’s one area where I need a lot of clarity.

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    • Amen! His truth sets us free… in ALL areas.

      It’s funny you mention ‘judge & not judge” scriptures of Matthew 7 & John 7, I spoke on that not too long ago on a recent broadcast teaching but for the life of me I cant recall which one. I plane on re-visiting it again, most likely on the upcoming broadcast on “mis-taught verses.”

      I probably should include that in the next blog post as well. Thanks, Vim!


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  5. Brother David,
    I appreciated this article. I always hear Abba’s heart in what you write.
    I recently heard a pastor speak on Romans. He explained how we often stop at the Justified part, and don’t go on to Sanctified and then Glorified. He also said we sin because we love it. He included himself in this, so it’s not like he was trying to make everyone else squirm – he was squirming too.
    I think of self-judgment in the same terms you do, and I try to always keep short accounts with the Lord. I can tell those moments when I am trying to do things on my own – kind of like the two-year-old who is just discovering her independence, getting into things that are no-no’s and getting in trouble until she runs, sobbing, into the arms of her daddy for consolation. Sin so often does that to us, and when we discover that we have been allowing our flesh to run amok, we often require consolation ourselves.
    Blessings to you, and thank you for always keeping it real, and helping us to see that the Father’s heart is accessible because He loves us.
    Your sister,

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    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Cate.

      I plan on writing on the next part more about how we self-judge and how this pushes us deeper and deeper into the reality of His expressions toward us. Much of the Church has simply become shell shocked with anything that deals with our walk if it means “judging” … unless it is from a place of emotionally condemning others. I am [raying we can begin to clear some of this up as we dig into how much He loves us.

      Thanks so much for sharing, my friend.


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      • I tend to think the church recoils from all things pertaining to judgment because the “churches” talk out of both sides of their mouth! If judgment is not necessary, then there is no difference between good and evil, and it was a waste for Jesus to come – if God doesn’t hate sin, then there was no need for Jesus to die.

        I think people really remain in their sinful habits and mind-sets because they have not been taught that they can walk in a heart-to-heart relationship with Abba, and that He can give them a new mind. Until they realize He is a real Person desiring fellowship so much He sent His son to die in our stead, they will not understand how very much He loves them. It’s just words until reality shows up.

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  6. As Adam sought to hide from God after the Fall, so we seek to create distance from God when we have sinned. Aware of our guilt, we seek to avoid — or at least defer — God’s judgment (as if He were not already aware what we’d done).

    Our actions betray the shortcomings in our relationship w/ God. They stem from fear, not love. An obedient child comes willingly to a parent to confess his/her errors.

    You are a blessing, David. There is no doubt you have a gift for teaching. The lessons flow clearly and naturally.

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  7. “Our actions betray the shortcomings in our relationship w/ God. They stem from fear, not love”

    There… that’s it. You nailed it. All the theology or teachings in under that sun that discuss what an intimacy with Christ is “not” or what exactly is “of the flesh” etc.. its all seen for what it truly is when once looks upon our actions.

    And thank you, Anna, You are a great encouragement to me.

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  8. This comment isn’t very deep, but my hears wrangled in the night over some disappointment with where I am vs where I long to be…. thus I handed the accuser a permit”. Then I am blessed with a reminder here… so I say… BAM – nailed it! It’s about Joshua’s turban being changed for a clean white one in Zechariah. Thank you Bro.

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