Understanding The Times: 2017 Transitions In The Body of Christ

 2017 Is A Transitional Season In The Body of Christ

Let me start by saying I prayed a lot on whether or not to share some of the things Father-God and I have been talking about. I have no desire to throw my hat into the mix of what is already a very confusing time in both the fractured Body of Christ and this nation. Perhaps it is this very reason that I feel His hand pretty heavy on me to do so.

As with all things, we must first come to accept that everything that our Father desires to accomplish or impart comes from His goodness and love. God is good. God is Love. All aspects of His intentions flow from this Nature.

This will be a several part series.  Under the New Covenant, as a redeemed child of God, we have the Holy Spirit within our spirit.  We all are meant to see, feel and know His heart in all seasons. What one shares, will be confirmed in our spirit-man. Either in whole, in part, or not at all. I invite you all to pray on these things.

Here goes:

One of the greatest joys Father-God created for Himself was the joy of intimacy. Throughout Church history, Satan has sought to rob each generation of this gift from God with God’s creation.

  • Plan A is to remove the gospel of salvation.
  • Plan B is to keep the redeemed Child of God carnal-minded and weak.

Prophecy is simply the revealing of the heart, mind, and intention of our Heavenly-Father. Said more directly,  “Father’s heart revealed.” Our Lord chose to manifest His will through the Church. This is an expression of intimacy, not of any weakness on His part.  It isthe longing for deep communion that He works through the Body of Christ, in which the Holy Spirit desires to, dare I say, violently, express His love toward us.

In all things, having proper kingdom perspective is paramount.

To the degree we do not have our Father’s perspective, we limit the degree of intimacy we walk in regarding the passions of His heart.

The Church- 2017:  A Great Return to Him

My Family-  The Lord is calling His Church to begin to take her place in this nation as the Light and Salt. We need to stop being passive witnesses to the events unfolding. We need to come into alignment with His heart. The Body of Christ needs to repent of self-centered living and convenience. We also need to repent of anger and unforgiveness with one another.

Let me repeat His heart here: His redeemed are the salt of the Earth and the Light in this generation.  Father-God is calling us to seek His heart and how much He loves us. The Church’s ability to speak the truth, in Love, (and without compromise!) will be determined by how much we press into our relationship with Him. Then, we must be willing to ask the Lord in what manner we are to stand up for righteousness. As I often say, “First things first.”

Returning To Our First Love

A great call is going forth by His Spirit toward His Children to seek what His Son died for.


This means returning to our First Love with all our heart, and inviting Him into ALL areas of our mind, will and emotions.  He loves us with a burning passion that much of the Church knows little about. This is carnality. He is removing the distractions in the Church by intensifying the need to rely on Him and know His goodness.

At present much of the body is fractured along 3 major fronts. These 3 areas are stumbling blocks and bondages that need to be removed in this generation of believers. There is no shame here. There is only the cry of our Lord’s heart to turn to Him. This is what true “repentance” means. It is not something the elders of this generation should ever have been afraid to discuss, teach and impart. Let’s put away “childish things” and have the courage to believe He loves us too much to allow this to continue. These 3 areas are:

  1. The Passive witnesses
  2. The Angry,Wounded and Judgemental
  3. The Self-Seeking

Passive Witnesses

Father operates through His sons and daughters. The role of the Church during this time is crucial. Every movement of God is advanced, hindered or prevented, not based on the power of Satan, but on how much the Church forfeits her authority. We are ambassadors called to carry out the battle plans of our Father. Authority is directed related to intimacy. The prayers of a righteous church are powerful and effective. A backslidden church has little authority to depose spiritual wickedness. When the Church chooses to forfeit her place in this world, she empowers a defeated enemy.

If the Church is content to sit idly by, thinking that things will work out without our participation,  we will miss our role and the nation will become worse off than before this latest election. There are no spectators in the Body of Christ.

The Wounded, Angry, and Judgemental

Conversely, many have lost sight, or worse still, never grasped a hold of the fierce reality that our Heavenly-Father sent His Son to redeem His creation, not curse them. Jesus forewarned us of a Church that would grow cold in His love (Matt24:12). We have, by in large, very little passion for His heart here in America. At first, what seems like passivity, in reality, goes much deeper. A resignation to punish and dole out “righteous” pain is poisoning the souls of many in the Church. This stems from great woundings and fear.

Father’s eyes are roaming this nation, extending invitations to walk in great depth of communion, where we will see, feel, and talk with Him about what is on His heart. Will we answer this call? Will we seek to heal and forgive? Is there any other gift greater than His heart and walking in the reality of His love for you?


The prophetic warning given by Jesus (Mark 4:19) that the pleasures of this world would choke out the Word from our hearts is in full swing in many fellowships. Those of us who have been granted place of influence to teach and admonish the spiritually younger believers  have fallen to using “ministry” to find a counterfeit self-worth. Comforts that are not based on our intimacy with our Savior have become the “first love” in the hearts of many.

OK, so it may  very well be said, my family, that this started from those called to serve the Body. But… we are all accountable for the decisions we make, and the desires that our hearts chose to seek after. This waywardness stems from a lack of understanding of how much Father loves us. It is the ever deepening revelations of His goodness that leads us to turn to Him with all our being. Peace, rest, abundance… these are byproducts of communion with Him. We seek to love Him, because He first loved us. To the degree we are not hearing, reading, and meditating on His heart and His kingdom, counterfeit comforts will surely find root in our souls. He is calling  us home. Home “in Christ.”

So there you have it. Exhaustive? No way. Intense in the sense it is on our Heavenly-Dad’s heart? You Bet!

There is no condemnation in His heart being shared with ours. Remember, it is love. It is the desire for oneness with His children. All… His children. Condemnation comes from the evil one. It is time we stopped listening to that old voice. All words, in the end, should point us to His throne-room. His kingdom. His eyes. His heart.


Is A Time of Furthering Father’s Calling Us To Himself

It did not start with this calendar year. But it certainly is intensifying in this season. Things will heat up. That heat is His love manifested. 

Next post we will begin to discuss how things will be “fleshing” out in our nation in government, and how Father desires His family to bring to pass more of the passions of His heart.  First, however, it must begin within His bride.

More to follow…

Your brother,

David Murry NY

18 thoughts on “Understanding The Times: 2017 Transitions In The Body of Christ

  1. Excellent teaching David…always so glad to read the things God has shared with you. Thank you so much for the continuous encouragement to press into the Father’s Heart. Since finishing your book, life is different now…always reminded to shut down the old man and live and walk in the new. Remembering everyday that I am completely and eternally loved and made righteous and I share the same oneness with the father as the son and from this place all authority and dominion is mine. Oh bless God!! Look forward to getting more from you soon.

    Love and Blessings, San😊

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  2. This was wonderful, I truly enjoyed it. A reminder for all of us to seek what is truly important, the heart of God, and to understand His love for us. I look forward to the next post.

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    • Agreed, Anna. And Father-God is so beyond faithful to offer it to His children. I must regularly remind myself to put down my own “plans” for the day, and look to see His heart.

      I am struggling with it today actually. 😉

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    • Hey brother, glad you reached out.

      I don’t have comments set to “approve.” They are auto approved. So whatever you would like to post, try posting it again, please. Perhaps a wordpress glitch?

      I do not filter replies.

      Hop you are doing well, Robert. Reach out anytime. 🙂

      your brother,


  3. Hi! Hope you enjoy this!

    In That Day Unbound
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #7 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 2/3/10 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    I see a day coming,
    When American Christian are free,
    Coming days of La Mancha,
    Without rapture-prosper-slouch, we see!

    Instead of zombie eyes and zombie lies,
    People bring out God in each other!
    Instead of zombie leer and zombie fear,
    People honor God in Christ’s brother!

    I see a day coming,
    When the children of our children laugh,
    At their grandfolk’s blindness,
    And the expense of a century’s blind bath!

    Christians generally blind,
    To hidden progressive socialism for a century,
    Because at church behind,
    In fear, greed and slouch from Satan’s doxie tree.

    Some rock and roll more pure,
    More true in spirit than wispy praise,
    That mesmerized millions,
    Hypnotized in dark-art, one-chord craze.

    I see dust-and-ego-fed sheep,
    Discovering high alpine green pastures!
    Some sheep even sprout feathers,
    Flying high: screaming eagle go-getters!

    This, in relative penury and obscurity,
    I see,
    Damn me or bless me for seeing this freedom,
    I weep.

    I weep! I wail! I howl!
    For blind wolves eating sheep unawares,
    I see! I see! I see!
    I refuse to believe: Nobody cares.

    Then freed up, I see children playing,
    I hear women laughing out loud,
    Then freed up, I see men folk singing,
    Their spirit and truth makes me proud!

    In the movie, Guys and Dolls,
    Frank Sinatra works on Marlon Brando a conning trick,
    Crediting his father, Brando,
    Sees through the wile, forgiving, that nothing stick!

    Wolf-shepherds now provide,
    An endless river of conning tricks,
    To imbibe the great lies,
    Of fear-greed-slouch chow, a maddening mix!

    Behold, God can’t come quickly,
    And live in such sheep inside!
    Not when blind wolves in the ditch,
    Take the unbeknownst for ride!

    Yet given truth and right spirit,
    The good ship Christianity can turn around,
    Imbued quickly at once at last,
    God lives in man, man lives in God unbound!

    Revival’s Curious Demagoguery

    Revival’s Curious Demagoguery
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #7 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 2/4/10 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    Why can’t revival be discernment against demagoguery,
    Instead of acquiescence to same?
    Lie down! Die down! Die down! And be supine submissive,
    That’s the conner’s revival game!

    Nothing wrong with healing or refreshing,
    In an energized-for-that arena,
    Except that politics and low business,
    Duplicates the acquiescence Purina!

    Die down and take it!
    Bam, bam, bam!
    Perfect elixir?
    Or a sham!

    Do laid-down sheep then see,
    Hypnotism’s ruses?
    Or will they be raped next,
    By whomever chooses?

    Dumb is,
    As dumb does,
    Lie down,
    Get the buzz!

    Impart, impart, impart!
    Acquiescence to hypnotic-shenanigan demagoguery?
    Is it high or low art?
    Wouldn’t a wise person ask: What is the cost to this slavery?

    Is revival so sweet and revival so dear,
    As to be purchased with chains of slavery?
    Hush up! Hush up! Hush up! Say wolves in fear,
    Revival pays us well, who cares of knavery?

    Don’t submit to Islam,
    Lie down to revival’s big shenanigan?
    Acquiesce to our big bam,
    Turn off brain, have emotions born again?

    Shepherds of demagogue revival,
    Weep! Wail! And Howl!
    Your blind-dumb sheep shall be overwhelmed,
    By next wolf fowl!

    You have made your sheep,
    To believe a conning, blinding, low-level revival,
    Shall help, not worsen,
    Acquiesced, undiscerning souls from statist upheaval.

    America has been ruined,
    By self-interested wolves of demagoguery,
    Low-level demagogue church,
    Isn’t a fix, it’s an increased rogue’s gallery!

    Weep! Wail! Howl!
    In That Day,
    Cons seen! And,
    Done away!

    It’s just more rogue-doctrine roulette,
    Damn the consequential knowledge!
    Cheap revival hurts discernment,
    Another hidden-slavery college.

    As rapture makes fear,
    Prosper makes greed,
    Revival makes slaves,
    Slouch fills all need.

    Those four doctrines of broadcast church,
    Have consequences to their impartation,
    Despite winking protests of enriched wolves,
    Bottom line: They create a slave nation.

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